Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter eleven

Simeon!! Aimee!! We’re going to be late!!” Decima’s yell woke me up.

How late did you let me sleep?” I asked Simeon.

Not too late you might want to get ready though.” Simeon nodded and I looked at the clock.

Simeon half an hour!” I exclaimed.

I figured today would be hard enough without waking you up before you were ready.” I got up without commenting and grabbed my clothes before running to the bathroom and getting a shower and putting my hair in a rare ponytail even rarer I did not straighten it before I put it in the ponytail. When I walked downstairs, everybody looked at me worriedly.

Are you okay?” Decima asked after Peter just shrugged telling them all he was getting was my numbness.

I just didn’t feel like fixing my hair.” I shrugged.

What about your makeup?” she pushed.

Simeon prefers me to go without it anyway.” I tried to shrug it off but Simeon came over and wrapped his arms tightly around me when my forced numbness broke at his name. Everybody knew now that it was the meeting at school causing this. He turned me in his arms when he felt my shaking start and put my head in his chest.

We need to get to school.” Reuben said coming in but he handed me a latte.

You made me my latte?” I asked forcing myself to try to start a conversation.

No I went to the café and had Austin make you your latte when it was obvious that Simeon wasn’t going to wake you up.” he smiled at me and winked.

Thank you.” I whispered with a small smile and I took a sip leaning farther into Simeon.

Are we skipping school then?” he asked.

No I guess we can’t.” I shook my head.

Well you could but I’m guessing you probably want to be there when the school decides what to do.” he nodded and we all walked out. They all got into Reuben’s car and Simeon and I got into his.

It’s going to be okay, Juliet.” Simeon promised when he pulled me out at the school he immediately wrapped his arms around me and my friends surrounded us.

Hello Mr. Cullen!” they all greeted him.

Don’t I feel special you greet your teacher but not me.”

Oh come on Aims.” Jade laughed.

He brings pizza when he picks you up from practice…” Hope smiled.

“… When have you ever brought us pizza?” Honey added.

And he has an awesome house that he lets a bunch of cheerleaders go and throw parties at.” Hope added as if it was most important.

Okay so my boyfriend is awesome.” I gave them and he laughed holding me closer.

I’ve got to get to class.” he whispered in my ear.

Okay…” I sighed turning in his arms.

I love you, Juliet.” he promised looking around to make sure it was only my friends around us.

I love you too.” I laughed but he kissed me then and I just kissed him back eagerly.

When he pulled away he asked, “What did you find so funny?”

The fact that you are still looking around to make sure as few people see you tell me that you love me as possible, and then even fewer see you kiss me. Get over it Simeon our secret is out. We no longer get alone time and we’re stuck with the looks.”

I’ll try but I don’t think I’m going to agree with the no alone time.”

You’re more than welcome to change that one anytime you want.”

I’ll remember that but I really have to go.” he laughed and pulled away kissing my cheek before walking away.

You guys are so cute together.” Jade smiled when he was gone.

Thanks.” I smiled but then I frowned, “I wonder if that will affect the schools decision.” I whispered.

What?” Honey asked, as we all walked to first, they had Mr. N now too.

She and Simeon have a meeting with the school to discuss their relationship today during second.” Decima said as she joined us with Jordan.

That’s English though.” Jordan said. Senior year everybody had a full year of English instead of just a semester.

Yeah I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an accident that they scheduled it for second.” I said sourly.

Girls do you mind?” Mr. N asked us.

Sorry Mr. N…” We all chorused sweetly and everybody laughed.

I know that Smith’s have heard this lecture eight times now but the rest of you guys haven’t and they might find themselves in their lovely desks that still have their names on it.” he pointed to the desks threateningly but laughed.

We’ll be silent.” Decima and I said together quickly and Reuben and Jordan laughed. We really were silent, or as silent as we had ever been in his class before, until the bell rang but as soon as it did, I sat frozen in my chair.

Come on Aimee he’s waiting for you.” Reuben coaxed me pulling me out of the seat I followed him silently and my friends all tried to pull me out of my abysmal.

I’ll get Simeon.” Lucy nodded heading to his office when we walked in and he was not in the classroom yet.

Take her with you.” Decima suggested.

No not with their meeting today we can’t have them being caught in the office alone.” Josephine shook her head and Lucy headed to the office walking out with Simeon. He walked right over to me ignoring all of the looks and sat down at the desk beside me pulling me over to him.

I thought you believed me that it was going to be okay?” he asked.

It’s easier to believe in your arms.” I sighed putting my head on his chest. We both heard everybody start whispering, though, so I pulled away and sat back in my seat.

I promise you Juliet that everything will be okay.” he whispered before getting up at the tardy bell. “Okay let’s put the cell phones away…,” he said. “I’m only going to be in here for a couple minutes so I’m going to start us out by demonstrating how to recite a poem then you are each for the rest of the period going to go through the books on my desk and pick out a poem to recite tomorrow…” He looked at us and then said “I’ll recite ‘I want you’ by Arthur L. Gillom:

I want you when the shades of eve are falling

And purpling shadows drift across the land;

When sleepy birds to loving mates are calling-

I want the soothing softness of your hand.” The room disappeared as his eyes caught mine.

