Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Nineteen

Let’s just go home please.” I begged and he nodded picking me up.

Thank you Reuben.” he said tightly but it was a start. He carried me down the stairs and to the car. It was pitch black all the way home and when we got there, Decima was waiting.

Aimee I need to talk to you!!” She begged and I nodded looking at Simeon.

I’ll be waiting in the room.” he promised kissing me softly but I held on tighter feeling the pain clearer than ever but I knew what it was and it was okay now that I knew I was sharing it with him. At least I thought it was but then it got to be too much for me and with a moan, I pulled away. “What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly but then his phone rang. “What’s he want?”

Reuben did not call you!” I yelled, “Give me the phone.” I held my hand out but he just answered it.

Hello Peter.” he said eyeing me weirdly but I knew he was lying. I stalked off into the house following Decima. I knew I would be in trouble when I got to the room instead of relaxing with Simeon.

You have to help me Aimee I don’t know what’s going on…” she begged, “I’m feeling this burning and it’s so bad I can’t even kiss Jordan anymore.”

How many times have you guys shared blood?”

Once last night.”

How can you be this far…?”

She’s your twin.” Jordan said at the door. “You should have told me what was wrong, Decy, I would have explained… I would have told Simeon which I know Aimee hasn’t.”

What do you mean?” We asked together.

Simeon and Aimee have a bond from the blood they’ve shared and she knows it. She does not know that because you two are twins the first time I took yours our bond grew to be exactly just as strong. It will always be that way between you two the bond between female twins is a lot more powerful when things with vampires are concerned just like females are always more powerful than the male.”

Aimee we need to talk.” Simeon said tightly when he walked in.

Jordan you don’t have to tell Simeon… Reuben’s already taken care of that.” I whispered walking over to him. He did not say anything just led me out of the room and to ours.

Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

Because it’d just be another thing stacked against me.”

Juliet, how could you worry about that you’re in pain.”

Not anymore than you are everyday with me.”

That doesn’t matter Juliet.” he sighed and I knew he was not going to fight me.

I’m sorry.” I whispered, “I know I should’ve told you I just…”

I know Juliet I understand.” he promised and kissed me softly the kiss went deeper though and I felt his pain rise as he fought his fangs.

Please Simeon…” I begged painfully.

Juliet, it could make this worse especially with us already having done it once tonight.” he shook his head pulling away.

Please Simeon I’ll deal with that tomorrow if it comes… just for now take away the pain… take it from both of us.” I begged him and he held me tighter. He kissed me again, at my begging and then took his lips to my neck and started to drink. I sighed in the relief that it caused. He held me tighter when he cut himself and I started to drink and then he just held me. “Thank you.” I whispered in relief tiredly I had never had so much vampire blood in me.

Now sleep my love.” he whispered back kissing me softly. I held him tighter and closed my eyes.

Simeon I really wish you wouldn’t talk like that in the morning.” I said when I woke up to him talking about mine and Reuben’s relationship.

Juliet…” he sighed painfully.

What? I don’t like the fact that you worry about our friendship.”

I didn’t say anything Juliet.” he whispered, “Our bond was even more progressed than anybody thought. It’s complete.”

So I can read your thoughts now?”

We can send each other thoughts.”

You don’t get my every thought?”


Then why did I get your thoughts when I woke up?” I asked trying to hide how happy I was that he did not get my thoughts.

They were so focused on you that I sent them. I didn’t even worry about it you shouldn’t be this far.”

We should probably warn Jordan and Decy.”

Yes.” he nodded getting up. “I’ll go tell Jordan that it’s been done.”

You say it like it’s a bad thing.” I accused.

I’m sorry it actually might end up being better than before you won’t be picking up on feelings.”

Go talk to Jordan and then I want to discuss something with you.” I nodded. He left with a confused look. I got dressed going ahead and putting on my clothes for practice before the game tonight. Then when Simeon still was not there, I got my things for the game ready in my bag.

Did you get everything ready?” Simeon asked when he walked in and saw me sticking the bag on the dresser.

Yeah what took you so long?”

Jordan and I were discussing whether or not the best thing would be to finish off his and Decima’s bond too.”

What did you decide?”

That they’d discuss it later when they could be alone.”

See they can discuss things rationally.”

What is it that you want to discuss?” he asked wrapping me in a hug.

I want you to think about changing me.”

Juliet, you know that I don’t want you to change.” He sighed and his arms disappeared.

I’m marrying you I don’t want to grow old while you aren’t. I want you to marry me and change me. I want you to want me forever.”

I do want you forever.”

You have it in your hands to keep me that long, Simeon. All you have to do is change me.” I begged.

I don’t think I can Juliet.”

Aimee, we have to leave we’re going to be late!!” Hope yelled up.

I’m coming!” I yelled back down and then turned to Simeon, “Please just think about it while I’m at practice.”

