A Story by Angelove

Random story #1 

No happy endings 

By Meghan Black Elk

Chapter 1


  The sounds of rain pounding on the roof of the high school distracted me from my studies...one, two, three, four, five, six...For some odd reason I counted the ones that where really loud. I couldn’t seem to stop. My mind was done being used for school work and I was ready for the weekend at Ali, my friends house. She told me that we were going to go to the water park and the to a movie...just as i was about to write a note and pass it to my friend Brian. The bell rung and he jumped to his feet and fled from the class room. It took me a minute to re-focus...Gathering all my things and shoving them into my back pack the Teacher Mrs. Loviets came over and tapped her foot. 

“What did you get done today Ellie?” She glared into my eyes like I had just pissed her off plus ten times. “Show me before you leave please.” It wasn’t a question she had said it was a demand. an order. “Now!”

“I d-didn’t get an-anything done. I-I’m sorry.” The corner of her mouth lifted up then the other one. “Ellie, I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just having a little fun...But i got you to admit you did nothing.” She smiled big time. “Ellie, high school isn’t a game. You are on your last year here, then you are off to Collage. If you want to go to collage you have to secede here first...do the work tonight, turn it in on monday?” I just nodded my head. She gave me a pat on the back and walked back up to her desk and shoved her head in a book. Rolling my eyes I left to go meet my friend Lizzy at her locker. Lizzy was amazing. She was a total bad girl. Though she knew how to have a good time without getting into trouble. 


  Lizzy put her blond hair into a ponytail, sighed then said to me. “I’ve got some really bad News Ellie...” She frowned. “Mum wouldn’t buy me the Xbox...She got me a crappy Ps3.” She acted sad, but inside I knew she was extremely happy. She was a Play Station girl. Then when it comes to me...I’d rather play D&D...AKA dungeons and dragons. I wasn’t a nerd or anything. I was actually quiet popular to the human race of high school students. Nobody except Lizzy, Alli and Brian knew I loved D&D. Not to forget my Brother. When my brother and I where little kids, we would go outside, find wooden sticks and play dragons and zombies. It was fun. We would draw on paper and tape them to trees and hit them as if they where actual dragons and Zombies. 

  I remember one time, my dad came outside with us. He dressed and a dragon. (cardboard wings) Growled at us and tossed us in the air...I smiled for a short second. 

 “Ellie, dear are you alive or the walking dead?” Lizzy said poking my face. 

“Sorry I was lost in my own thoughts...” Rolling her eyes we walked out of the high school and to Lizzy’s car...    


Brian came over a little bit after we got back. Lizzy’s mom was in the kitchen and Brian was looking over her shoulder waiting for food. Creeping up on him I covered his eyes and wrestled him to the ground. 

“Watch it guys!” Lizzy’s mom yelled as she knocked over a salt shaker. “If you really want to horse around go down stairs or outside. Not in my kitchen!” Brian grabbed me by my waist, carried me all the way down into the basement, followed by Lizzy, and stood in front of me taunting me. 

“Brian...Brian...Brian, you don’t scare me. I could take you out all by myself.” I gave a fox grin and rolled up my long sleeve shirt. 

“Girl, look at my muscles. Do you know how much i work out?.” Brian said.

“This is turning into a competition, not a fight. You guys are lame...I am going to my room to play some Skyrim...” Lizzy said turning away from us. 

   Lizzy left, Brian took a set on the couch that was in the basement and I sat next to him. Brian was like my best friend. More like a brother, a nicer brother then the one I already have. He knew that too. 

“Sooo.” Brian said trying to start a conversation. “I sent out all of my applications to the colleges i want to go to.”

“Good for you, how long until you will here back from them?” 

“I’m not sure yet, you know that they have to read them, discus if I’m smart enough to go to there prissy schools then they will send back letter regretting that they have to say I can’t come or that I can...” He rolled his eyes. “What about you?” 

“What about me?” I replied. 

“College applications silly, i was asking if you had sent any out yet.” 

 I shook my head no, not really wanting to talk about the subject. 

Random story2



 Alex ran as fast as he could to save her...but, that wasn’t enough time to stop the monster from killing her. He wasn’t going to make it there. The feeling he felt for her where outrageously beautiful, though he wouldn’t have ever told her that. He was there to protect her, that was his assignment, his mission...Sweet trickled down his pasty face as did tears. ‘Why did I not bring her with me?’ He thought to himself.

  Gun fire went off and wicked laughing. The scream’s that came from her mouth made him die inside and run even faster. Screaming, and screaming, and screaming. That is all he heard. “Annabel!” He shouted into the thick fog. “I’m coming.” 

 Another gun shot and Annabel’s screaming stopped. His heart dropped to the floor and he ran even faster, running out of breath. She died and he knew it, gone forever.

“You should have came sooner boy.” A evil deep roar sounded all around him. “It’s your fault she died, you could have saved her...Damn you to Hell!” Right then the boy fell to his knees grabbed Annabel and cradled her in his arm’s. He cried and cried for moments at a time.  “It’s not my fault--” He cried out to the monster

“Your her protecter...You dim witted a*s.” The monster ran his claw over the boys cheek. “...She is so dead...I missed her heart by three inches but...your out of luck...She’ll be reborn again..” He laughed and then he vanished. 

