Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Seventeen

This has nothing to do with Reuben promise. Why would you even…?” I trailed off remembering the fight. “Oh I remember. I threatened to move out graduation because you guys got into a huge fight.” I whispered. Their fights had become more common lately so I just tried to keep them away from each other. Now that I remembered my threat, his jump did not surprise me but my surprise that Reuben had met us at Yvonne’s came back. I did not mention it though I did not want to think about how much I had hurt him by accepting Simeon’s proposal.

Then what are you talking about wanting to keep you, Juliet… what have I done to hurt you?” he asked worriedly.

You haven’t hurt me.” I shook my head, “I just want to know if now that we’re getting married you still plan to sit back and watch me die.” I finished bluntly hoping the bluntness would clue him in on exactly what would happen.

I told you I’m not changing you, Juliet. That is the way it is supposed to happen. You get old and then you die.”

So you’re just going to let me die?” I asked.

At an old age and then I’m going to go annoy some ancient and they’ll be able to kill me.”

So you still aren’t going to change me.” I whispered.

No and I already told you why.”

Simeon I don’t care that you’re a vampire though. I have met all of your family and every single one of you are decent down deep. Being a vampire can’t be…”

No Aimee!” he said tensely pulling away and starting to walk out of the room.

Please don’t leave Simeon I won’t talk about it anymore…” I begged and he turned back to me.

I’m sorry Juliet.” he sighed, “I just really can’t stand the thought of doing this to you.”

It’s okay. We will be okay. We still have each other for what…?” I started to count in my head.

Please don’t count down your death Juliet.” he shook his head.

I was aiming high though.”

Just don’t.”

Okay.” I sighed curling into his chest, “Thank you for not leaving.”

Thank you for letting the subject drop.”

No problem.” I promised reminding myself silently that I still had until December to convince him to change me. He was frozen at nineteen and that is where I wanted to be too.

What are you thinking about so intently?” he asked.

You don’t want to know.”

Yes I do.”

No I’m telling you Simeon you really don’t want to know.”

Juliet I always want to know what you’re thinking about.”

It’s going to make you mad.”

How bad could it be?”

It’s horrible on your scale.”

Tell me please.”

Fine I was figuring up how much time I had to convince you to change me until I was officially older than you.” I said closing my eyes so that I did not have to see his anger.

I’m over two hundred years old you have a long time before you’ll be officially older than me.” he said carefully and I knew he was trying to pretend he was perfectly calm.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

So you came up with the fact that we’re going to be fighting like crazy again until December?” he asked and I heard the hurt in his voice. I realized finally that all the fights we had had before graduation had hurt him as much as they had me.

No…” I sighed shaking my head.

Then what?” he asked confused.

I came up with the fact that I’m just going to be hoping like crazy until the day I die or you decide to change me.”

Thank you Juliet.” he sighed holding me tighter. I stayed in his arms silent the rest of the night fighting the pain I always felt when we were this close.

Come on Aims!!” Hope yelled up a few days later.

We want to get to school!!!” Decima added.

Quit distracting her Simeon!!!!” Jordan continued.

We better go.” Simeon sighed pulling his lips away from mine.

I think if we stay up here they’ll leave us alone.” I promised putting my lips back on his making it obvious that I wanted to continue making out. He pushed me back on the bed with a moan and I felt the pain kick up as it always did telling me just how much I loved him.

Aimee!!” Decima yelled opening the door, “We’ve been trying to get you two downstairs for half an hour.” she said right beside me and Simeon and he just moved his lips to my neck.

Yeah you’d think you’d have gotten the point by now.” I pointed out and Simeon laughed on my neck.

We aren’t leaving without you so get up and grab your last bags so we can leave.” she said pulling on my arm and Simeon sighed disappointed as he rolled away from me and got up. I got up with him smiling when he grabbed all of our bags.

You know I could hold something.” I reminded him.

Yes you could.” He smiled moving the bags in his right hand and reaching out, “You could hold my hand.”

I think I can handle that.” I smiled happily walking closer to him as we headed to the car. We all talked and joked around as we headed to the new house and then we set everything up.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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