I always think about you, Juliet, and I promise that if you want me to think about it I will but I can’t promise that my answer will change.”

I love you.” I promised knowing I had to leave.

I love you too.” he whispered kissing me, “Have fun at practice.” I walked out of his arms and down the stairs. Practice was long and hard like usual but then Simeon was waiting for me.

Hi.” I smiled happily hugging him.

Hello.” he smiled back kissing me, “Did you have a good practice?”

It was okay.” I shrugged walking back to the team holding his hand.

We’re all going out to eat if you want to join us.” Cassidy said.

Okay?” I said after looking up at Simeon. We never went to the team dinners it was a chance for alone time and everybody knew it. So everybody stared at us for a second and then talked excitedly to me and I wished they would just let me have some time with Simeon so I could figure out what was going on.

I’ll ride with Cassidy so you and Simeon can talk.” Hope nodded catching my look.

Thank you.” I mouthed and everybody got into their cars. “Why are we going to this thing?” I asked Simeon.

I thought you might want to spend time with your friends?”

Try again Simeon I spent over eight hours a day with them at tryouts until a week ago, and now I spend over three hours practicing and we have a game tonight with them.”

I want to get to know them?”

You know what never mind!” I snapped tired of his dodging because it was not teasing it was an ‘I don’t want to tell you’, “Just don’t tell me I don’t want to know anymore!” I grabbed my cell phone and called the person I always talked to when he made me mad or hurt me.

Do you really have to call Reuben?!” he yelled, “I’m sick of you always going straight to him the second we get in any type of disagreement!!!!!!!” he continued, “Oh Reuben Simeon’s making me go out with my friends.” he mocked me and I gasped flinching but put the cell phone down. I was not done yelling at him now.

I can’t believe you just did that!!!!!!!!!” I screamed as I parked at the restaurant and all of my friends looked over at the car hearing my screaming. “I can’t believe you just mocked what I do when you hurt me!!!!!!!!!!!!” the screaming was doing very little to help, “Maybe if it bothers you so much you should just take back your stupid engagement ring and think about whether you even want a girlfriend that goes and vents to your brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I finished screaming and took off my engagement ring throwing it at him. I got out and he started to follow. “No Simeon go HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” He turned and started to walk. “You can take the car I’m calling somebody that will pick both me and Hope up!!!!!” I yelled after him as the tears started but instead of dialing Reuben’s number, I dialed Decima’s unable to call him after this fight.

What’s wrong Aimee?” Decima asked.

Can you and Jordan pick me and Hope up?” I whispered knowing that I could not hide the breaks in my voice.

What happened, Aimee?” she could not hide the surprise in her voice and it hurt me to hear it she was feeling neglected too because of my friendship with Reuben.

I’m not sure…” I whispered, “I think I might have just broken off my engagement.” I managed but then the tears came harder and Hope and Cassidy came over to me and held me.

How far did you break that engagement?” Decima whispered and I heard the door slam so I knew Simeon had already made it home.

I threw the ring in his face.” I whispered.

Aims…” she sighed; “I’ll have Jordan get me there now.” she managed knowing she could not fix anything over the phone. I felt better knowing I had not damaged our relationship enough to where she would not help me. I really had to get my head on straight and figure out Reuben and me… but not tonight right now I just needed my sister and to figure out a way to survive long enough to figure out everything.

Hurry…” I begged as she hung up. Cassidy and Hope helped me get to the bathroom and stuck Jade outside to wait for Decima.

Aimee…” Decima sighed running in and wrapping her arms around me a few minutes later but it felt like a lifetime.

What did I do, Decy?” I asked, “All he did was tell me how bad it hurt him that I called Reuben during every fight.” I cried into her shoulder.

He mocked you.” Cassidy reminded me.

I don’t care I just want my fiancé back!!” I cried. “I promised him that I’d never let Reuben get in the middle of us…”

He’ll come back.” Decima promised, “You should have seen his face when he got home. All he could do was stare at that ring.”

You didn’t see him here though.” I whispered shaking my head.

You guys it’s time to get to the game.” Honey said poking her head in the door. I nodded getting up slowly and forcing the tears back.

Are you sure you want to go to the game and put on a fake smile and cheer?” Cassidy asked. Everybody looked at us knowing one word and I had tonight off.

I need to cheer tonight.” I whispered shaking my head.

Okay then let’s go.” She nodded. Decima and Jordan drove Hope and me to the game. I looked around trying to find him hoping he would show up but instead I saw Josephine running to me.

Aimee, you have to come with me now!!” she yelled grabbing me. I looked over at Cassandra and she nodded understanding the urgency.

Let’s go.” I nodded and she pulled me away from the crowd before pulling me onto her back and running to the car. She threw me in it and started to speed. “Where are we going?” I asked worriedly.

