Chapter Twenty-four

Chapter Twenty-four

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Twenty-four

Relax Juliet…” Simeon whispered picking me up and turning me to the window, “When she figured out how long it’d been she told me to just bring you outside. She refused to sit in the bed any longer. So she took a walk with Jordan and they’ve been outside ever since.”

When did she wake up?” I asked smiling widely not believing it.

Around midnight… I was about to wake you up.” He assured me quickly seeing the scolding he had coming and just picking me up again and running me to Decima. “Save me from a yelling.” He begged her.

You shouldn’t yell at your husband.” Decima smiled at me but then she hugged me.


We’re not sure.” Jordan admitted, “She’s a vampire now though.” He smiled at her and kissed her.

Yes and now I think we should each spend the day with our loves and meet for dinner?” she asked, “I still get hungry.” She complained, “Anyway you still haven’t even gotten a real honeymoon. Sorry about that.”

That’s okay Simeon can make it up to me.” I smiled hugging her, “Meet up at six?”

Five.” She smiled, “And I’m cooking.”

I’ll order the pizza.” I laughed.

So we’ll make Reuben cook?”

Sure.” I smiled and Simeon pulled me into his arms before leading me away from them.

So I’m making up a honeymoon?” Simeon whispered in his room.

Yes.” I smiled kissing him, “Until then though…” I trailed off kissing him again suddenly realizing just how long it’d been since we’d been alone.

I’ve missed you, Juliet.”

Me too…” I promised preoccupied with the feel of his hands on my body again. I found myself staring at him later.

We better get up it’s time to meet Decima.”

I’m not done and it’s not time.” I shook my head pushing him back down and smiling.

This is creepy though Juliet.”

It’s romantic Romeo.” I smiled.

Nope,” He shook his head, “I would know wasn’t I the one alive during the age of romance?”

Yes but this one time you are wrong I’ll ask Decy.” I smiled getting up and getting dressed. He pulled me back down though and kissed me.

I changed my mind.” He explained, “It’s not time to meet your sister.”

Is it romantic to gaze at each other?”

No that it still isn’t.” he smiled but kissed me again persuading me to let it be an agreeable disagreement.

I guess I could wait to ask Decy to solve this one…” I sighed after a couple more kisses.

I’m glad.” He smiled rolling over me and kissing me again.

So Decy…” I smiled when we were sitting at the table.


Do you think it would be creepy if Jordan were to gaze at you?”

You did not tell her that was creepy?” Reuben laughed from where he was sitting remembering when we’d gone camping and I’d gazed at him.

You gazed at Ruby?” Simeon laughed, “Now it’s even creepier.”

He didn’t think it was creepy.”

No, I did, I just knew better than to argue with you.” Reuben laughed.

See I told you creepy.” Simeon nodded.

Thanks a lot.” I threw a breadstick at Reuben.

I think it’d be romantic and it was me she was asking.” Decima commented.

Thank you.” I smiled.

I agree creepy.” Jordan sided with the boys.

So creepy to boys and romantic to girls just like most things.” A soft voice I never thought I’d hear again said.

Mom?!” Decima and I both yelled.

My girls,” She smiled, “I’m assuming you are both vampires now.” She nodded.

Only Decy…” I whispered confused.

You should change soon then.” She nodded, “I’m a little confused at how you found the different set of vampires though.”

That’s how you changed!” Jordan exclaimed turning to Decima, “You two are different vampires. We should’ve guessed with your parents disappearing so early in your life and then you not accepting my blood and then changing anyway…”

You two fell in love with vampires.” Dad’s voice came.

Daddy…” we sighed too confused to show our true emotions. Simeon pulled me into his lap and I curled up into chest.

Will you please explain this?” Mom asked gesturing to me.

Aims is married.” Decima said simply.

Will you please explain this?” I used her words too far gone to find my own and gesturing to them.

We’re vampires. You were born vampires. You will change shortly.”

Wait does that mean I’ll die like Decy did?” I shivered suddenly scared I’d seen how much pain she was in.

It’ll be okay Aims. The pain ends soon.” Decima assured me, “Maybe you two can explain how I share Aims’ feelings now?” I blushed realizing everything she would’ve shared with me this afternoon.

You could have told me before.” I told her.

We’ll learn to block those trust me.” She stuck a finger down her throat and I laughed.

You two are twins and you’re vampire. When she changes she’ll get your feelings.” Dad told her.

Wait!” I exclaimed tensing, “Does that mean that when I change she’ll get my feelings and feel it all?”

Unless we keep her far enough away.” Mom nodded.

At first sign I want you to get her away from me.” I told Reuben knowing I wouldn’t be able to get Simeon to leave me.

No Aims I’m staying with you. You stayed with me.”

I didn’t have to live it.” I shook my head, “You won’t be there. Whether I have to make you leave myself or not… I will refuse to rest one bit until you are gone.” I now knew that Simeon would even make sure she was gone for me.

Can we not worry about this until it comes?” Simeon asked.

I agree let’s finish dinner.” Reuben nodded and I realized they were both hurting just thinking about watching me in that bed.

I love you.” I whispered to Simeon.

I love you too.” He promised kissing me softly.

Oh hey Mom… Dad?” I asked knowing that no matter how I felt I had to introduce them, “This is Simeon, my husband.”

Hello Simeon I’m Lizy and this is Samuel.” Mom smiled.

Then these are Reuben, Peter, and Lucy… Simeon’s siblings.” I nodded

Hello.” Mom and Dad nodded.

Then Jordan, Decy’s boyfriend, and Theodore and Rachel, the parents.” I finished.

It’s nice to meet all of you.” Dad smiled.

Join us?” Rachel asked.

Yeah I was just leaving.” I nodded getting up. Simeon followed me but I knew he wanted to talk.

Juliet…” he sighed when we were in the room.

No I could deal when I thought they’d died but now they just left us.” I shook my head. “They had no right to come back into my life when I was just starting to get the hang of it.”

Juliet…” he sighed again but this time I knew there was no lecture behind it I’d let him see how much pain their sudden appearance had had and he just wanted to comfort me especially when it was supposed to be my first pain free day in... well a long time at least.

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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