Logically Misconstrued

Logically Misconstrued

A Poem by Mercelus

The darkest days provide the most enlightenment

Blue eyes brimming with blasphemy
Screaming with agony
Pained by abandonment
The creatures in the night,
Haunt my dreams
And the vultures circle above
The blistering heat of the sun
Amplified the weight of my decisions
Burdened all upon my shoulders
The nights grow colder
And the moon glows an eerie red
Anger courses though my veins
Hatred clouding my mind

Here we stand on a burial ground
Tormented by the fallen
Those we pledged to protect
To hold our arms high,
and keep our backs straight
Yet here we lay
in graves we dug ourselves
we shed our tears
like snakes shed skin
waiting to strike
to inflict the same pain we have endured
a vicious cycle of remorse and agony

safely huddled in the womb
we are born into soiled air 
The dark energy of the world
Filled with corruption
Where chaos is the only home
We will ever know
Happiness is our blind
Covering our eyes from reality
In our ignorance,
We find our bliss
Eventually the blind will be lifted

Though painful
We learn through our trials
The bloodshed of the mind
From the demons that torment us,
The demeanor we hold,
Wisdom and maturity gained
All come from the despair set upon us
I have found comfort in suffering
Craving its icy touch
and unquenchable thirst for more
As it has always made me stronger

There is a cost though
Finding no comfort in love
Unable to accept the ones around me
Vacant of trust and emotion
No hope for a better world
The chaos and the pain
They are all i will ever know,
out of a certain ignorance of my own
All these tired, strained eyes can see
all this heart can feel,
Is the darkness
As it has become the light
For it is all that is real,
The only constant.

© 2014 Mercelus

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Added on May 19, 2014
Last Updated on May 19, 2014
Tags: Darkest, enlightenment, suffering, creatures, night, abandoned, haunted, tormented, hatred, pain, snakes, remores, regret, agony, ignorance, bliss, love, vacant, emotionless, trust, darkness, light




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