The gray witch lives...New version

The gray witch lives...New version

A Poem by Angelove

As she walked the lone river, thinking to herself. She twirled her long golden hair between her fragile fingers...A beautiful soul she was, yes very much but, a heart made out of evil. Her blood ran so cold that if you had touched her it would feel like winter. 

She wasn’t like any other human. She craved for the human soul. To stay young and”Pure”, never to let a single virgin live. She mostly ate little girls or boys but, today she was hungry and wanting to find her something to eat. 

  She had a plan spinning in her wicked head. Her fox grin grew bigger and bigger as she approached a little town. The witch knew that there were going to be someone out tonight...always teenagers acting big and tough, trolling around in small graveyards. Smoking cigarettes the had stolen from there mother or fathers...dressed in dark clothing so nobody would see them...

  She laughed at the thought of that... “Disgusting humans.” she spat out! “You are filthy..Nasty thing you are.” Snarling at another thought...She would have to come face to face with the, she had to if she wanted to live. 

 “What if i just let myself die, like i was suppose to long ago? I wouldn’t be so cold hearted, I’d enjoy the humans rather them eating them...NO NO NO! You stupid little thing you, humans where not meant for you. 

  Crunch! Crunch! The witch turned around and saw a flash of gold in the tree line...he most hated enemy came sneaking around... “Remare, i know its you...I give up running from you, I’m done living this horrible life, I’m sick and tired of killing someone almost everyday so i can stay ali--” Right then he can out of the woods, and dug the dagger right into her heart. She gasped, black blood trickling down her chin...

 After a moments pass, she mumbled thank you and the dagger slid from her cheat as she lay on the forest ground dead...

   Remare burned her body, and took the ash’s in a jar...He left with is goodbyes and went home. Remare morned at the loss of the witch, because it was his wife from long ago..She was possessed by a spirt of a black magick witch...she set the jar on his mantel and went to bed to dream of his once lover

© 2013 Angelove

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This was definitely an interesting little story.

A beautiful soul she was, yes very much but, a heart made out of evil.

This line what what caught me off guard. I imagined this beautiful person, and then it is revealed that she was full of evil and hatred.

I felt that the idea of the story was fantastic, but there were a few spelling and grammatical errors throughout that you may want to go back and look at. I would also be interested to see Remare stalking her throughout the story, perhaps switching back and forth between her thoughts and his. That could just be me though. Either way it was an engaging read.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you!
Whoever this is based on is a very poor soul!

Posted 7 Years Ago

A very interesting & chilling poem. Killing a lost love is a strange road that very few people would dare to travel down. It had the feel of a short story within a poem. Great work overall. An enjoyable read. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Really sad for the witch and for her husband..
Well done.-.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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