Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Three

I have to get ready.” I argued I had not told him that Deborah and Kyle had never adopted us and nobody in the house ever thought about it. He had never known that tomorrow I would be losing my home and everything I had known for the last two years of my life. Decima and I knew how lucky we were to have been in the same house for two years because for two years before that, we had been in four different homes and an orphanage but we had stayed together.

Stay here for right now.” he shook his head.

I want to get ready for bed.”

No you want to go into the bathroom and deal with your pain alone, like you’ve been doing for so long about this and you try to do with everything you even let me know about.”

I just didn’t want to think about it.” I whispered into his chest.

Did you ever think I might be able to help though?” he asked.

How are you going to help Simeon? People don’t go talk to their teachers about this stuff and everybody that even knows what’s going to happen knows a boyfriend would have to mean a lot before I’d even let the discussion go this far after they found out about it.”

I want both of you to move into my house until I find you a better place.” he shook his head.

How is that going to keep us from not getting caught?”

We’ll just have to be more careful you know leave at different times and make sure your car stays in the garage…” he shrugged, “I’ll figure it out.” He put his lips on mine softly at first and then the kiss went deeper and I started to twist around him like usual so that I could be closer but he pulled away laughing at my frown. “I thought you wanted to get ready for bed?”

Fine,” I whined getting up and grabbing my s**t shorts and a tank top on my way to the bathroom and then I changed quicker than ever. I ran back over to him glad all of the stuff about vampires being cold was myths.

I smiled up at him and wrapped my arms around his neck. He got the idea after a second and put his lips on my neck starting to kiss my neck and collarbone as I pulled myself closer to him he chuckled and started kissing his way up my neck finally and then his lips were on mine and they were moving perfectly together. I didn’t even try to force his pain to come this was enough happiness for me and when he realized I wasn’t going to force it to go any farther he flipped over on top of me and made the kiss go deeper himself. I sighed into the kiss eagerly and twisted farther, to where every part of me was pressed as close as it could possibly get to him and this time his moan was different from the normal one it was of pure pleasure. I felt his hand move down my back and up my shirt to run down my spine. I shivered but the kiss just went deeper still and I felt a new curiosity when his fangs finally came out and he didn’t even try to stop them just kissing me I let myself pull away from his kiss and forced my hands away from his hair to his face and led it to my neck. I felt too much need to even talk so when he started to hesitate I just tightened my hold. He pulled away to look into my eyes which I’m sure showed everything I was feeling because he let his teeth cut the vein in my throat and he started to drink. My curiosity only rose as he drank though the only difference is this time he was getting my every thought and knew exactly what my body was wanting so bad. Finally, I decided I wanted him to do it but he just kept running his hand along my spine so I moved my hand away from his head and reached for his hand. His thoughts were confused by what I was doing but when mine clued him in he still let my hand lead his only now his hand was a little more eager as it played with my hand and brushed my skin as I led it up. Finally, it made it up to my breast though. I held it there for a second deciding that I really enjoyed the feeling, and then I moved my hand back to his head and just leaned into his hand as he started to let it explore. He pulled his lips away from the cut though and cut his own neck I eagerly started to drink from him as he got all of my thoughts that centered around him and how he made me feel and my plans to keep this going even after he pulled me away.

When he pulled my lips away from his neck, he led them to his lips and started to kiss me again. Then right when I started to think I was going to get what I wanted even though I’d gotten his thoughts of how I wasn’t going to get what I wanted he pulled away and put my head under his chin running one of his hands through my hair and holding me with the other.

That’s not fair.” I shook my head.

What isn’t?” he asked.

You doing that when you knew exactly what I wanted.”

You knew we weren’t going to do what you wanted though.” he smiled at me.

I don’t get why not.”

Because we just did a blood sharing.”

I know that.” I sighed with a smile and he smiled back a little.

We can’t make out after we do something that brings us that close.” he shook his head.

I think that would be the perfect time to make out.”

That is exactly why it’s not.”

Because I think it’s perfect?” I asked a little hurt even though I was arguing.

Because you know as well as I do that I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from doing something completely stupid.” He whispered holding me tighter to help fix the hurt.

Okay…” I sighed.

Are you okay today, Juliet?” he asked.

Yeah just not in the mood to argue with you about stuff we both know I’m not going to win tonight.”

It’s because of tomorrow isn’t it?”

Yeah,” I admitted.

It’s going to be okay remember you have until after Christmas.”

No they have to have us out at least two weeks before the new kids come in.”

Then you can move in this weekend.” he nodded.

I’ll ask them when the new kids are coming.”

I promise it will be okay, Juliet.”

I believe you Romeo. I just don’t know how you’re going to keep us a secret with me living with you.”

I promised you that our love won’t end like Romeo and Juliet’s and I will keep that promise.”

I know…” I whispered curling deeper into his chest.

Now sleep my love and dream only the best dreams.” I nodded and closed my eyes as he started to sing me to sleep.

Good morning.” I whispered when I woke up.

Happy Birthday.” he promised kissing me with one of his long slow kisses that I did not get much.

I love you.” I sighed when he pulled away and I had opened my eyes.

I love you too.” he promised untangling himself from me and getting up, “I’ve got to get home now though.” he said urgently.

What’s wrong?” I asked.

My siblings it seems have decided to visit.” he said tensely.

It’s not just your sister is it?” I asked seeing his tension.

No my younger and older brother have decided to come too.” he nodded.

I’ll see you at school still though right?” I asked.

Of course it’s your birthday.” he promised kissing me again before jumping out of the window and taking off at a run to his house. I walked slowly downstairs and sat at the table.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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