Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Twelve

I can’t face him right now.” I shook my head.

He did it for you Aimee quite feeling guilty he made his choice maybe he’ll decide to go back to school.” Reuben said behind me and he put his arms around my waist. Lucy and Peter started to say something but when I put my head in his chest, they just started to look worriedly at us and shut up. “You know how much I hate him but you also know how much…” he trailed off shaking his head but I knew the end of the statement it was always the same ‘I love you’.

I’m going to practice.” I said pulling away quickly now adding the guilt of being friends with him to my list at least everybody else would think it was the fact he had said he hated Simeon that made me pull away so fast.

Do you need me to pick you up or is my brother still allowed on school property?” Reuben asked.

Simeon’s picking me up.” I said confused.

With the school knowing your relationship with him…” he trailed off at my face, “Never mind I was just being a jerk Aimee. I’m sorry I said anything.” I nodded and went to practice about half-way through Simeon showed up to watch with lattes for everybody but then Principal Evers came in and talked to him and he left sticking a note under a latte for me. At the end of practice when we all went to get our lattes Reuben walked in.

You have to take me home.” I whispered after I read the note. Simeon was no longer allowed to pick me up from cheer practice.

Yes.” he nodded sitting down beside me.

Aims thank Simeon for the lattes when you see him.” Honey smiled.

I’ll do that as soon as we get home.” I nodded.

We thought he had gone to visit his parents or something when he left?” One of the other cheerleaders asked.

He just had to do something at home.” I shook my head getting up and walking out of the gym but when we were out Hope was with us. Hope had been my best friend for years before Alexis ever since we’d been in the same foster house but then Decima and I’d gone to Kyle and Deborah’s and I’d gone out with Reuben and we’d gotten in a fight so Alexis had stepped in but now Alexis wasn’t speaking to me because I hadn’t told her about Simeon.

Okay Aims what’s really going on with Simeon leaving?” She asked.

Principal Evers told him that he’s not allowed to pick me up anymore.” I whispered.

They aren’t getting the fact that if he chose you over the job they aren’t going to be able to make you guys break up are they?”

I don’t think that’s what they are trying to do they just don’t like how unorthodox it is.”

He’s not your teacher anymore there’s nothing unorthodox about it.”

Well I’m going to go home so that I can apologize to Simeon for being so weird all day.”

Okay I’m sure he understands.”

He does but he’s been worried.” I nodded.

See you tomorrow?”

Yeah Simeon probably won’t let me skip even if it’s been a crappy day. I’ll probably even have to do all the homework that I missed today tonight.” I made a face.

Sometimes dating a teacher isn’t the best thing then.” she laughed.

Oh Simeon’s always the best it’s just we don’t always agree on what’s the best thing for me at the moment.” I shrugged with a smile.

I bet you could win all of those fights if you tried hard enough.” Hope winked at me.

I might have to try one day now that he’s not my teacher. I kind of felt bad trying to convince him the homework he assigned just wasn’t of any importance.” we laughed together and then hugged. “Okay let’s go Reuben.” I said sticking my feet on his dash.

Juliet…” Simeon started when I walked into the house.

Wait I want to go first.” I said putting my finger over his lips and leading him upstairs to our room but he seemed to relax a little bit at the sound of my voice. When we were there even though there still was not a door I continued, “I’m sorry that I freaked out about you choosing me over your job I just didn’t feel like I could fill that big of a spot in your life…”

Juliet you fill every spot in life.” he said softly pulling me over to him and rubbing my back.

I’m going to remember, though, that it was your decision that you quit your job not mine and…”

Did you really not want me to choose you?” he asked worry filling his eyes.

Of course I wanted you to choose me!” I exclaimed.

Okay then continue you just had me worried.”

Sorry.” I whispered putting my head in his chest, “… And I’m going to try not to continue to worry over whether I’m truly enough to keep you.”

You’ll always be more than enough for me.” he promised and then his lips were on mine.

Hum-Um.” a voice said at the door interrupting.

We’ve really got to get a door, Simeon.” I sighed rolling away from where he had pulled me down on the bed.

What do you want Lucy?” Simeon asked just as frustrated.

Rachel and Theodore are downstairs.” she said and I started to get up but Simeon held me down.

Tell them we’ll be down in a little bit.” he shook his head.

Simeon we both know exactly how they are going to feel about that especially with the way Reuben is…” She started.

Was,” I interrupted angrily, “The way Reuben was. He is not trying to take me away from Simeon and I wish you guys would stop saying that. We’ve talked about it.”

Sorry Aimee but they don’t know how much he’s changed.”

He hasn’t changed that much.” Simeon shook his head.

Whatever, I’m going downstairs.” I said angrily this was the reason people were not supposed to mention Reuben with Simeon and me together it made both of us mad. Simeon refused to see that Reuben had changed. I stormed out of the room and downstairs and sat right next to Reuben as I did during every fight Simeon and I had and everybody nodded knowingly.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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Some spelling and grammatical errors throughout the piece - I understand not correcting them while you're writing, but really, you might as well proofread it a little better before posting it!
All kidding aside, there's a story here, but it's not very coherent and believable, mostly because of the stilted language used and because of the one-dimensionality of the characters. Ask yourself what each of your characters wants and how they intend to achieve that goal - right now it feels like many of them don't know what they want or where they're going in the piece, and that reflects in their actions.
Additionally, a large amount of the piece is simple dialogue - you might want to spice it up with more description and setting work. Again, there's a story here, you just need to consider how to elaborate on it more clearly.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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