Symphony of Destruction - The Fourth Movement (Ashes of the Fallen)

Symphony of Destruction - The Fourth Movement (Ashes of the Fallen)

A Poem by Undying Glory

The conclusion of the Symphony of Destruction series, my fantasy caricature on wars today. Hope you like it!!

Symphony of Destruction - The Fourth Movement (Ashes of the Fallen)

At long last, silence descends upon the scorched, broken earth. 

A veil of rain cascades over desolate valleys and plains
Shrouding years of torment and twisted, bitter pain
Upon the throes of destruction it calls, for the slain and the lost
At last they all see now, victory's hefty, vindictive cost. 

The final embers of hate now slowly burn out
As the blood haze begins to lift from your vision, 
And only now, you see clearly, 
As regret begins to claim you from the inside out. 

And all around you, they stare unseeing and motionless
And yet the terror of their last breaths are still captured in their eyes,
Still written on their faces, 
As many a bitter family weeps in grief
For someone they shall never see again. 

Far beyond the soulless and the lands of molten steel
Deep within the dismemberment of mercy and the hatred you made real
The dead wind blows across the bloodied valley of the slain, 
The final, empty voice of the fallen
For the ashes they have become. 

What blessed memories shall continue to remain
When we are constantly reminded of the evil inside us?

Across blood-soaked mud and broken swords
Over shields of flesh and sorrow's empty chords
Could we ever see what could have been
If we did not give ourselves over to the hatred within?

Beyond wastelands of ice and frozen hearts
The silent screams of the lost rip the skies apart. 

And yet it still stands, deep within those still remaining, 
A golden glimpse of respite for the empty, scarred world
That still makes the forgotten look to the sky
As the clouds part from their hearts, 
And as the sun's rays rake the world at long last. 

The final vestiges of hope rise from the ashes of nothingness
Slowly kindled by the few that rise up from their refuges
And begin to rebuild their lives. 

Silenced are the guns of fury and hate,
If only we all knew it's still not too late.  

© 2013 Undying Glory

Author's Note

Undying Glory
Look out for the previous installments, the original Symphony of Destruction, Symphony of Destruction - The Second Movement (Black Sky, Red Rain). and the third, Symphony of Destruction - The Third Movement (The Bloodstained Moon).

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the cost of war always outweighs the gains from it.
it is never the answer although sometimes forced upon one country to defend itself against another...but nobody ever really wins...
there are only losses...still waiting for that 200 years of peace to come before the end of everything.
powerful write here.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I just realized this is the "fourth movement" but it moved me so much that I seriously want to know how the other three read. If it's as good, then I'm for it, for this is incredible. I hear a musical number in this, but I also hear a sermon. A type of sermon unlike I have ever heard before. I was taken into another world with this - holy kwap! And the rhymes, internal rhymes, half rhymes, assonances......! I need to take a breath! Way - to - go! Well freaking done! Much enjoyed!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Loved this poem! Your voice was prominent throughout and the imagery was breathtaking. Each stanza made me want to read more.

Posted 7 Years Ago

very well penned, descriptive and god use of imagery!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I enjoyed the complete poem. The strong description and amazing language brought me in and you held me to the last word. I like the strength and the purpose of the poem. No weakness in the outstanding poem.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Fantastic write and oh so true..wars do not do anything but destroy people and dreams..

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sadly I'm afraid we may live to see this one play out :(

Posted 8 Years Ago

it is rather dark. has a bunch of descriptive words

Posted 8 Years Ago

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