Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Fifteen

We’ve got to get you to the hospital.” She said quickly picking me up and Peter joined her. They both forgot about following Ryan and I knew that if Simeon and I were not fighting he would yell at them big time for one of them not finding a way to get him. Right now, I just wanted Simeon but I also wanted to know how he could let this happen to me even when we were fighting. I figured Principal Evers had made him leave I knew better then to think Simeon would let it. Of course I didn’t think of all that right then it took a while to get it all in it came in spells like everything else right then.

I’ve got her Lucy I’ll be able to tell what’s hurting her without her having to tell us.” he whispered and so she handed me over and I tried to hide my flinch. “Go get everybody and meet us at the hospital. You might want to get Simeon too I don’t care how big of a fight they were in she’s going to need him.” Lucy nodded and left. Peter ran to the car and put me in before speeding to the first hospital he found. He walked in and went straight to the front desk after wrapping his shirt around me.

What happened?” The receptionist asked.

She’s been raped.” he told her.

Come straight back.” she nodded realizing exactly what the shirt draped across me was for. “I’ll get the nurse.” she promised leaving us and he sat me down on the table. I sat numb waiting.

Okay Mr.…?”

Peter Cullen.” Peter said.

Oh you’re Theodore’s son.” she nodded.


We’ll need you to step out so we can do an examination.”

Okay.” he nodded, “I’ll go find Simeon and tell him we’re back here.” he told me but I just continued to stare blankly. I followed the doctor’s instructions with the nurse trying to help it hurt less and then put on the clothes that Decima had given them for me. They still had tags so I knew Lucy or Josephine had driven her somewhere to get them because she had told them that the hospital’s clothes had made me feel worse last time. After I was dressed, they opened the door and let everybody in including Theodore.

Simeon.” He said before Simeon could even get his arms all the way around me. “I need to get the arm stitched first.” he shook his head pointing the deep long cut Ryan’s knife had made in me. Simeon nodded and just reached for my hand we both watched while Theodore stitched up the cut and then he covered it in gauze and tape and nodded to Simeon.

Juliet…” Simeon finally whispered and I slowly robotically turned to him his worry only seemed to get more when he saw the lifelessness in my eyes. “I’m so sorry they made me leave they told me I couldn’t stay at graduation.” he whispered and I nodded realizing why Simeon hadn’t been there to save me when he’d heard Ryan’s or even Chelsea’s thoughts he wasn’t close enough to hear. I had figured as much when Peter had had to send Lucy off to get Simeon instead of just being able to tell her to get everybody. Of course, after I realized it I also realized the thought had crossed my mind already too and that was why I was not mad at him. Then I saw Reuben walk in, though, and everybody saw the first emotion in my eyes since they had gotten there and it was anger.

You promised.” I snarled and everybody stepped back realizing exactly what I had decided to do to make it where I could survive. “You promised me you would watch out for me. You promised me you would try with Simeon. You promised you loved me. This is not love. Letting me get raped by some human while you are inside flirting isn’t love you idiot!!” I yelled painfully.

Juliet.” Simeon said and I turned to him with tears in my eyes, “Don’t do this to yourself. You’re going to feel horrible later if you try and blame him now.” he begged and I just put my head in his chest letting the tears come now.

You guys can leave.” The nurse said coming in.

Don’t you want a statement?” Reuben asked.

Why would they the only thing the court does is give the mayors son probation.” I snapped the tears were gone for now but everybody knew there would be more later.

We already got the statement while we did the examination.” she nodded sympathetically. Simeon picked me up and carried me out of the room and to the car. He let Jordan drive us home for once and I knew it was because of his worry.

It’s going to be okay, Juliet. I’ll make sure it is.” he promised as I cried that night.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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Mary Greenwell
Mary Greenwell

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A Chapter by Mary Greenwell