The People I Once Loved

The People I Once Loved

A Poem by Mary Jo. Clare

This poem is about how people that you once held at the highest esteem, betray you in the split of the second. Please allow yourself to relate to this poem. Enjoy!

The people I once loved, now intentionally break my heart
They paint over my happiness with darkened colors, creating miserable art
I watch them smile at my misery, and frown at my joy,
Tarnishing our bond and creating a void
Their false faces disguised their ability to harm
Arousing admiration in my heart like a charm
The fault is mine for giving them the power
To make the quality of my contentment spoiled sour
Many nights I wished for their upmost validation
Instead of valuing my own self-affirmation
It is hard to part ways, but I know I must
To live a life with guarded trust 

© 2018 Mary Jo. Clare

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Mary Jo. Clare
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i really like this...the poem contains good earliest encounters with these people had much affect on me...i was defeated...had no self-esteem...but once i overcame that and believed in myself...couldn't touch me...those who left, i just said....bye bye...and went on with life as usual.
Yes we must trust ourselves.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Your words ring true and though it is unfortunate, we must be very careful who we trust and that includes family members. My old boss (from China) gave me some great advice. "Never tell people too much about your personal life. Don't give them ammunition to come back and shoot you."

Through the years I have found this advice to be invaluable.

Loved your poem. :-)

Posted 5 Years Ago

Mary Jo. Clare

5 Years Ago

Wow, though it is sad that we live in a world in which your advice is useful and is essentially a ne.. read more
Tamara Beryl Latham

5 Years Ago

No problem and you take care of yourself. Just keep writing to ease the pain and we'll keep reading.. read more
i guess it gets old being abused

Posted 5 Years Ago

Mary Jo. Clare

5 Years Ago

Very true, at some point you do get used to that terrible, terrible feeling.

5 Years Ago

yes,and we let it happen i guess

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Added on November 11, 2018
Last Updated on November 11, 2018
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Mary Jo. Clare
Mary Jo. Clare

Washington D.C, DC

I am someone who has turned to writing in the past years in order to express my real-life experiences and feelings. Please allow yourself to relate to my works! Leave comments, suggestions and .. more..