Chapter Twenty-two

Chapter Twenty-two

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Twenty-two

That week Simeon first sent me off shopping with Josephine and Decima only he made it two different trips so that I’d be gone twice as long. Then he scheduled me activities with every other person in the family. I tried not to let it hurt and even though it did I made sure I didn’t let anybody know how much it hurt that Simeon was scheduling me activities so that I was away from him as much as possible all week. I wondered if I would even get my weekend with him if I was annoying him this bad the few minutes that I did get with him.

What’s wrong?” Decima asked her third day with me everybody else had taken shifts but at least my twin liked me enough to take days. Who was I lying to? Even on her days she was constantly getting calls that she had to leave me to take or going and having Lucy watch me so she could leave for a few minutes which turned into a few hours.

I don’t need sitters. If Simeon doesn’t want to spend the week together and you want to go do something and everybody else is busy this week…. I have friends outside the family. It might be spring break but I’m sure somebody didn’t go someplace or even if they all did I can entertain myself.” I promised.

You’re not being baby-sat. I want to spend time with you and I’m sure Simeon does too he’s probably just busy.”

Give me the phone then.” I sighed.


Give me your phone.” I said.

What do you mean?”

I know Simeon’s ringtone on your phone I chose it because it was my favorite song. He’s calling you every twenty minutes and he won’t even answer when I call or even when I just text him and ask him to call me when he’s not busy.” I felt a tear fall, “So why don’t you just give me your phone so I can text him maybe he’s blocked my number? I could tell him I’m dead and he would come see me or at least send somebody to make sure it’s not true.”

Aimee…” she trailed off when her phone rang his ring tone.

Yeah go take a couple minutes.” I nodded, “I’m fine.” I knew I was overreacting. Simeon had me spoiled to where I couldn’t even last a week without attention but I was sure I could if he hadn’t been calling my sister every twenty minutes.

Okay I’m back.” She smiled at me when she came back in an hour later but I just stared at her. “Come on let’s watch a movie.”

Don’t want to.”

Aims I’m not stealing your fiancé.”

I know.”

Then why won’t you talk to me?”

I’m sorry I’m just spoiled.”

You’re not spoiled.”

I must be. If it’s so wrong to want a little attention from my fiancé then I must be spoiled.” I showed her my phone, “I finally got a text back from Simeon’s phone. Simeon left his phone at the house and Reuben has no idea where he is. So now I not only get ignored by him I have no way to get in contact with him.”

Do you want me to go try to get hold of him?”

You’re not going to tell me what he’s up to are you?”

No I’m not but I’m willing to try to get hold of him and yell at him for ignoring you.”

No just leave it be.” I shook my head.

Okay.” She sighed.

This will be over by tomorrow right?”

Saturday afternoon.” She promised.

If it runs late I’m killing him.” I swore. It was already Thursday.

Finally it was Saturday morning and instead of even getting to wake up to Simeon I woke up to a note.

Don’t be mad. Just get dressed in the nicest dress in your closet. Decima, Lucy, and Josephine should be over soon to help you. I promise I’ll be back before lunch. Be ready when I get back.

Love, Simeon

He better have a good excuse.” I snarled he had promised me last night he’d finished early and we’d have all day together.

Simeon made us promise to give you breakfast in bed. He said he wasn’t sure if you’d still be willing to spend the afternoon with him after him leaving you this morning. It was important though.” Josephine promised as her, Lucy, and Decima walked in with breakfast.

What’s so important?” I asked.

We’re not allowed to say but I am allowed to make a second promise that he will be back by lunch.” Decima smiled sitting beside me, “Which goes with my first promise that it will all be done by this afternoon.”

Okay so you never lied to me it’s just my fiancé in the wrong.” I sighed putting my head on her shoulder and pushing the food away.

I know you miss him.” She promised getting my unsaid message.

So much,” I whispered getting up, “Well come on he said to be ready before he gets back; the sooner I’m ready the sooner he’ll be back.”

