Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Eighteen

Jordan and I are going hunting if you want me to drop you off to visit Reuben.” Simeon said when I woke up the next morning.

I can drive myself.” I shook my head.

Juliet…” he sighed, “I’m sure we can both handle me showing up at the house again long enough for me to drop you off.”

Simeon you guys got in another fight just two days ago.” I reminded him. They hadn’t been fighting nearly as often lately but when they did fight their fights were horrible and that scared me.

I won’t go in.” he nodded, “And then when I pick you up I’ll just call and let you know I’m there or wait downstairs and tell you.”

Just stay downstairs.” I nodded.

Thank you.” he smiled watching as I grabbed my clothes and then walked into the bathroom to get ready. The whole time I tried to figure out why he was so determined to take me to see Reuben.

Why did you want to drive me here?” I asked when he pulled up to the house.

I wanted the time with you.” he smiled.

Thank you then.” I whispered and kissed him softly.

Have fun. I love you.”

I love you too.” I promised as I got out taking a deep breath as all the pain left. I needed to think today.

Hey, I wasn’t expecting you to let him come over.” Reuben said when I walked into his room.

He insisted.” I shrugged.

Let me guess he’s not allowed upstairs and I’m not allowed downstairs?” he guessed and I nodded. I laid down on the bed and started to think. “Why are you so silent?” he asked.

How can I make Simeon drink from me?” I asked him.

Aimee…” he groaned, “You know I don’t want to talk about that.”

I’m sorry.”

You know if you want I’ll change you.”

I’ll keep that in mind for later.” I nodded knowing that I would not ever do that option.

What’s really going on, Aimee?” he asked.

It’s just anytime Simeon and I are together I feel this pain…” I said looking away from him.

Describe it.” His tone was business but I wanted to talk to somebody that I could trust to not tell Simeon about it and who better than somebody who didn’t get within ten feet of him unless it was to fight.

Kind of like a burning and a need…”

How long has it been since he fed from you?”

The day before my birthday,” I answered remembering easily.

Has this been happening since then?”

Yes.” I nodded.

You two started something. When a vampire drinks from a human time after time, they build a bond that makes it where they can start to read each other’s minds it starts with the feelings. That’s what you’re getting now.”

So what you’re saying is that if I changed the connection would end?”

No it would grow stronger. Peter and Lucy never got the connection.” he said knowing exactly whom I was thinking about. I sighed having thought there was at least one thing that would make it where staying human was nice.

Simeon can’t know that this started.” I whispered.

You need to tell him Aimee.”

No because he’ll just freak-out and get even stronger about never feeding from me again.” I begged.

Okay but if it gets worse tell me?”

I will.” I promised hugging him, “Thanks for telling me though it makes it all better.”

Anytime.” he promised nodding. We sat silent for a little bit.

Juliet, will you go downstairs so I can talk to Reuben?” Simeon asked at the door.

You’re not supposed to be up here.” I said nervously.

I promise we aren’t going to fight.” Simeon told me.

Reuben?” I asked.

I won’t start anything, Aimee.”

That’s not the same thing Reuben and you know it.”

If Simeon says we aren’t going to fight then we aren’t going to fight.”

Then I’ll be downstairs but I’ll have Peter listening.” I warned walking out, “If you fight I’m not going to be happy with either of you.” I added as an afterthought. Then I went downstairs.

You’re actually letting them talk?” Lucy checked.

They promised they wouldn’t fight. Where’s Peter I want him listening?”

Peter’s hunting.”

Dang-it.” I swore sitting down on the couch. “I knew they didn’t look worried enough at that threat.” I sat there silent.

Come on Aimee you need to come with me.” Reuben said coming in the front door. “Hurry Simeon needs you.” I jumped up and followed him up the stairs.

When I saw Simeon though I turned on Reuben, “What did you do to him?!?!” I yelled.

He didn’t do this.” Josephine shook her head from the other side of Simeon.

You need to give him your blood, Aimee.” Reuben said and then pointed to Josephine and she walked out with him.

If you want to save yourself from Simeon’s anger animal blood might work.” Josephine said before closing the door. I ran over to Simeon. I looked around after a second for something to cut myself with deciding that his anger would be the more desirable outcome than a ‘might’ outcome. I found a knife right beside me and knew that Reuben had sat it there knowing what I would choose. I cut my wrist and stuck it on Simeon’s mouth.

Drink it please Romeo…” I begged and I felt his body starting to fight him even more. “Romeo you have to for me…” I continued and I knew that his fight had just been won when he started to drink from me. I felt all of the normal things we always did and my pain dissolved with the more he drank. He held me closer after a second keeping my wrist on his mouth while he twisted my body around his and then I felt his hand moving up my shirt and to my breast just like it had once before just like my mind had been begging for again. I pushed myself closer to him rotating myself so my legs were hanging on to his and my hips were pressed up against him. I felt his moan but then he pulled away. “Drink more.” I whispered when he started to pull my face up to his.

I’ve had enough, Juliet.” he shook his head and continued to bring my lips to his. “Unless you want to go ahead and take yours?” he asked.

You know exactly which one I want but I know what you want.” I smiled and took my lips to his giving him what he wanted. He pulled away though and led my lips down to his neck after cutting it. I eagerly put my lips on his neck and we continued right on where we had left off. He pulled my lips away after a little while and led them back to his lips.