You have to stop Simeon.” She said, “He’s gone to find Reuben.”

No!!!” I screamed as she stopped in front of their house. I jumped out and ran right up to Reuben’s room. “Simeon!!” I yelled.

What did you decide to skip the game a call wasn’t enough?!” he yelled right back and I knew he had finally just lost all control over his insecurities over me and Reuben. I should have seen this coming but I had not paid enough attention to his feelings or even thoughts now that I could get them sometimes.

I didn’t call him Simeon.” I whispered as a tear fell.

Call me?” Reuben asked, “Why didn’t you call me you’re obviously hurt?” he looked at me angrily. “You told me that the best friend got to step in when the fiancé didn’t want to comfort you.”

Not when the…” I trailed off when I caught sight of my bare left hand and felt more tears fall, “Not when…” I tried, “Not when Simeon…” I finally managed to get out and Reuben’s eyes immediately went to my left hand.

You’re not engaged?” He asked confused.

You don’t get to comfort me when Simeon doesn’t want me coming to you after every fight.” I shook my head ignoring his question but it did bring more tears and I knew I would not be able to talk anymore. He looked at me wondering whether he was allowed to comfort me now and when he started to move towards me I shook my head at him and turned to Josephine who had kept her hand on my back.

Come here.” She whispered opening her arms understanding by my eyes that I needed her. I realized I had neglected my friendship with her too. I walked into her arms quickly, though, and just let my tears fall into her shirt for once until Decima walked in.

Okay Josephine you give me Aims.” She ordered, “Simeon… Reuben you two need to get your heads on straight because if I ever have to spend my evening comforting a sister that looks like this because of the two of you I’ll kill both of you with my own hands. Neither of you are saying one word to her until after you figure it out either because I don’t care how much she’s willing to deal with to keep both of you she shouldn’t have to feel like this…” She gestured to me and nobody missed their simultaneous flinch as they realized what was coming, “…every time she’s with either of you. It’s not fair to her and if either of you loved her as much as you said you do then you’d fix it.” She started to pull me out of the room but I pulled back. “No Aimee you’re coming with me. You can talk to Simeon after he and Reuben solve their problems.”

I want to talk to him now.” I argued crying harder. “Please…” I begged.

No Aimee as soon as you talk to him you two will leave and everything between the two of them will continue like normal.” She shook her head and I felt the sadness leave.

I don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed, “I don’t care about their relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to fix my relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to beg for forgiveness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want things to go back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO TALK TO HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I finished screaming noticing that everybody had taken a few steps back.

Aim…” she started as Jordan stood beside her.

Decima now’s not the time talk to her later.” Josephine shook her head Jordan put his arms around Decima to force her if the need arose. She turned at his touch though and left.

Simeon…” I whispered questioningly and he looked at me sadly, “Will you please talk to me?”

Let’s go to our old room?” he asked softly and I nodded. We walked to it silently but when we were in there he turned to me and asked, “Why didn’t you call him?”

I could see in your face during our fight how much it was hurting you that I always went to him. Afterwards no matter how far I’d taken the fight I couldn’t call him so I called Decy and she came to the restaurant to talk me down some.”

Why did you come here instead of the game?”

Josephine came and told me it was an emergency and Cassidy had already given me permission to skip the game if I needed too.”

I’m so sorry for making such a big deal out of everything in our fight. I overreacted and hurt you. For that I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry Simeon… You’ve been telling me since Reuben showed up that you didn’t even want me to talk to him and then I went and became best friends with him after our history and started going to him during all of our fights. I was wrong.” I whispered and his arms wrapped around me. I sighed relaxing some with his arms around me and then he pulled my face up to look at his.

Juliet, will you wear your engagement ring again?” he asked.

Please…” I begged and he smiled as he put it back where it belonged and then brought my lips up to his. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held myself closer sighing as I relaxed entirely into him. He picked me up holding me closer and then after a few seconds, he pulled away with a smile.

Let’s go home, Juliet.”

Okay.” I smiled but just leaned farther into him.

We can’t leave unless we walk out of the room.”

You’re just going to have to carry me then.” I smiled, “Because I’m not moving an inch.” He picked me up cradling me to his chest smiling down at me as he walked down the stairs.

You two need to stay here for a little bit.” Rachel said.

No I need to get Aimee home.” Simeon shook his head, “She starts school tomorrow.”

We need to discuss a few things.” Theodore shook his head.

Our fights are about as much of your business as they are Reuben’s.” He warned acidly and I knew they’d been about to give him a lecture.

The fight’s over. Simeon and I dealt with it the way it should be. They are between me and Simeon and anyone we bring into them not anyone who wants to bring themselves into them.” I agreed and Simeon tightened his arms in thanks. He put me in the car a second later and started to drive towards the house.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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