Blood Sucking Wench

Blood Sucking Wench

A Story by Maya Storm

A young relationship where one party tries to breath life into the other...


Knife held firmly in his left hand, Tobias slowly pulls down on Racquel's inner thigh.  He watches as the blood runs down her leg like a bead of sweat.  Tobias sticks out his tongue and licks the blood from the end to the origin of the wound he inflicted.  He repeats the process, on the right, left, right and then left again. 

"More" begs Racquel as if her life depended on losing blood.

Tobias stands up, drops the knife on the bed and says softly, "no, that's enough for today."

With tears running down her face Racquel lets out a whimper, "please, I need it." 

Tobias walks towards her with his hand stretched out, he wipes her tears and kisses her cheek bones, the right, then the left and to complete their ritual of all things three, he kisses her forehead.   He runs his fingers towards the back of her neck and up the back of her head and kisses her bottom lip.  She grabs him and starts to kiss him with an intensity that pull  the skin from his face, but he does not seem to mind, the pain causes brutal pleasure.  She sobs with a lack of control as she kisses him.

Racquel, a gorgeous twenty something, a beauty that's a throwback from the 1940s.  River long jet black hair, blue eyes a la grande, slender with curves in the areas of her chest and buttocks respectively.  Racquel is the type a man would bring home to the parents except that she had yet to meet anyone's parents. 

With her death grip released, Tobias escapes with minor injures.  

In pain and completely fed up he musters up the courage to say, "please don't take this the wrong way, but you are a blood sucking wench".  

Racquel is not at all surprise, she's heard this all too often, this is where the guy walks out and promises to call but doesn't.

Tobias continues, "I saw an info commercial, or a really long commercial on a pill that treats the symptoms of blood sucking wenching."

Racquel sits up with an elegant posture so foreign her spine cried out, "holy crackers".

Racquel showed genuine interested in change.

"I will try anything, Where do I get the pills?"

With great concern and a little bit of selfishness Tobias pull out a pack of pills.

"I ordered them in advance, I was going to put it in your food, but I thought that I should just tell you about it first."

Racquel smiled, "I appreciate your honesty Tobias."

Tobias replies, "I am always honest with you, I love you.  There there are side effects  with these pills."

He holds up a piece of paper, this as well from his pocket.

"Side effects  includes; blurred vision, increased fatigue, weight gain to 250lbs, suicidal tendency, saying I love you and meaning it, daytime drowsiness, increased urge commit murder, increased heart rate, sexual problems, nausea and vomiting, poping out 2.5 children, randomly telling people to wash their hands with rubbing alcohol and sweating through your eyelids."

They both sit in silence for precisely one minute and 17 seconds, Racquel breaks the silence.

"I prefer the cuts between my legs Tobias, do it once more"

Racquel picks up the knife and gestures for him to make a new incision. He stands up and turns his back to her.

"To think, that I was going let you meet my parents."

© 2011 Maya Storm

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An amusing, if strange, story. I enjoyed it.

You switched from past to present tense a few times.

Posted 7 Years Ago

""More" begs..." - Start of another paragraph.
"Tobias stands up..." - Start of another paragraph.
Paragraph 2, Line 1: "With tears running down her face, Racquel lets..." - comma

Generally a good story but like most stories, needs more editing. The technical aspect of writing lends a lot of credence to the overall beauty of the peace. Well done!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ah, this is a wonderful read, love the twist of the tale, more afraid of the side-affects then of losing love, I confess, I giggled when reading all those side-affects, popping out 2.5 children, brilliant!
Well penned Poet!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I agree with Star Wolf, many of those side effects are what people deal with today when they are prescribed anti-depressants. Perhaps you don't have to the feel the pain, but new pain is created. A wonderful, dark story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

God i love this story its just brilliant and just what needed to cheer me up lol....does that sound strange .. yep it does to me too but hey its worked thankyou :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very impressive story. I'd don't think I'd want those side effects. Most of them are side effects of so many of the meds that are used today. It seems Tobias would rather have Racquel destroyed by the meds than have her as she really is. I like your little story, it's rather like a slam against the pill industry too. Well worth reading.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Maya Storm
Maya Storm

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