Black Lives Matter Movement

Black Lives Matter Movement

A Story by Mel Lisa

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Black Lives Matter Fueled By Bias Liberal Media


In the last few years there have been numerous incidents involving blacks and authority figures in law enforcement. This has dominated the news coverage almost every other week as I am writing this. There are numerous incidents that occur daily that is the opposite of what the media choose to focus on. News media that include; online articles (yahoo & MSN), TV news channels ( CNN,Fox, NBC) newspaper ( The Times etc) and Radio unfortunately is considered "reliable" to the masses. The major news sources that are most trusted are those that are most familiar to readers or viewers and are owned and run by the Elites.

Instead of watching these events unfold and become quick to formulate some conclusion, playing court, judge or forensics without any degrees in such fields,  step back, research, use critical thinking and ask how should you interpret what you are viewing, hearing or reading?  How should you react after you have done all of that?  Did you hear the entire story? Were you present at the incident to be an eye witness, or did you just watch a 2 min clip on you tube, vine etc. and came to a conclusion?  You really cannot draw any conclusions no matter what media is stating or relaying. They are not Gods, they make mistakes, over hype, over use and overlook issues and most could care less because they are getting benefits from swaying public opinions.


Protesters Are Followers Not True Leaders


But this is not about them, the biased main stream media; this is about how we can fight injustice by using critical thinking and taking control of emotions and providing some problem solving techniques if you will in order to achieve everlasting and true justice (not just for blacks but since this is about BLM I am addressing blacks).

We are noticing the emotional reactions that are taking place stirred up by the leading news medias. It is very disturbing to say the least. They have people acting like irrational wild zoo animals just the way they have programmed many to act. When you behave this way, you will never get the change you are seeking. Protesting is ok, but it will not change the outcome. You may succeed in changing laws or getting justice in the form of an arrest or trial but it still will NOT put an end to injustice now occurring back to back. You will be back out on the street protesting, holding up signs screaming, “Black lives matter” wearing t-shirts etc every other day and It will have no real influence of change. This is apparent because people sit back and wait for the next event to run to the streets. They have become racial ambulance chasers who chase the next big news for profit, personal gain or simply because it is trending. When these "Activists" put down their signs and return to their dwellings what is the state of their communities what real contribution have they made to society as a whole? How do they interact with children in their homes and in their communities? How do they resolve every day conflicts? Is it with sound logic or with wild emotional out-burst and violence? Are some of these people behind the cell phones recording fights in their communities? Having abortions after abortions? Allowing their kids to run the streets? If not what are they doing about these issues? Many need to protest in their homes against the injustices they have implemented on their own children. The children being neglected, ending up in jail or ending up shot and killed on the streets.


 They produce no good fruit and most attend marches to be a part of something or to be seen and heard not to fight for justice of a life lost but to compensate for their own private incompetence. Some want to be a part of a group because alone they feel they cannot make a difference in their own lives or others. I view most of these protesters as followers not true leaders.

If black lives truly matters then these protesters would work to build up their communities, better their conduct in every aspect of their lives, respect themselves, be responsible with their bodies, raise  their children properly, teach them also how to conduct themselves and respect other adults. They would not seek Government (Democrats/Liberals) to assist in solving their issues for them but they would create their own Government raise up some respectable law enforcers, lawyers, judges, Doctors, farmers, architects etc. Bring up a generation that will be self-sufficient as well as selfless. I see no Martin Luther King in any of today’s black leaders or these protest groups and the future looks very bleak. These protests are filled with ignorance and the scorned looking for an opportunity to rebel, exact some revenge for unresolved inner turmoils. For some it is to  gain media attention. Trend focused generation, what is most trending is the up for the chase. It is highly disturbing and embarrassing. And these so called Black Leaders are non the better they care more about money and politics than the people they represent in color. Ever notice how Obama (so called Black President) has very little to no comment on the situations?  If he does comment it is to incite the victimization mentality that is causing the problem in the first place. He gives no true solutions or resolution ( yet blacks put him up there with Martin Luther??).


Real Change Won’t Be Accomplished by Marches and Protests


To fight injustice, we must start working in our homes and families most importantly on ourselves. Protests and marches were markers used by those before us to accomplish a change needed to push us forward. It was not meant to be used as a scape goat. Ignoring the fact that most have yet to overcome emotional traumas of that past, a past they never partaken, so they are ignorant of its true purpose. Now this generation exploits marches and protests, we have reverted backwards. We were to move on from marches and protest; we were required to implement the lessons of the past within ourselves,communities and in our homes to continue progression. But we have yet to progress for here we are resorting back to the marching and protesting. 

But there is still hope in a few and media keep on ignoring many good incidents to keep blacks in an emotional stampede.


I will use a perfect example of a good incident reported by my pastor. He spoke on how he counseled a group of youths at our church in regards to their conducts if/when they encounter a police officer or caught up in any injustice behavior by police or any authority figure for that matter. After he counseled them, they were on their way to a youth outing. On their way they were pulled over by police for no reason they could think of, other than it was a large group of vehicles and buses. But not one of these black youths found themselves in situations we now see occurring on the news. How could that be? Maybe it was because they were well educated black youths, whose parents and community (church, pastor etc.) taught them how to speak respectfully, dress respectfully and address everyone with respect. Their conduct and character was on display and this was how they fought injustice.  The police could not find any reason to create a hostile atmosphere to arrest, drag, choke or shoot any of them. They resonated light and when you shine in the dark, it open minds and any stereotypes these officers may have had dissipated. The cops in return, responded to these youths with respect, a little sense of humor was exchanged with them and the officers and they went on their way.


Most blacks will take this as a form of kissing up to the “man” or being some sort of sell out,  behaving with respect and conducting oneself like that of a responsible well educated black person is considered weak. But this was how Martin Luther King (a man they say they revered) conducted himself.

If you act like an animal you will be treated like one. You fight, they fight and you will not win. Most want to war with cops and think this will resolve the root issues. The mere fact that your way of resolving injustice is by being violent and allowing resentment to rule you only reveals the nature of your true intent and inner selves therefore you are not equip to change anything. It starts with one person making a change in themselves to make a big impact on others, whether it is on a cop, a boss at your job, a teacher at a school etc. you can impact change with how you conduct yourself around others, in return they also change.  


 This is how you fight injustice.

Melecia 2015

© 2015 Mel Lisa

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Author's Note

Mel Lisa
The truth is all culture need to become self sufficient. when you rely on the system for become their slaves. They create chaos and then wait for us to cry for their assistance. vicious cycle.

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Added on August 11, 2015
Last Updated on August 11, 2015
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Mel Lisa
Mel Lisa

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