Chapter Five

Chapter Five

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Five

Hey.” The girl smiled, “I’m Josephine.”

Josephine, don’t scare her.” Simeon laughed climbing in, “Sorry Juliet she’s psychic.” he rolled his eyes at her and she just stuck her tongue out at him.

I’m Lucy.” The other girl smiled and I knew her story her and Peter had had a relationship like Simeon’s and mine only Reuben had stepped in and tried to steal her by changing her.

Hello.” I nodded.

What’s wrong, Aimee?” Peter asked from the front seat.

Okay how do you keep getting all this stuff from me?” I asked.

Peter can read feelings.” Lucy told me smiling and I nodded.

So what’s wrong?” Simeon asked worriedly when I still had not told them when we parked at the school.

I have to be out of the house today.” I whispered.

Today?” Josephine asked.

Yeah the state called and in two weeks the new kids will be here meaning the old kids, me and Decima, have to be out of there today.” I nodded as we all got out.

Well that’s just stupid.” Lucy said and we all laughed as we climbed out everybody looked over as I climbed out with the new kids and Simeon but just nodded when Lucy, Josephine, and I went in a different direction than Simeon without a word still talking.

Okay I want you guys to meet my best friends.” I smiled knowing that Simeon would handle all of the bad stuff now.

How can you go from worrying about just being kicked out of your house to wanting us to meet your friends?” Josephine asked but Lucy looked at me as if she understood perfectly.

Simeon knows now he’ll take care of it.” I whispered and Lucy nodded.

I was the same way with Peter.” she smiled and he appeared beside us.

Okay Aimee I’m supposed to go with you to help you get all your stuff… after practice?” he looked confused.

I have cheerleading practice today.” I laughed.

Oh well I guess I’ll just have to go and watch it.” he smiled and Lucy slapped him.

There’s a spot open if one of you want to join.”

I cheered before I changed.” Lucy admitted.

Don’t I remember.” a new voice said behind us and we turned around to find Reuben.

What are you doing here?” Peter asked.

I decided to take all of your advice.” he smiled.

What advice?” Josephine asked.

If you want to stay in a place go to high school and act like a human.”

You’re not staying though.” Simeon said behind him.

Oh but there you are wrong brother.” Reuben shrugged. “I want to get to know my little brothers again. It’s been too long…”

Yeah how long has it been since you told him that you chose Peter over him, Lucy?” Simeon asked angrily.

Simeon.” I whispered under my breath and he turned to me still looking angry. “Just let him stay for now.”

See I like your girlfriend she seems to realize that with your pathetic animal diet you can’t stop me when I follow the more traditional eating.” Reuben smiled at me letting his fangs come out. “Can I have a taste?”

No!” Simeon snarled.

I wasn’t asking you brother.” Reuben smiled and his fangs retracted as he shrugged, “Guess we’ll have to wait though. We all know I’ll get myself a taste sooner or later though.”

Peter will you make sure that Aimee gets to class?” Simeon asked.

We’re going to your class now.” Peter nodded leading Josephine, Lucy, and I to his class but Reuben grabbed me.

What are you doing?!” I yelled.

I want to talk to you.” he said and I felt him compel me but it was a lot stronger than Simeon’s ever was. “It’s because I drink human blood.” he nodded reading my face. “Now tell me are you moving in with Simeon?” he asked letting it drop.

Yes.” I nodded knowing that if I did not answer he would just force me too.



So you’ll be with him twenty-four seven?”


Thank you, now let’s walk you to class.” he nodded kissing me when he pulled away and let his compulsion drop I slapped him for it. He kept hold of my hand though tight enough to where I could not pull away.

Will you please let go of me?!” I snapped when he still did not let go of me when we walked into the class.

I just want to make sure somebody sees.” he said and Simeon walked in his eyes flaring.

Reuben I think Ms. Smith asked you to let go of her.” Simeon said and everybody in the classroom gasped never having heard him so angry.

Reuben smiled some and let go of me, “Of course brother.” he said simply and sat down right beside me.

Wait his brother?” Jade asked me.

Are you two like talking?” Hope whispered looking at me respectfully as if he had been a good catch.

The second half of the ‘you two’ can hear you and I say yes.” Reuben smiled at me and Hope sent me a respectful glance.

Only in your dreams Reuben, I’d never go out with a jerk like you.” I snapped angrily.

So you finally admit that everything my siblings told you is right?” he asked with a small smile.

Not everything.” I shook my head.

What parts are wrong?” he asked as everybody looked at us Simeon the hardest just waiting until he needed to step in.

I still just think this is all an act if you wanted you could really be sweet…”

Whatever makes it where you can sleep.” he shrugged nonchalantly.

Second and most importantly you aren’t nearly as hot as either of your brothers. In fact you’re quite a bit uglier.” I sent a smug look at him as everybody laughed and his eyes flared.

Okay so for your final…” Simeon interrupted, “… we are going to finish discussing Romeo and Juliet.”

Yes…” everybody smiled and cheered around the room.

Before we start though… I’d like to wish two of our classmates a happy birthday.” he smiled, “So, happy birthday Aimee and Decima.”

Thank you.” I smiled back and everybody started whispering wondering if it would make it where he would let up on me for the day. It was true Simeon expected a lot more out of me than anybody else in the class and I constantly got detention but the detention was just another way to get alone time not a punishment.

So, let’s let Aimee start us out on our discussion since it’s her favorite play.” He suggested and off I went into detail making my friends laugh as I showed off how big of a dork I could be. “Okay Aimee…” he laughed unable to help letting his friendly gaze land on me, he enjoyed when I got overly excited over a book or something I read. “Let’s let somebody else have a chance to get a grade for their final.” he smiled.

I’ll go.” Reuben suggested and he went into details that only somebody that had studied Shakespeare as much as I had would know, I’d only known one other person who had studied it as much as me before, and I couldn’t help but lean closer to his voice absorbed in the discussion and then I joined him as we talked about the entire book. Before long though the class started to join us and they just did not understand so, it took off in a different direction but when I looked at Simeon, he was staring back at me with sad eyes.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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