Okay we tried to give you guys more alone time but we need to know that Simeon’s okay.” Rachel said coming in and Simeon pulled his lips away from mine as he untwisted moving me to a more appropriate position.

I’m fine.” he nodded as they sat down.

I’ll be right back.” I whispered and felt Simeon’s worry, “I just want to thank Reuben.” I promised not sure why I felt like I had to do it right then, “And then I’ll be right back down.”

Okay…” he sighed relaxing some, “I love you.”

I love you too.” I promised and then I pulled away from his arms even though he hadn’t let go of me all the way and I walked up to Reuben’s room. “Reuben?” I asked when I saw him laying on the bed but he did not look up. “Look Reuben I want to…” I trailed off realizing something was wrong he never ignored me not since he had forgiven me for being engaged to Simeon. “Simeon!!!!!” I screamed looking around for anything to cut myself.

You can’t give him your blood after giving Simeon it already.” Lucy shook her head at the door and Simeon showed up behind her. He looked at my tears worriedly.

Somebody tell me what to do!!!!!” I screamed.

There’s donor blood in the kitchen.” Zachary said.

And you guys let Aimee give me…” Simeon started angrily.

This isn’t the time Simeon.” Peter said getting my feelings of wanting to kill him. “The donor blood won’t work he needs a human because he sticks to them anyway.”

Then somebody go get him a stinking human before I decide to do it myself.” I said slowly and acidly and turned to Simeon murder in my eyes, “He just saved your life and you’re going to let him…”

No I’m not Aimee.” he said hurt and I flinched. “I was just trying to make sure you were okay. I am going now though if that is what this has come too. If that’s what you think of me.” He turned and walked out.

I don’t Simeon.” I whispered a second too late.

It’s okay Aimee he knows you’re just hurt right now.” Lucy promised sitting down beside me.

I don’t know what you do, Aimee, but those two will get over everything.” Josephine said smiling and I looked at her. “I just had a vision. You three will become inseparable and Simeon and Reuben are going to become like they used to be.”

If I can get them to believe they can move on and get them both to stay alive.” I whispered and then Simeon walked in.

Everybody but Aimee needs to leave.” he said and once they were gone, he looked at me with still hurt eyes, “I got one that had murdered somebody. I thought then if he couldn’t stop it would make it better.”

Simeon…” I started.

It’s okay Aimee… we’ll talk about it later.” I knew it was not okay though if I was still Aimee. He turned to the murderer, though, and said, “Do whatever the girl says.” and walked out.

What’s your name?” I asked.


Okay Phil I want you to move over to the man on the bed.” He moved over to him and I reached for the knife Simeon had laid on the table before leaving. “Hand me your wrist.”

What are you going to do with it?”

Just give it to me.” he handed it to me with my order and I cut it. I led it to Reuben’s mouth and he immediately started to drink.

What in the world?!?!” Phil screamed starting to pull away and I knew he was not giving in to Reuben.

Phil, come here to me.” I whispered softly, trying to be seductive, he started to move his wrist while he moved so I added, “Keep your wrist there though.” He kept it there and then we both met in the middle. I kissed him softly and even let him start to hold me but then I pulled away. “Now if you just let him continue and don’t cause any problems there might be another surprise in the end.” I told him hoping that his mind did not exaggerate the kiss for Simeon. It would be hard enough to explain without my guilt getting to play a card on my side and then if he added and exaggerated story I would never get out of it. He stayed still now and let Reuben drink though so it had done the job. I saw him getting weak though and knew Reuben had to quit soon or he would die. Finally, Reuben’s eyes opened and when he saw me, he pulled away and cut his wrist.

I don’t want anything from you!!” Phil yelled when I moved away, “I want more of the girl, she promised.”

No I said you might get a surprise if you stood there and just let him drink. You got a few surprises: No pain, you survived that’s a shock and the more you talk a disappointment to me, and an added bonus he offered you some of his blood to help you heal so you choose quickly. If you don’t want it get out.” I ordered. He started to move towards me. “If you touch me, one word and he will gladly drain the rest of your blood or if I’m feeling compassionate there’s more downstairs that will just break your neck.” I warned acidly as memories came back Reuben’s arms immediately wrapped around me knowing exactly what was causing all the anger.

I want you to make good on your deal.” Phil continued, “Whether I collect now or later.”

Simeon, don’t let him leave.” Reuben said calmly and Simeon appeared at the door blocking Phil’s escape. “Are you going to be okay for a second Aimee?” he asked me and I nodded staring at the next person that would come after me. He let go of me and moved over to Phil, “Here’s the deal…” I heard the compulsion in his voice, “You will forget about everything that happened since you met Simeon and you will leave quickly before I decide to kill you.” Reuben let it drop and Phil disappeared from the room. “You better get Aimee she’s falling apart.” Reuben told Simeon and we both stared at him, “Well if you don’t want to I guess I could continue since that is when the best friend gets too.”

No.” Simeon shook his head moving over to me and wrapping his arms tightly around me. “It’s going to be okay.” he whispered to me but I knew he was unsure of it himself. He did not know how long Reuben’s compulsion would last and he was not sure if he wanted to wait that long.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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