the poems you'll never read

the poems you'll never read

A Poem by shoaib

I had a thought from a dream
But it was stolen from me
Before I could put it into words
It was already drifting out to sea

Gone from my memory
Perhaps - to a safer place where it ought to be

I wrote a poem you see
One not thought out to carefully
It was about my hopes.  My dreams
But it became more then it set out to be
It was the real me
Before  poems were written as
What others might want to read

It lacked any metaphorically subtlety
And settled like autumn leaves
But I let out to much of myself
Because people always tell me I ought to breathe
It spoke the truth about religion
But I knew that would be hard to believe
It uncovered family secrets
You know the kind no one really wants to see
It spoke of loves lost
And broken knees  
It didn't rhyme or felt it needed to
And I thought 'this is all its got to be'
The courage of conviction and the bravery of release
Penned out by hand and hidden from screens

It was poetry
The way I thought it was meant to be
Vulnerability and heartbeats
The truth as it was to me
Written in a way that was unique
Like a confession as if I were to speak
That was born of tears not technique

Then I wrote hundreds this way
And I tucked them away...

For fear of waking from that dream
And having it all taken from me
Most poems are forgotten like a memory
Of something that was never yours to keep

It was there where I left all of me
In the poems you'll never read...

please forget me

© 2011 shoaib

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Added on July 12, 2011
Last Updated on July 12, 2011



miami, FL

you can call me S. I'm a 26 year old artist from boston, now living in miami more..

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