A Poem by Nightfeather

The whispers of fate will slowly reveal the end of the world when the never-ending crescendo shall reach its current.

Since ancient times we tried to predict the origin of life,
Do you also seek this crystallized secret my child,
even if it is vaguely concealed in the layers of our finite world?
Infinite possibilities may arise from a single question, 
But if one bathes in the absence of ignorance, only one will remain.

One who can access the Astral Plane,
A young girl and a Planeswalker at that.
Leah for that is your name,
Shall proof the genesis of our universe,
And thus putt even the most renowned scientist to shame,
So one can no longer hide behind the possibility of a past-eternal universe.

For whatever begins to exist has a cause,
The universe began to exist,
Therefore, the universe was caused.

Before anything originated, only one thing was indicated.
For it was nothing and also everything, the infinite one,
Who knows no boundaries, limitless in every simple way,
For we gave it the name Ein-Sof, as it will forever stay.

A transcendental being whom nullifies the laws which bounds our current plane of existence,
Operating outside the boundaries of space and time, 
For it is timeless, ageless and restricted to none.

It initialized a sequence of coded instructions to the void,
A place where the very essence of time lingers, negating the past, present and future.
From the singularity derived a cryptic algorithm,
Generating: patterns, variables, equations of existence and the mechanics of life and decay,
And so it transmuted the emptiness in a way beyond comprehension,
Covering its traces of work with layers of artificial textures, now known as the universe.

Our universe may be fine-tuned for life, for our existence depends on hard-coded variables,
But a small change in this code of physics would result in a fatal error,
And eventually lead to a universe unable to evolve and support intelligent life,
That is why everyone must not seek to alter the astral system,
For it will only repeat the tragedy of the age of Altera.

The gears of transcendence are now in momentum,
May this knowledge light up our decaying world,
And ascend to the highest of skies!

ego sum via veritas et vita (I am the way, the truth and life)
ego sum lux mundi (I am the light of the world)

© 2016 Nightfeather

Author's Note

//Everything in bold is what Samael says and the rest is what Leah says in my book.

One of the main characters in my book is Leah. A young girl who can use Astral Projection: a magic practice which allows one to detach either ones soul and conscious mind from ones body and let it wander freely, either invisibly in the material plane or out in the Astral Plane. On her journey in the Astral Plane she uncovered the hidden truth behind the origin of the finite universe. The one who helped her uncover this truth was Samael, the antagonist of my story. In my world you can become a God if you find the code of God but Leah has uncovered that it will not only bring misfortune and death on the world of Aeon but it will also give birth to a total event collapse. For it not used wisely, it could destroy every single object in a universe and every other parallel universe effectively annihilating all of creation, even up to destroying every point in history effectively undoing creation. That's why she decided to help Samael and fight against the other two main characters in my book who seek the code of God.

For this poem I have decided to write this in 'free verse style' for that was the only way to bring the most out of it.

PS: I will release some more lore and traditional poems in the not so far future for I haven't posted any writing of mine in a long time. I am very sorry for that but I had to take care of some personal issues and I am very busy with my exam year but from now on I will post more frequently. For I have missed this awesome community. I am happy to be back :)

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Great write keep it up :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

Great poem!!
Keep it up!!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you. I am glad you liked it :)

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