Chapter 1. Dont Worry It Gets Worse.

Chapter 1. Dont Worry It Gets Worse.

A Chapter by Amy Wagner

not much happens in this chapter but don't worry it gets better by chapter 3.


                           CHAPTER 1

The thing about facing death is that its kind of scary to most humans but to me its almost an everyday thing. Yeah I know what your thinking but its true. If you read the prologue then you should know that we ran away from our parents and well now we live alone and me and Josh are like well the adults. Everyday I wake up I always have that feeling that something bad is going to happen and usually I’m right except this one particular day. Today Just like any other day I wake up after a terrible dream of total randomness, and I think wow today feels like a good day not thinking anything bad is going to happen. So I get up to a quite apartment room and looked around.
“huh, every ones still asleep?” I questioned myself.
Then I got up, put on my fluffy green slippers, and walked to the kitchen, I opened the fridge to find…nothing.
“big surprise” I thought to myself,
Then I herd the pitter patter of little feet on the cold morning floor.
“mor’in Angie” I said, with a cute little yawn she replied with “hey Ami”, then she walked over to the couch and plopped down not saying anything else. I’d think Josh and Eric would be up by now, so I went to check up on them so I slowly and lazily walk over to they’re room. I knocked on the door “I’m coming innnn” I said with a yawn, making me slur.
Then I opened the door to find the two bubble heads still sleeping I peeked over at the clock 11:30.
“do you guys know what time it is? How late did you stay up last night?”…nothing, so I walked over to josh who like a moron was wearing nothing but a T-shirt and boxers(I don’t think I‘ll mention the colors because well that might embarrass him), so I pulled off his covers to unleash the sleeping beast.
“Hey what’d you do that for?” Josh said tiresome
“Its time to wake up” I replied
“but its only”, he stopped to look over at the clock, “e-eleven thirty…” he said timidly
“Uh-huh…so get up, oh and wake up Eric I cant wake that boy up for anything” So I left the room and shut the door. I walked back in the kitchen to find Angie snooping throughout the fridge.
“Ami, there aint anythin’ to eat” she stopped, to look back at me, “are they up yet?”
“umm no not yet but they’re getting there, umm I guess we could go out for breakfast, lunch, brunch?”, I started to say while thinking of the time, “I think I have some money left over in the safe”
“Yay!” she said with a huge cheesier on her face which made me smile a little.
“morning guys” josh said as he walked out still in his yeah I’ll say it tie die shirt and tacky colored boxers.
“umm Josh” I started to say
“now what?” he replied
I coughed and looked down gesturing to his buff tan knees, he looked down and his eyes widened.
“oh crap!” he said running back to his room

© 2009 Amy Wagner

Author's Note

Amy Wagner
please tell me what you think =)

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Ha, very humorous :P I really like this chapter, it's not moving to fast, but fast enough for me to stay interested. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

i would like you to write chapters quickly... i really liked this one.. i think it's going to be much more exciting in next chapters...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on November 20, 2009


Amy Wagner
Amy Wagner

chimita, espanola, NM

hey im Amy, I have another one of these but becuz I'm dumb like that i forgot my username, and password. so yeah i'm going to post all my stories and poems on this new one hopefully i can remember it... more..

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