I don’t know if it will work that way this time.” Lucy whispered and I realized that even if I’d forbidden Decima from telling Simeon about my depression all week she’d told these two so that they could talk her out of going behind my back and telling him.

I’ll be back.” Josephine shook her head after a few minutes and I saw wordless communication go through all of their mouths. I didn’t understand it though.

Come on Aims get in the shower.” Decima ordered after we watched her leave.

Juliet?” I heard his voice as he opened the bathroom door. I forgot about worrying over rinsing out the rest of the conditioner and just grabbed the towel on the shower door and wrapped it around me and ran out to hug him. “I was just letting you know I was here I didn’t mean you had to get out yet.”

Oh well it was time anyway.” I smiled glad I was still dripping with water so the tears that were falling could be called water. I knew by his sad eyes though he saw the difference.

I’m sorry.” He whispered.

It’s okay.” I promised, “You’re here now.” I smiled widely and stood up on my tiptoes glad his hand had replaced mine at making sure towel didn’t fall. I felt his hand move though and smiled as our closeness just held it there until the coughs made him pull away and hold me in a hug.

I love you.” He whispered.

I love you too.” I smiled feeling on cloud nine he hadn’t kissed me even close to like that all week.

Okay Simeon you have to leave.” Josephine said.

No he doesn’t.” I said quickly feeling a fear I wasn’t used to having come.

You’ve got to get...” She started to argue.

Come on Aims we’ll take the dress to the bathroom and put it on.” Decima cut her off. I nodded and kissed Simeon softly once more before heading into the bathroom.

What?” I laughed when Simeon came barging into the bathroom right after I was dressed.

I wanted to be close to you.” He smiled.

Then come here.” I whispered all of my last hurt and anger all disappearing with his one sentence. I held out my hand for him to take and he immediately took it but pulled me over to him.

I love you, Juliet.” He promised before kissing me again. Then he moved us so that I could do my make-up.

You don’t ever hold me while I do my make-up.” I laughed.

Do you want me to go over and sit on the bed?” he asked not even loosening his arms to make it obvious it really wasn’t an option.

Where’d Decy go?” I asked.

Are you not going to answer my question?”

Your question doesn’t even deserve an answer.” I sighed leaning back into his hold. “Are you not going to answer mine?”

Not unless you answer mine.” He teased.

I don’t know why I have to answer yours when you are making me get all dressed up for a stupid surprise.” I sighed.

It’s all part of making this weekend perfect.” He whispered in my ear and then ran his finger down my face. I turned my face towards his and tried to kiss him. When he wouldn’t let me I knew what he was going to force even with his finger still running gently up and down my cheek.

You’re not fair.” I whispered.

Just answer my question.” He said pulling his face back again as I tried to kiss him again.

Yes I want you to hold me while I do my make up.” I whispered breathless now from his closeness and his touch. This time though it was him that put his lips on mine and as I felt the kiss grow into something more I moved away from him. At his surprised look I held out my hand and he took it getting up like I wanted.

I led him to the bed climbing up on it before I kissed him again. “Why the bed?” he whispered.

It makes this a little easier I heard.” I whispered breathlessly as my hands started to take off his shirt.

Not until the hotel.” He shook his head.

You said today.” I frowned pulling away but he pulled me in closer than I was even before and kissed me softly.

I promise we will today. Just let me give you everything first.” He whispered. Even though I was confused by what he meant I got back up out of the bed and moved across the room. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

I’m going to do my make-up so I can get to a hotel.” I smiled at him as I grabbed my foundation and he moved quickly over to me holding me close and letting his thoughts of tonight come over to me, “Why are these all of tonight?” I sent him.

We have your surprise after lunch.” He said his thought ending quickly. I frowned but finished my makeup. I wasn’t happy that this surprise was apparently going to take my whole afternoon. He kissed my neck softly moving up and down and I had to fight to stay unhappy and then suddenly I just gave up and put down my mascara turning in his arms.

I love you.” I whispered before I kissed him he kissed me back victoriously and then held me closer.

Are you ready to leave?” he asked excitedly.

