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The memories of the past voyage swell within Theodoor, and finding no escape they resort to dissipating in his mind until they may re-emerge again, upon their own convenience. The curious yet warning eyes of the spaniel at his feet lightly press on him, accompanied with the innkeeper's circumspect glances, keeping him in this reality.

Seeking solitude to mull over his thoughts, yet physically too tired to move, irritation builds up with his lack of privacy. But with much effort and physical force, he stands himself up, mirrored by the innkeeper, who readily shows him to the room he never asked for.

Walking up the stairs, slowly as to not lose him,the innkeeper leads Theodoor down to the end of the hall, passed all the other rooms, right next to the other set of stairs.   “Forgive me, sir,” states the innkeeper, “this room usually isn't rented out due to its size, but it is the only one available for the rest of the week”. It was more like half a room, with a slanted ceiling, a  simple cot made up and a chest with half a candle crammed in. But being such a busy port and located across from docks, this was not the first time the innkeeper had experienced an overload of patrons seeking refuge for the night, or morning, and in complying to the demand she had come up with this extra space between the slanted roof and the room next to it.

Theodoor nodded his thanks, set his eyes on the bed in a daze of exhaust, and quickly released himself to the seclusion of slumber.

© 2015 meganwheeler

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Added on November 15, 2015
Last Updated on November 15, 2015