A Story by Mary

A rough draft


               His hands were always warm. The calluses on his fingers made them rough, a distinct touch. Yet they were so inviting, able to make every bone in my body ache for him. The touch of the fingers made my head swim, it disappeared into another world. I let myself go into him, letting him take me over. My brain wanted to fight, but I couldn’t. I had all the power to run away from him… But how can I? His voice makes everything numb. Dancing with him made released all emotion; creating a massive tailwind to rush away any doubt. All my feelings swept away into an endless sky. He was beautiful. He made my body glow with new energy, a strange light it was, but it intrigued me.

I could feel my body breaking, but I could not feel the pain. It was beautiful to watch him take me, continuing a waltz on this vast plain. I could feel the colors in my vision blur together, creating stunning masterpieces of color and new perspective. Yes. I wanted this; this is what I had wanted all along. To be with him… I held him closer, feeling the warmth of his breath against my skin. It was almost over. My lovely Elysium with him that we created together… It was almost over. There was nothing but us in this world, no life, no hope, no past, present, or future. I rest my head on his chest, asking to stay here forever. He smiled and gave no answer. He grabbed my hand and twirled me as I used to with my father. I smiled in memory and continued to dance with him. With one easy movement, he quickly pulled me towards him.


© 2011 Mary

Author's Note

Haven't been heavily edited. I'm just writing as I go along, not much thought. This is just the beginning. It's not going to be extensive, but definitely will be at least 2 more paragraphs

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Added on September 6, 2011
Last Updated on September 6, 2011
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A Story by Mary

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