In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

A Poem by Mel Lisa

Poem About Last Days

Now the people lay asleep with eyes wide open
while the truth is suffocated and their identity is stolen

taking refuge in these last days as it grows more evil
taking comfort in empty promises by some leader

resting their assurance in media fables.
while unborn babies sleep in graves as cradles.

And poor neighborhood stay littered with bodies in the backyard
while we fund for soldiers to war , returning scarred.

Fan based society being possessed blindly by the beat
hidden messages, sinister agendas for your defeat

Program the youth to drink poison with Glee
Bring mom and dad along its rated PG

Signing on the contract for fame n riches seems better
Taking oaths blindly, deceived you become a soul seller

Indoctrinated by the source, ritualistic practices they heap
Downloading viruses numbing the mind so you remain asleep.

Denouncing the one true God the creator
Finding temporary highs from a devourer

Puppets on a string, like a slave saying "yes master"
Modern day"slave holders" scheming in mocked laughter

Still the public remain asleep. not wanting to heed
refusing knowlege, remaining naïve

When the rain comes, people will be drowned.
in they last breath praying to be reformed,
so this is the day of which we were warned

When the day comes watch them scatter in panic
Too busy living for self, this self doctrine is satanic.

Now in the shadows of the dark an army he will gather
Collecting souls To feed on his buffet platter..

What is now hidden will be brought to light
But until then…the saying is so right

"the best place to hide is in plain sight."

© 2015 Mel Lisa

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Added on August 7, 2015
Last Updated on August 7, 2015
Tags: prophecy, expose, end times, deception, poetry


Mel Lisa
Mel Lisa

New York, NY

Hi my name is Mel and I love writing. I have been writing poetry all my life. I love the freedom it allows for an artistic soul to express their inner most thoughts !. more..