Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter One

Aimee!!” My best friend, Alexis, yelled.

“Lex!” I smiled.

“Hello Decima.” Alexis nodded to my twin that rated just above her and I grimaced, they hated each other. I mean they tried to be civil because I loved each of them so much but it did not change the fact that it was obvious that they hated each other.

“Hello Alexis.” Decima nodded tensely.

“Come on you guys!!” I exclaimed, “It’s our senior year can’t you set aside your differences and let me have my wonderful threesome?” I asked.

“Threesome?” Jordan, quarterback of the football team, asked.

“Oh shut up Jordan.” I laughed.

“Well since you aren’t having a threesome with them are you going to have a date with me this year?” he asked once again.

“No not right now.” I laughed pulling on Decima and Alexis and we walked on.

“Okay so should I tell you why I made you get here early?” Alexis asked but then I saw a hot guy come in through the gym.

“Who’s that?” I asked breathlessly.

“The reason I made you get here early. The new student teacher…” she smiled at me.

“I’d love to show him around.” I smiled.

“Yeah he just got out of college or something.” She said as we watched him.

“Let’s get our schedules.” Decima suggested.

“Okay I want to figure out which class he’s working in.” I smiled excitedly and walked over to Jordan. “Can we get in line with you?” I asked.

“Are you going to go out with me?” he asked.

“In your dreams,” I smiled standing in front of him and everybody laughed.

“No in my dreams you do a lot more than go out with me Aimee Smith.” he told me laughing at my blush. “Why won’t you go out with me?”

“I don’t date want to date guys in high school...” I trailed off when the student teacher walked back through the cafeteria.

“So you prefer the… what hot, student teacher guys?”

“No those I prefer to look at.” I smiled as we got to the front of the line.

“Hey Aimee hey Decy hey Jordan and Alex here’s your schedules.” Dulcie smiled.

“Hey Dulcie.” I smiled putting my elbows on the table and I did not miss all of the whispers the guys started at the sight.

“Yeah?” she asked smiling as my cheerleader friends joined us and she handed them their schedules too.

“Oh I hope you’re asking about the new hottie teacher!!” Hope, the cheer captain that had replaced me, smiled.

“I am.” I nodded and they all bent down so their heads were level with ours and the guys stared even hared harder making the girls even madder. “Which class does he teach?” I asked.

“English you’re lucky you have him second.” she smiled at me and they all looked at their schedules.

“We all have him!” they smiled happily.

“Will you please join the cheer team again?” Jade begged like usual.

“One of the new girls we got to replace you just isn’t working out at all.” Hope begged.

“I think it’d be good for you.” Decima said.

“I guess I could try it again. Who knows it might help me get back to my right figure.” I shrugged and they all smiled. I could not help but smile back I was excited suddenly that after almost a year out I was going to be cheering with my friends again.

“Practice today?” Honey checked.

“Of course.” I nodded.

“Do you want captain back?” Hope asked.

“No I’ve been gone for almost a year the captain spot is yours.” I shook my head and then the bell rang.

“Come on Aims let’s get to Mr. N’s class.” Decima smiled.

“Okay let’s go.” I smiled. We walked to Mr. N’s class getting there just in time.

“Oh hello Smith’s.” he smiled we had had him every year all year sometimes twice a day so we had become close. “We are going to start with your usual spots this year.”

“So the back corner?” I tried.

“No, the front center.”

“But it doesn’t cut back on the talking.” Decima tried and everybody laughed as the tardy bell rang.

“But at least there you talk to me.”

“We interrupt class then though.” I tried again.

“You interrupt it more in the back.”

“Fine.” we groaned sitting down in our spots and I got out post-it notes and wrote our names on them. Mr. N laughed when he saw me sticking our names on our desk letter per post-it first and last name while I joked around with Decima. He did not even jokingly chastise us though because we had heard the lecture so often.

Finally, the bell rang and I smiled happily, “Finally!!” I yelled.

“You have English next don’t you?” Mr. N asked.

“English is my favorite subject.” I nodded.

“It doesn’t help that it has a young new teacher does it?”

“Okay so the fact that there’s a hot teacher just proves once again that English is great.” I nodded giving in and we ran out of the room straight to English where Jordan was saving us seats with all of our friends around him. It was amazing that all the geeks and nerds were in the back now.

“I thought you might want a front row seat.” Jordan smiled and I kissed his cheek.

“You are my best friend in the whole world!” I told him as everybody ooed.

“If I save you a seat tomorrow is it lip action?” he asked.

“Maybe.” I shrugged and Jade laughed seeing my plan. “You might have to work your way up to that one.” I smiled and he sat down beside me. We were all silent when the bell rang and the student teacher walked in.

“Hello…” he smiled like he was sharing his own personal joke and my breath caught again at how gorgeous he was. “All the teachers assured me that it would be nearly impossible for me to get you guys to be quiet but if all of my classes are this quiet I might have to make a rule that you have to speak while I talk.” We all laughed and he smiled but a girl raised her hand. “Yes Ms…?”