  Alex got up, his pride hurt, his heart broken. Picked up Annabel and started walking back to the city. Her body needed to be dealt with. He didn’t want to have to wait another decade before she was born again, he wanted her right now. When she did come back, she would have a different name, a different personality in a way...She would still be her.

 He reached the city with only a few minutes of darkness left. He looked into the sky and he cursed under his breath at god, put the dead and almost finished decaying body on the cold and wet ground. Pulling out her cell phone he called her parents. He was going to have to lie, he always did. Every family she had and when she died, he had to make up fake stories about her death. “Annabel? Where are you!” Her mother yelled into the phone. Alex looked down at her and whined a little, her body was almost all skeleton. “Annabel?” She said more softly. 

“Mrs. Dixon...” Alex’s voice filled with sorrow and regret. “Annabel...She--she’s dead. I found her in the woods just a little bit ago.” He could hear the panic in her mothers heavy breathing. Then she said. “Your lying. Your lying SHE ISN’T DEAD!” She yelled. Alex kept his cool. “Your  joking, where is she? I thought you where going to keep her safe! You promised. You looked into my eye and swore that you wouldn’t let anything happen to her.” Alex cried into the phone. “I want to see her, I’m going to call the cops! You need to bring her here. Right now. Who did this?” 

“Mrs. Dixon , I don’t know what happened. And I swear you don’t want to see her, she--”

“LISTEN YOU LITTLE S**T F**K I WANT TO SEE HER!” Alex’s heart fell even harder and he cried into the phone. 

“I know she would have wanted you not to be angry. And I’m very sorry but I have to go.” 

“Wait Alex--” He ended the call as the rest of Annabel’s body turned into dust. Then...she was gone. Nothing left but a memoirs until she was re-born again. 

   Light beamed down from the sky and Alex was absorbed into the light. He was off to heaven to get a mission to do until she came back. His long legs where weak when he landed on a marble floor. He whined again. 

“Alex, my son.” A deep and heavy sweet voice sounded in front of him. “You’ll be fine but, right now I need to give you information for your next mission.” Alex looked up to see his creator’s light in front of him. God. “You are going to be sent into Ypsilanti Michigan. Thats where you must wait for her. You will be doing your normal job still--”

“Just tell me how long until she will be back with me again?” He pleaded. “Just tell me.” 

  God put out his hand to help Alex off the floor. “Please?” 

God sighed and gave Alex a hug. “She will be back in 50 years. It’s not that long. Just be glad you don’t have to wait a long time...”

“And her name?”

“That my son,”God laughed. “I don’t know, I can’t choose the names. Thats the humans job...Now you must go, be strong.” God turned to leave him but, then said to him in a whisper. “I’m letting these feeling slip you know. Remember you can not touch her, or kiss her upon the lips, you can have the feelings but nothing more, don’t even tell her...She’d just get hurt.” Then he disappeared into the misty light that swarmed around him. 

Chapter 1

 I woke up with a huge smile on my face. Why? I had no clue. Maybe it was the dream I had. There was this boy who just looked at me. For hours and hours, tattoos all up both of his arms. He had black hair, and these eyes that where so intoxicating. Blue and misty green, it made me blush, and the feeling that I knew him pondered in the back of my head.

 It was a dream, I didn’t know him. Just a dream. In a way, I didn’t want it to be a dream and a few times I actually made myself believe that it was real and that I knew him. 

 My cell phone went off, which made me almost fall out of bed. Rolling onto my stomach I reached down to my jeans. Pulling out my phone I answered the call. 

“Rign ring...I’ve been trying to call you baby, I’m coming to pick you up in an hour.” My friend Frannie said to me. “Be ready or I’ll kick your a*s.” She laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Love you too. See you soon.” We hung up and i got out of bed and walked over to my bathroom and took a shower. My mind was stuck on my dream. It felt so vivid. Like I could feel him breathing on my face. Hot and sweet. I blushed again, washed my body head to toe and then my hair. 


  Exactly in an hour Frannie came to my house, swung open the door and yelled. “Honey I’m home!” I stormed down the stairs and laughed. Mom stood in the kitchen, she laughed too. For Frannie, this kind of behavior was normal and we had all gotten used to it. I walked into the kitchen. “Frannie In here, your favorite place of all time’s.” 

“Do I smell eggs mom?” She yelled back slammed the door shut and walked into the kitchen and gave my mom a huge hug. “Is there enough to fill my fat belly?” Mom nodded.

“Frannie dear, just don’t eat all of it. I’m going back to bed...Chloe text or call me on lunch.” She smiled at me then headed up the stairs. I smiled. 

  Frannie was my best friend, we have known each other since we where just babies, since then you couldn’t separate us. We where with each other all the time, everyday and almost all the time durning the night. Frannie was three inches taller then me with green eyes and blond hair that curled all by its self and me...well I had golden red hair with gray eyes. I was obsessed with my eyes. Maybe Frannie’s eyes too. 

   I took a plate of eggs and sat down at the breakfast table followed by Frannie.

“So I had the most amazing dream ever.” She squealed, dropping food from her mouth. I smiled at that, because I remembered my dream. “What about you?” she asked.

“Oh,” I gave her a ‘I don’t know look’. she left it at that. If I said I didn’t have a dream then i didn’t have a dream. 

© 2013 Angelove

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The bones of some good stories are laid out here. They need flesh, however, and muscle. It's good that you put these random ideas down, though. You can always pick these pieces up later and develop them more fully, or slip them into other stories.

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