Let me put on my shoes.” I smiled starting to head for the closet.

Nope,” He shook his head. “Decima told me that these would be the perfect ones for the dress you’d choose for tonight.” He smiled handing me a gift bag. When I opened it there were not only shoes in it but jewelry.

They’re gorgeous…” I sighed after looking at them and I got up.

Aren’t you going to put them on?” he asked.

In a second,” I promised wrapping my arms around him, “First I have to thank a very handsome, sweet fiancé that I am so very lucky…” his lips interrupted me and the kiss just progressed until he was pushing the gifts away and pushing me down onto the bed. When he started to take off my dress though I reminded myself of how hard he’d worked to make sure this weekend was perfect so we could do this at a hotel so I pulled my lips away from his and forced myself to whisper, “What about the hotel?”

You’re right.” He nodded pulling away with a smile. “Now I know why they don’t normally let…” He mumbled where I could only hear part of it.

What?” I asked

Nothing,” He shook his head, “Let’s get to your surprise.” He smiled widely like it was the best thing he could have ever hoped for. I moved in closer to him and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

So can I at least know where my surprise is?” I asked after he’d been driving for an hour.

Sure you can.” He smiled at me kissing my hand.

Are you going to tell me?” I asked a couple seconds later.

When we get there,” He nodded.

Will you tell me the name of the hotel then?”


Fine then,” I huffed and then took a deep breath, “Simeon?” I whispered and he looked over at my hesitation.

Yeah? Do you not want to do this now?”

Of course I want to do this.” I said quickly smiling.

Then what’s wrong?” he whispered reaching over and cradling my face.

What have you been doing all week?”

Getting your surprise ready,” He whispered looking at me with mixed emotions. It was plain to see that the surprise had him excited but the glimpse at all the pain him leaving me had given me he was getting now made it where he also had sadness in his eyes. He pulled into a parking lot at a hotel then and I smiled eagerly. “I’m going to take you to your surprise…” he whispered but there was no excitement in his voice about it anymore, “And you can tell me whether you want to stay for it or not. If you choose not you can run the rest of the weekend…” he nodded.

Simeon…” I started.

Juliet…” he smiled kissing me, “It is okay I just want you to know before I take you in there that there’s no pressure on you to stay.”

I love you. You know that right?” I sent when he was outside the car.

I know.” He nodded taking my hand outside the car.

We walked inside and then into a ballroom and I saw an aisle that my eyes followed down to a preacher and an arch and piano. Then Decima and Josephine and Lucy were standing up with Reuben and Jordan and Peter. Then my mind made the connection as I looked at all the flowers and decorations.

Romeo…” I whispered looking at him, “My surprise… it’s a wedding?”

Only if you want it,” I smiled thinking of all of his hints about how he wanted this weekend to be perfect and how I’d told him I’d wanted to wait until after I was married.

I want.” I whispered feeling tears fall. He pulled me into his arms not understanding but then Decima showed up behind me and I felt her touch too and I knew she understood my mixed feelings. I got under control in a couple seconds and kissed Simeon eagerly letting him know it was nothing he’d done. He pulled me outside though wanting to know why I’d been crying.

What’s wrong? What’s missing?”

The bride’s parents.” Reuben told him, “Sorry you two I didn’t want to interrupt another private conversation but I knew this was one she’d refuse to tell you.” Simeon’s arms were as tight around me as they could go and he wasn’t even the least bit mad at Reuben.

Thanks Reuben.” He nodded and then he added something as Reuben walked off that I never thought I’d hear him say, “Ruby?” he asked and I giggled some at the nickname.

Yeah Sim?” I giggled more knowing those were nicknames from their human twin days because those weren’t something they’d come up with at nineteen.

I wanted to know if you’d be my best man?”

Really?!” Reuben and I both asked together.

It’s where you belong.” He nodded.

Thanks.” Reuben smiled and I watched them hug wondering if they’d even realized that I’d managed to get out of Simeon’s arms during the conversation hoping they’d hug.

