I Think I Miss Love

I Think I Miss Love

A Poem by Mary Jo. Clare

This poem is about how easy it is to take the feeling of love for granted, and how when it is gone from our lives, some of us might crave the experience of love all over again.

I miss the rush of love.

The feeling that instantly sends a burst of tingles throughout my lifeless body

The feeling that has the power to spark the wildest of imaginations in my sullen mind

I miss that special someone, who utilizes this complex emotion, to draw me close to them, like a moth to a burning flame

Creating the strongest of attractions, one that seems like it can never be overcome

I miss the excitement, the sad, the bliss, the awkward 

All the fluster that derives from that experience of love

Love, I think I miss you. 

© 2019 Mary Jo. Clare

Author's Note

Mary Jo. Clare
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Amen.. I miss it to ..alas to feel alive again.. very beautiful well written poem. enjoyed it.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Mary Jo... you have described the natural flow of love...
It can be a noun, or it can be a verb... together it creates a
waterfall of emotions to bathe in the beauty of sensation.
truly, Pat

Posted 4 Years Ago

"Love, I think I miss you."

This is one of the more powerful lines I've read about love in a while

This line... hits home. Thankfully, not for my current life. But before. I realized before my s.o. , that I had never actually been in love with anyone, yet I had loved very deeply. But... I was in Love with 'Love'. It's a hard thing to accept, especially when you have such a fairy tail outlook of what love should be. So, the concept of the piece I enjoy and relate to. But as someone previous has said, I feel as if there are certain points that were a little weak. I don't think it was due to lack of ... what's the word... depth. I believe it was more due to lack of words to express the depth. A feeling that words will just never do justice.

Posted 4 Years Ago

I think the intent in the piece is laudible but I could not fully connect as it had some weak concepts. For example 'The feeling that instantly sends a burst of tingles throughout my lifeless body' was more a description of emergency resuscitation than love!

Posted 4 Years Ago

I suspect most, if not all will be able to relate to most, if not all of this the first of your posts I have yet had the pleasure of visiting... .. a nicely poemed and slightly different little love poem.... Neville

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on March 25, 2019
Last Updated on March 25, 2019
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Mary Jo. Clare
Mary Jo. Clare

Washington D.C, DC

I am someone who has turned to writing in the past years in order to express my real-life experiences and feelings. Please allow yourself to relate to my works! Leave comments, suggestions and .. more..


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