Watching You When You're Not There

Watching You When You're Not There

A Poem by Natalie

So when I saw your face I

Thought tonight might be all right,

I thought tonight I might like to dream,

I thought…

Your bangs were shorter, they showed your eyes

And it was nice

To see you jump from side to side

Trying to smack a yellow ball with a racket in the unknown

Driveway that lives a house down

From mine.

And the others there I didn’t know,

You see I didn’t care

Because I saw you.

And the best part about it all

was that you didn’t see me.

You didn’t see the stare I gave you

Yeah it was the stare you never see or maybe

You do

Maybe I just don't know.

Yeah I was invisible, and went to those days

Where you were everywhere.

I could take a seat and watch you

As long as the bell wouldn’t ring,

And the cool thing was you knew it too

You’d stare back maybe grin,

And I went back to those days

Where you even made noise so

I could turn my head around, but I didn’t do so

Until you weren’t looking.

I did that on purpose.


And so for the time being I’ll believe this real

Even though I know this dream will soon fade.

When we all gathered by my open door I

Watched you pace in front

Back and forth,

Your feet lead you to the street,

Farther away from me

And that was the time I wished

My arms were long enough for me







Your legs moved faster and your sudden recent

Pain were shooting bullets in

My heart

And broke like silent thunder-I even heard the noise.

You came to a jog, running away and

You body crunched and shook

While you happiness gave away.

As I heard your tears and mouth

Wince with the sorrow your heart had took


Can you read this? Can you read?


I felt your anguish and heard

You cry

I wished I could run with you

I wish I could run away.

And you hurt so bad

I hurt so bad,

Looks like that blunt doesn’t seem to be working,

And I’m sure you grew up on me,

I’m sure you’ve forgotten me.

Well they all do so I’m not surprised if only you would

Keep looking for me…

This is nothing special.

I know it’s nothing special.

But if I could watch you

Beyond my dreams

Then maybe I would smile.

If I could hear you laugh a while

Then maybe I could smile.

And this is nothing special.

This is nothing special.

So I guess it’s good that you forgot me

Yeah I guess it’s good that you gave up

0n me…

Cause soon I may give up on you

Soon I may give up


© 2010 Natalie

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Very Emotional. This a very good write. Keep up the good work! ~Matt

Posted 9 Years Ago

very relateable, believable, honest, and emotional. i like this!

Posted 9 Years Ago

I dig it ;) I nice track down unrequited love. Makes me wish I was the fella being watched.

Posted 9 Years Ago

freaking brilliant work, love this poem. you've done really, really well with this one. superb

Posted 9 Years Ago

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it was amazing Natalie... it was just great.. the way this poem is written from a distance.. it conveys strong emotions... and i loved the last 5 lines..

Posted 9 Years Ago

wow. Thank you SO much. You're so right.

Posted 9 Years Ago

You wrote a complete story in your words. Sometime from a distance we yearn and wish for things we cannot have. I like the emotion and feel of desire for the feelings to be returns. A poem of wishes and dreams that will fade away if we do not try. A excellent poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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