“Chelsea Reynolds.” she said and I felt a shiver run down my spine at the sound of my ex’s sister, my friends looked at me sympathetically not really knowing the extent of my problems with my ex and his sister but Decima reached over and squeezed my hand knowing exactly the extent.

“Yes Ms. Reynolds?” he asked.

“I thought you were just a student teacher?”

“Your English teacher has decided to take an early retirement so the school asked me to step in. I didn’t think you guys would mind?” he smiled and we laughed. “Okay so let’s get the desks all in a circle so it’s a more relaxed setting… I always find that better to study English… and then we can get to know each other.” he smiled and we all immediately got up to move our desks but Jordan moved mine for me. “Okay thank you.” he smiled after we were done and then continued, “I want to go around the circle and even though it’s childish I want us all to introduce ourselves to each other so that we can feel comfortable around each other.” he looked at Decima, Jade, Hope, and me at our giggles. “How about I start?” we nodded still giggling and Jordan rolled his eyes.

“Will you guys just shut up?” Jordan asked.

“Sorry we’re just really happy.” I smiled.

“Okay my name is Simeon Cullen and I’m the teacher…” We laughed at his joke and his eyes caught mine again. “My favorite book is actually a play named Julius Caesar, My favorite author is Faulkner, and I used to play football.” he smiled as he brought in something that had to do when he was in high school and then turned to me, “How about we go over here to…?” he pointed to me.

“My name is Aimee Smith and I’m the student…” I said with my favorite smile and while everybody laughed Jordan moved into his protective ‘she’s mine’ pose I put on my ‘You’re so annoying’ face to him. Then continued smiling, “My favorite book is also a play by William Shakespeare called Romeo and Juliet.” Mr. Cullen smiled at me again, “My favorite author is Jane Austen and I’m a cheerleader.” I smiled and Jade and Hope high-fived me smiling.

“Yeah back on the team!” the other cheerleaders that had not been around when I had committed to start cheering again sent me smiles.

“Want to meet up for lattes before?” Chelsea asked me glaring at me and I turned to Hope.

“You didn't tell me she was one of the newbie’s.” I whispered my eyes showing my complete freak-out. That was going to cause drama and she knew I hated drama.

“I know but she’s the one you’re replacing.” Hope promised.

“Wait she’s my replacement?!” Chelsea yelled, “First you run Ryan off and now you’re trying to run me off too?” I felt my back tense at the mention of her brother.

“Let’s move onto the girl I can only assume to be your twin?” Mr. Cullen smiled quickly but I heard his confusion.

“My name is Decima Smith, my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, and my favorite author is Jane Austen too.” He continued around the room and I continued on to my worse mood.

“My name is Jordan Ray and I don’t read so I guess my favorite book and author is spark notes but I’m quarter back.” he smiled like that forgave everything.

“You’re an idiot.” I snapped at him.

“Why?” he asked hurt.

“Spark notes really?”

“Aimee!” Decima said quickly and I turned to her snapping out of it.

“Sorry Jordan.” I shook my head and Decima’s worry just kicked up.

“Okay so now I guess we’ll go over grading. I have never been big on tests so you will be graded on discussions we have during class. Which means spark notes will not give you enough to let you contribute enough to even pass…” he continued but I was too far gone to notice. Finally, class was over.

“Are you okay Aims?” Decima asked.

“Fine,” I whispered.

“Aimee may I speak to you?” Mr. Cullen asked.

“Of course,” I nodded and followed him into his office. I really did not want to deal with a lecture over what had happened with Chelsea and then with Jordan.

“Are you okay?” he asked standing close and I felt an energy show up between us that I had never felt before with anybody.

“Yes.” I whispered as he moved closer.

“How old are you, Aimee?” he asked.

“How old are you?” I countered.

“Twenty-one.” he whispered his lips moving closer to mine.

“How did you finish college?” I managed.

“Lots of extra classes.” he said in a voice that told me he did not want to talk about that and he put his lips on mine. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” he pulled away quickly after just a second and walked away.

“No we shouldn’t.” I whispered but I moved over to him again and pushed myself close to him unable to help it after his kiss.

“You don’t know what you’re doing.” he continued but looked at me longingly making me think that maybe the kiss had felt the same to him.

“I know exactly what I’m doing.” I whispered pushing closer and brushing up against his arm and I felt him shiver.

“This is wrong…” he shook his head but I felt him turn so that he was closer to me.

“Then wrong is good.” I promised in a sigh and his arms wrapped around me pulling me closer to him before his lips went on mine again. I held myself closer to him and then the kiss was interrupted by the bell and he pulled away.

“You can’t tell anybody that that happened.”

“I’m not stupid.” I whispered.

“I know that.” he promised and his hand brushed a piece of hair away from my face. I leaned into his hand and he let it caress my face for a second.

“You can’t let this change how you treat me.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“I know that.” I giggled some at the change of the conversation.

“Will you meet me somewhere?” he asked and I nodded. “You need to get to class before you’re late.”

I started to leave through one door as he turned to the other but I turned back to him “Where and when?” I asked.

“Yvonne’s at six?” he suggested the poetry lounge around the corner. I nodded that would give me an hour to change after practice before I met him.

“See you then.” I nodded and then I ran to third arriving right before class started.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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