I want you when the stars shine up above me,

And Heaven’s flooded with the bright moonlight;

I want you with your arms and lips to love me

Throughout the wonder watches of the night.

I want you when in dreams I still remember

The ling’ring of your kiss- for old times’ sake-

With all your gentle ways, so sweetly tender,

I want you in the morning when I wake.

I want you when the day is at its noontime,

Sun-steeped and quiet, or drenched with sheets of rain;

I want you when the roses bloom in June-time;

I want you when the violets come again.

I want you when my soul is thrilled with passion;

I want you when I’m weary and depressed;

I want you when in lazy, slumberous fashion

My senses need the haven of your breast.

I want you when through field and wood I’m roaming;

I want you when I’m standing on the shore;

I want you when the summer birds are homing-

And when they’ve flown- I want you more and more.

I want you, dear, through every changing season;

I want you with a tear or with a smile;

I want you more than any rhyme or reason-

I want you, want you, want you- all the while” he broke off and we both realized at the same time we had messed up big time when everybody’s whispering started. He broke his stare and shook his head trying to clear his mind and I just looked at the desk. There was a knock on the door though and he went to answer it.

It’s a good thing you guys are out now because that would have just done it.” Jordan whispered to me. I just nodded still trying to clear my mind.

Come on Aimee.” Simeon said softly and Mr. N was right behind him. I looked up slowly, “Its time.” he nodded and Decima pushed on me to help me get up. I walked towards Simeon silently feeling the nerves come back as strong as ever. I took a deep breath though because I was eighteen the only thing they could do was transfer me out of his class. “Relax it will be okay.” he promised as he opened the door leading to the conference rooms.

Give me one second please.” I begged and he closed the door making sure it did not make a sound and then turned me so that he could massage my shoulders.

We really have to go in now.” Simeon nodded holding me close before letting go and opening the door to the conference rooms.

Thank you for joining us Mr. Cullen… Ms. Smith...” Principal Evers nodded but I noticed two people I had never met before.

Aimee I’m so glad to meet you.” the female smiled coming over.

Mother, meet Aimee… Aimee this is my mother and father Rachel and Theodore.” Simon smiled at me.

It’s a pleasure to meet both of you.” I promised nervously.

I’m extremely happy to meet you.” Theodore promised me.

Okay we need to get down to business.” Principal Evers said and I gulped.

We need to know first how long this has been going on.” Mrs. Seymour, the guidance counselor, said.

The first day of school,” Simeon said confidently and smiled at me I forced a small smile at him.

You look scared Aimee do we need to make Mr. Cullen leave?” the police officer of the school asked.

No!” I said quickly.

She seems to be scared about what’s going to happen to them not of him.” Mrs. Seymour said and I nodded. Simeon put his hand that was already under the table on my knee trying to get me to relax and I put mine on top of it, when mine was there he turned his and intertwined his fingers with mine.

It’s going to be fine.” he whispered.

Okay, Aimee, do you love Mr. Cullen?” Mrs. Seymour asked and it was obvious she was running this show.

Yes.” I nodded smiling and he squeezed my hand.

Mr. Cullen, do you love Aimee?” she asked.

With all my heart.” he nodded and I saw his parents smile. I knew they were not his real parent’s though just his maker and his maker’s wife.

I hope her love’s enough to get you a new job then.” Principal Evers nodded, “We’ve been talking to people and we know that you have broken the proper conduct for a teacher. You are to leave the school.” he nodded and I felt a tear fall down my cheek.

You can’t fire him.” I argued through my tears.

Are you going to break up?” Principal Evers asked me.

No its fine Juliet I told you it’s all going to be okay.” Simeon shook his head.

This is what you call fine?” I whispered, “You just lost your job.” I felt more tears fall he reached over and wiped my tears away though.

I’ll get a different job… you’re the most important thing or person to me.” he promised. They made us sit in the office the rest of the day, and then the last bell rang and we got up to walk out. I had not said another word to Simeon and I knew it had him worried but I was too ashamed of myself to talk to him. I had made him lose his job. “Juliet let’s go to my room and we can talk while I get my stuff.” he said when I started to turn towards my friends.

I’ve got practice today.” I shook my head.

I’ll pick you up afterwards.” he nodded and hugged me I felt a tear fall at his tight hold on me and his hold only tightened when it hit his shirt but I only let the single one out. I would make him go hunting tonight and then I would cry. “It’s okay Juliet I promise.” he whispered and then he kissed me for a second trying to make me relax but I pulled away from him shaking my head and walking towards my friends.

What’s wrong?” Decima said.

They told Simeon he had to choose between his job and me.” I whispered painfully.

You can’t feel guilty Aimee he made his choice.” Hope said.

Wait how do you know he chose her?” Jade asked her as Decima nodded.

You guys haven’t seen them when their alone and unafraid of what anybody’s going to find out.” Jordan shook his head. “If you had there would be no doubt in your mind what either of them would choose if it was between the other person and anything.”

Let’s get to practice.” I shook my head telling them I wanted to forget about everything that had just happened.

Are you sure you don’t want to be with Simeon?” Hope asked.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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A Chapter by Mary Greenwell