why bother?

why bother?

A by abby.

Why bother? There's always somebody better. Why try? there's always somebody else who's more impressive, better looking, less anoying, less clingy, smarter, skinnier, a better athelete, more sane, less awkward, and generally more pleasant. Please for your sake ignore me. It's what the jealous, ugly, annoying, stupid, clumsy, lonely girl deserves.

© 2009 abby.

Author's Note

i've had all these feelings about me building up for a while. writing it down didnt take those feelings away this time though.

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You are a very impressive person that deserves love. No matter what anybody tells you.

Abby... u r amaaaaaazin, u deserve so much better. luv u abb... ~Britt~

Posted 13 Years Ago

Uh, you are beautiful in your own right. Everyone is.
Do not let the heathens tell you that they are better, I too am the awkward one.
Just know it gets better, a whole lot better.
The more you can experience, the more you will figure out that it isnt about the status quo.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on November 12, 2009



Madison, ME

i'm evil. hahaha just kidding. kind of. i think that you'll find i'm quite confusing. just ask my friends. i like kitties. a lot. i don't usually write, but i always have good ideas and never have a c.. more..

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