The Trump Haiti Situation

The Trump Haiti Situation

A Story by Mel Lisa

My brain is not sponsored by Mass Media. I am an Independent Thinker and all opinions and observations are my own with assistance of the Creator. Who is all truth.

Here we go again! 
Jumping on the Media Trump Smearing Campaign. All aboard!

Game of Chess

I find it necessary to say that the public will continue to remain sleepers.They cannot and will not accept the fact that they have no power or control but is being controlled.They are caught up in this illusion of Parties.They are ignorant to the fact that Presidents are chosen to run a Country, a Country that is legally a Cooperation! A BUSINESS! The title of Presidency is very relevant to that of a CEO over a BUSINESS entity. We are EMPLOYEES.This is a FACT!
Ask yourselves do you know of any business entity that allows their employees to select or participate in the selection of the next President to run the Cooperation?? Think about it,there are over millions of people on this planet. But THEY select two candidates and tell you that your vote matters? You truly believe they will hand over that power?? They elect your Presidents not YOU.THEY elected your "black" President Obama because he is related to Bush! And he and his wife get along really well with Bush. They show him honor and respect.

All the Presidents so far have been related, President Trump may be the only exception and many truth seekers were also blind sighted when he was selected because they did not suspect he had that "bloodline." Same as it is for the Royal family (blood relations) keeping it all in the family, works the same with Presidents. That is why you had a mixed President who shares that bloodline.
So many believed Trump will either be impeached or a mock "assassination" would take place due to him not sharing that bloodline. But regardless Trump is also a part of this Chess Game. The people are just pawns on the board and the Queen (royal) and the Vatican has the last say. They are at the top of this food chain. I highly suggest that you study chess and understand how the pieces are played. It will blow your mind once you grasp how well it correlates to the system we live in and how it is run!

Once you grasp and understand this, media loses it's mind control over you as it relates to your Presidents, this whole Political Charade and the illusion of Parties!
This is not a conspiracy but a FACT! But the form of research that many are accustomed to, consists of watching tv/news and getting into what is trending on social sites. No real independent research is conducted by the public, it is just one big meeting of the mindless online, tweeting and ashtagging. It is a sad observation.


 Trump/HIllary Situation

During the election period Trump and Hillary went at each other, as is typical in these political arena, it takes on the same characteristics of WWE. They will get nasty and dig up the most dirt to throw at other, or try to gain the public's trust with false promises. It is part of their acting scenes and roles. 
They are not against each other and were far from enemies! Trump and Hillary's daughters were besties and Trump and Hillary go way back! Trump and her husband Bill the pervert rapist hung out with both democrats and republicans at Elite parties, golf outings etc. See it is about power, money and control. Imagine secret conversations Trump, Bush, Hillary and Bill have had. We wouldn't be able to conceive it!

The Grab Her By The ____ Audio

There was an audio that was played before the public of an "old tape" of "Trump" having a guy to guy conversation and the voice on the tape of "Trump" made statements about grabbing a woman's genitalia. 
No one asked these questions regarding this tape:
1. At the time this was recorded why was it not released immediately? The person who secretly recorded Trump I assume was looking for some dirt on him to release and destroy whatever career he had began at that time. No one records some juicy stuff on a celeb and wait decades later to release it! Conveniently when he is running for President at that! Unless they knew he would be running, then that would be the only reason! If he had not been running it would not have been released. So someone just records this juicy stuff on him and waited for him to run for office in his 50s...seriously? But the public took the bait.
2. Why did CNN felt it was appropriate to play this offensive tape for the entire world to hear it on national tv? The recording was claimed to be old and before Trump ran for President! knowing very well the graphic content of this tape, CNN was intentional in their attempt to piss people off and to cause outrage. Apparently these Elite spirit cookers (look it up) love to feed on hate, division, war, chaos and outrage (hence the reason for splitting us up in political parties) and not just feeding on blood and flesh. See this is deeper than what the average person can see. There are energies that we give off and it is food for evil spirits. Many of these Elite satanist feed off of us in many ways!

My Conclusion About "Grab Her By The___"

I believe that (grab her by the P) tape was fake. I believe a technology was used to mimic Trump's voice or perhaps Trump did say those things but it was done on purpose with his full knowledge that it is to be used to manipulate the public into acting the way they (the elite squad) wanted them to act. The tape was not old! And was used for kicks. The public proceeded to post on social sites, sharing videos for viewership (up coming wannabe rappers rapping about it to promote themselves), debating with each other, stressing out, getting angry, protesting etc etc. It all worked like a charm because people are predictable.And the rich elite squad prove that media again is a powerful mind control tool.

Sh*T Hole Haiti 

The same goes for that whole "Sh*t Hole" comment about Haiti. 
I don't believe he said it and even if he did they all are saying it! That is why that white man announced it to the public knowing full well how people will react. They all feel that way about ALL OF US. We are not in their circle. We were not at that meeting. We do not know what was discussed between them ALL! It was their way of getting out how they felt about a group of people and the usage of Trump "said this"  allow them to get away with expressing to the PUBLIC how they ALL truly feel. I am old fashion and I believe that action speaks louder than words. Trump "called it a sh*t hole" but the previous leaders in office had a hand in the state of Haiti. The people of Haiti were lied to and robbed by HIllary, they were put in slavery to this day under Obama's Presidency. Although they are not the only ones to be blamed for the state of Haiti since they are just representatives of a bigger Elite system, they too adhere to the "Trump statement" by their actions. By the way Trump is not the only one with Wealth if you have not been paying attention. Wealth that is accumulated from Haiti is shared by all Democrats and Republicans' elite network and you are not included!

Final Thoughts

When ever they have meetings behind closed doors, they are not going back and forth debating on how to better our lives. That is an illusion and part of the act. You the people are worker bees, slaves and mindless zombies who need to be controlled and put in your place. That is what THEY ALL believe! And that stunt was just another discussion in their meetings another plan of attack on your minds and emotions so they can feed off the energies! You will continue to be attack on all fronts.

Stop being on the bottom of the food chain and being pawns in their game of chess and wake up! 

© 2018 Mel Lisa

Author's Note

Mel Lisa
My brain is not sponsored by Mass Media. I am an Independent Thinker and all opinions and observations are my own with assistance of the Creator. Who is all truth.

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Added on January 21, 2018
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