An Attack

An Attack

A Chapter by Mary Greenwell

Chapter Seven and The End


An Attack

“Bathroom…” I managed to get out to Damon knowing he shouldn’t have had me take the pill before the attack was over. Damon picked me up though and got me to a trash can before I started to vomit and he just held my hair out of the way. “I’m sorry.” I whispered when he’d gotten me in bed and had me relaxing. It didn’t look like the pain in my chest was going to go away this time but it had faded some.

“No I’m sorry I was going to tell you tonight that this was just going to keep getting worse unless Baldwin had caught it early enough.” He whispered wrapping me in a hug and I realized what he was telling me.

“I’m not dying this life Damon. We both know that with me remembering every life my soul is telling us that it’s too tired to keep doing this.”

“Cleo…” He begged hearing what I wanted in my voice.

“You can’t just let me die knowing that this time I won’t come back. You have to change me Damon. You have to change me or I’ll find somebody that will.”

“Please don’t do this to me Cleo I can’t deal with it right now.”

“I can’t deal with dying at 18 every life either but I do.” I shot right back at him, “I can’t deal with liars but I got over the fact that you lied to me… I’m sorry Damon.” I said quickly when I realized what I’d said.

“It’s okay we’ve been through a lot together. It’s always hardest the day I have to tell you how you’re going to…” he trailed off unable to say it.

“I’m not going to this life.” I warned.

“Just let me think about it while you get some sleep.” He begged.

“No because you’re going to say no if I let you think about it.”

“Princess please I’m begging you.”

“I need you to tell me that you won’t let me die. You won’t make me leave you.”

“Go to sleep and I’ll think about it. Either way I’m going to have to think about it.”

“You promise you won’t let yourself just say no.” I begged.

“I promise. I’m going to go talk to your dad.”

“This doesn’t have anything to do with him.”

“If I change you you’ll need a ring. Your dad will need to be the one to get the stone and put it in the band for you. He’ll be the only one here that won’t be busy getting everything ready if I decide to change you.”

“You’re going to change me.” I yawned smiling.

“Maybe.” He whispered.

“I know you will.” I nodded curling into him and closing my eyes. I woke up and just looked over at the door watching his sillouette in the other room. He was pacing and so I knew he hadn’t come to a complete decision yet.

“She’s up.” Edlyn said coming in but by her relieved smile I had to rethink my conclusion.

“Cleo…” Damon sighed running in and holding my hand while running his finger down my face.

“You’ll have to change her before she starts trying to move.” Dad’s voice came from the door and I smiled widely.

“You’re changing me.” I smiled but I was out of breath by the small motion already.

“You’re really sick, Cleo.” Damon whispered like he hadn’t heard me.

“She’s trying to talk to you.” Dad told him and I frowned realizing that nobody had heard me.

“Like he said you are really sick, Cleo.” Edlyn told me and Damon ran a finger across my cheek.

“Quit trying to move around.” Damon warned me and I just let myself take comfort in his hand. “Will you guys leave so I can talk to Cleo?” They all left quickly and I sighed, “You have to let me know whether you are sure you want to cha…” I rolled my eyes, “I’m serious… please Cleo… I can’t undo this if you decide you don’t want it later on.”

“I want…” I tried again and just nodded.

“You want this?” He asked again and I nodded again. “Then just push on me if I do something that you need stopped. You can’t let your heart get tired.” He looked at me again until I nodded and then he started making tears on my skin licking them each so that they would heal with the poison inside them. I got tired in the middle and just kept getting more tired as he made more cuts. “You can go back to sleep now.” He promised kissing my forehead, “I’ll be close when you wake up.” He slipped a ring on my finger and then wrapped me up in his arms making me relax.

“Damon…?” I moaned when I woke up.

“Hey…” He smiled moving over to me and running his fingers over my face.

“I love you.” I promised waking up completely with his touch.

“I love you too.” He promised. “And I'll love you forever.”

© 2013 Mary Greenwell

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Mary Greenwell
Mary Greenwell

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