Okay you got your wish we hugged now come back to my arms.” Simeon and Reuben said together Reuben switching the ‘my’ for ‘Simeon’s’.

Can I go get married to you instead?” I asked looking at Simeon with a teasing smile.

Only after you kiss me.”

I don’t know if you’ll ever be married to me then.” I smiled dodging his arms and laughing. When I dodged again though Reuben’s arms got me and he passed me to Simeon. “I don’t think I like you two liking each other anymore.” I frowned.

You’re the one that made it happen.” Reuben laughed.

Hummm…” was all Simeon said before putting his lips on mine for a long slow kiss. Then he lead me into the ballroom and the three of us one attached to each of my arms walked down the aisle together.

Can we please just skip the rest of the reception?” I begged Simeon through thoughts yet again it was bordering on midnight and nobody was leaving.

They all made me promise that in exchange for their help in keeping this a secret from you and for making it perfect I’d keep you here until the last person left.” He sent back just as painfully he wanted to leave just as bad as I did and I knew it.

So I just stood up and he looked at me curiously as I walked to the stage. “Okay you guys…” I started and he laughed smiling at me.

What do you want Aims?” Decima asked as the music stopped and Jordan pulled away from his tight hold on her.

You guys to leave.” I said simply and they all just laughed and Reuben cued the band to start back up. “No I’m serious the reception is over leave now…” when it still only got laughs I added, “Please…”

Nope you are stuck here until we decide we want you to leave.” Reuben smiled grabbing me and pulling me off the stage. “Now dance with me.” He ordered. I looked over desperately at Simeon as his thoughts started to flow over to mine and by his face I knew he’d meant for them too.

Save me…” I sent, “If you won’t get us out of here at least come dance with me.” I begged.

May I cut in?” he asked Reuben taking my hands. I didn’t let him have them though instead I wrapped them around his neck. “I thought you wanted to dance?” he asked me softly in my ear.

I was thinking of a slightly different type of dance.” I smiled and took my lips to his kissing him eagerly. He pulled away quickly though.

We’re leaving.” He told me and I smiled a little wider.

They’re all still here.”

I don’t see them.” He shrugged. “The only person I see is you.” He kept me tightly in his arms as we walked out of the reception to the arguments and discourse of our family and into the elevator.

I love you.” I whispered as he stared at me the next morning.

Do you?” he asked pushing me over onto my back as he rolled over on top of me.

Yes.” I laughed and then my tone changed, “Would you like for me to show you just how much?” I whispered pushing him so I was on top of him.

I would love for you to.” He promised as my lips moved from his neck to his chest.

Ignore it.” I begged that afternoon when his phone rang.

Juliet…” he sighed holding me closer.

I don’t want you disappearing.”

Can I just turn off the phone then?” he asked hiding the pain that my sentence had caused him skillfully.

I’m sorry… go answer it.” I whispered.

No.” He shook his head and smiled, “I have another surprise for you.”

What’s that?”

Well I kind of went ahead and got this room for the rest of the week.”

The week?” I asked smiling up at him.


You have something else you want to tell me but then you really don’t want to tell me.” I accused.

There’s something I’d like to discuss.”


I’ve been thinking more about what you asked me to think about.”

You mean about me changing?” I whispered not really believing it.

Yes.” He nodded.


I want to change you.” He whispered closing his eyes.

No you don’t.” I sighed.

Yes Juliet I do. I just know it’s selfish of me to want it.”

How can it be selfish if I’ve been asking for it for all this time?” I whispered.

Juliet, do you want to change?” he asked and I knew he couldn’t explain the reasoning he just thought it was.

Yes I want to change.” I smiled snuggling closer to him as his phone rang again. “I’ll be back.” I sighed.

Do you want me to go take care of the phone?” he asked.

No I’ll get it you relax.” I smiled kissing him and then I walked into the kitchen and answered his phone.

Simeon!!” Lucy’s voice came over the line and I could tell she was bawling, “You and Aimee have to come home now!! It’s Decima she’s dying…”

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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