The Council

The Council

A Chapter by meredith29

The sunlight pouring through the windows beat against Adam’s  eyelids. He threw his arm across his eyes, wincing at the pain it caused. He could hear the electrical hum of the air conditioning above his bed and the soft sound of breathing from the corner of the room. He opened his eyelids slightly, turning his head in the direction of the slow steady breaths.

A tired looking man lounged in a chair by the window.  There were dark circles under his eyes and his suit was badly creased as though he’d slept in it. The man stood up and came over to the bedside. He picked up a jug of water and poured out a glass. “Drink this.”

Adam took the water gratefully and swallowed most of it in one gulp. “Thanks.” He winced at how raw his voice sounded.  His throat felt like he’d been gargling with crushed glass.

“How’s your head?”

“You should see the other guy.”

Rafe smirked and sank back down into his chair. “I did. Doc was only doing his job Adam.”

“Yeah well. I told him I was fine.”

Rafe’s brows shot into his hair. “Clearly.”

Adam swore softly and threw back the sheets. His legs felt as if they were made of jelly, the world spun and he braced a hand against the wall for support.


Adam shook his head and waved the older man away. He didn’t need his help and he certainly didn’t want his sympathy. Finally the world settled back into place and he staggered into the bathroom, shutting the door on Rafe’s concern.

The mirror over the sink confirmed his fears. He truly did look like s**t. Dark circles stood out on skin that was stretched tight and pale as paper. A purple bruise blossomed on his left cheek, which was still swollen despite his rapid healing. God knows what he’d look like if he were still human. Beat to s**t and six feet under probably.

The shower felt like Heaven against his skin. He stood under the scalding water for what seemed like hours, letting it wash away the dirt and grime of the pervious night. If only memories were as easy to wash clean.  Too soon the water turned cold. Adam wrapped a towel around his waist and rubbed his hair dry with another. The bedroom was empty now; Rafe had obviously gotten the hint. A pile of freshly washed clothes lay on his bed. Adam tossed the towel into the laundry hamper and pulled on the jeans and crisp white shirt. As he perched on the edge of the mattress to pull on his boots a piece of paper on the bedside table caught his eye.



Come to the Council chambers when you’re done

They want a report.


Great. Now he could spend the whole day reliving last night, and most likely getting blamed for it. A perfect end to a perfect night



The Council chambers were strangely empty when he arrived. Seven chairs were grouped around a table carved from one huge block of marble that caught the candlelight and sent rainbows of light around the walls.  Only three of the chairs were occupied. Rafe sat closet to the door, his hands linked behind his head, wearing a slightly bored expression and a fresh suit. He winked at Adam as he took his place and an expectant hush descended on the room.


Of the two other men at the table Adam recognised only one. Carlos Cammanetti, leader of the Guardian Council. He was impeccably dressed as always, his Armani suit showing off his powerful frame to perfection. He was the kind of man who looked as if he owned the world, and in a strange way that was true. The fates of whole civilisations had been decided in this room and by this man. He was not someone you crossed lightly. 


“So you finally decided to grace us with your presence.”


His deep voice was mocking and his steel grey eyes were hard. Adam felt himself growing hot under that piercing stare. Carlos pushed a cloth wrapped object toward Adam and sat back, steepling his hands under his chin.


Adam unwrapped the bundle, noting it was covered in blood. “Is this what killed Daniel?”


Carlos nodded.


“Impossible. Demons don’t carry obsidian. It’s nearly as toxic to them as it is to the Avatars. “


“And yet this one did. And he was not the first.”


Adam had almost forgotten the second man. He had simply blended into the background. Now he focused on him and wondered how that could happen. Adam had no leanings toward his own sex, not anymore, but this man was simply beautiful. Any other word didn’t do him justice.


 “Jeremy…” Carlos began


Jeremy silenced him with a look and continued. “He deserves to know. Something is attacking Avatars in London as well. Last week Nathaniel was killed along with his charge. He was stabbed with an Obsidian blade.” He paused, before adding,” No one outside of the Enclave knows of the Avatars weakness to obsidian. It has been our most closely guarded secret for centuries.”


 “Have you checked the Prison?”


Silence descended on the room.


“Well, have you?” Adam demanded.


“We tried contacting them last night. There was no answer.”


Adam clenched his fists barely resisting the urge to break something. He heard Rafe let out an explosive breath behind him. When he spoke his voice was tight with anger.


“You knew this and you didn’t think to warn us?”


Carlos eyes narrowed at his tone. “Show some respect boy. How could we possibly have predicted this would happen?  His powers are supposed to bound.”


“This isn’t helping.” Jeremy said, his quiet voice seeming to radiate calm. “Our priority must be to find out who is behind these attacks and what’s going on at the Prison. That is why you are being sent to London. “


Adam held Jeremy’s gaze, feeling as if those dark eyes could see beneath his skin


“Fine. “ He sighed “What times my flight?”


After taking down the details Adam left the chambers and made his way back to his room. The window to the balcony had been left open, the curtains fluttering slightly in the breeze. The city spread out below him, the lights looking like fireflies in the distance. Even though it had been his home for centuries, Rome’s beauty still enchanted him as it had when he’d been a child, dreaming of one day becoming a priest. How times have changed he thought. Shaking his head he shut the windows and flipped open his phone. The call went to an answer machine after two rings. He checked his watch; it was five in the morning in London. She was probably still asleep.


“It’s me.” He said after the tone. “I’m coming home.”



© 2010 meredith29

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I am 29 years old and I live in a small village in Wales. I love writing (oviously) and would like to be able to do it full time one day more..

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