Figurativly disfigured

Figurativly disfigured

A Poem by Mercelus

Our experience in life will all affect us differently, leaving traces of the lessons learned and the times we lost and found ourselves. Sometimes in finding ourselves we lose everything else

In the sunlight,
All that you are seems to fade,
But in the subtle moonlight,
Just before my eyes clasp shut
its rays reveal the brand you left upon my skin
A constant reminder
Driving me deeper into my own madness
Or perhaps its just sadness,
meaningless as it may be
It is all i will ever know

Oh, darling wont you come caress my soul!
Oh, please!
And my love, don't mind the blood
After all your hands are as crimson as the come

It would seem i have been blessed with a curse,
As forgiveness comes almost instantly,
to all those who have buried my legacy in the ground
A grudge seems to be the only answer,
Not out of rage
nor out of a yearning for revenge
But as a testimony to my pride
To my own place amongst humanity
Though it would seem i have lost such

Every glance in the mirror,
I can see you in me
All of those unforgivable flings
fore you left me with more than just mild flesh wounds
Little did you know,
They were gashes,
taking chunks, and leaving scars
The mere sight overwhelms my mind
Eats away at me in the night,
much like maggots upon a rotting corpse

They say hindsight is 20/20
Looking back,
The complete disregard to thine own well being
The searing pain of ignoring all the warnings
And everyone of the promises kept in your honor
Every single one you never reciprocated
Watching me betray myself
there lay the real shame
The origin of my own brand of embarrassment

Oh, how weak must i be!
Why, oh why?
Once more i ask,
Darling wont you mend these wounds!
Oh, come caress my soul!

Then without warning,
Thrown into the bitter,
and cold winter of my being
A certain feeling hits of realization,
and once its all comes full circle,
It cuts through like a knife,
right through the rib cage
tearing into my lungs
A stealing my breath
And ripping though my chest,
Tearing everything to pieces,
obliterating everything every perceived
That harsh reality cast upon me,
looking in the mirror,
just to see,
The blood drip from my own mutilated hands
And I no longer recognize my own face

Oh, what have I become
Oh, what have I become
Oh, what have.. I..

© 2014 Mercelus

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Added on May 12, 2014
Last Updated on May 22, 2014
Tags: moon, sunlight, eyes, madness, sadness, soul, love, life, rage, revenge, self-realization, humanity, scars, mind, promises, betrayal, warnings, embarrassment, weak, wounded, reality




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