Eternity's End

Eternity's End

A Poem by Undying Glory

A song/poem inspired by that uber-epic classic movie, "Saving Private Ryan". hope you like this one!!!

Eternity's End (Inspired by "Saving Private Ryan")

Crash upon the shore
Into Hell on Earth we march
For freedom in our time
For the sake of everything we know
And for everyone we love

Sacrifices and more
Upon the altar of freedom
Are they too much this time?
But now I gotta bring you home
Before you're looking down on us from above

But why should the lives of eight be used
Just to rescue one unknown soul?
And try as I might, I'm just so confused
Are you just a story that's never been told?

But my story begins now, and I'm on my way
Though I just don't know where you are
But I'll find you somehow, things will be okay
We're under the same blue sky and under the same bright star

Far away we ride
For courage and freedom
And we're saving these broken lands
From the clutches of these evil hands
And in the darkness we shine
With the light of our reason
And we're gonna do just what needs to be done
To save a beloved son

On our destined trail
Through rain and shine we march
It's all we've got this time
'Cause there's nowhere else to go
So someone show us the way

Let mercy prevail
'Cause our enemies as such
They aren't so bad this time
And my deepest secrets show
Through sorrow and the pain

So why can't you see, can't you listen to me?
We've lost our friends along the way
And can't you feel it inside, all the tears they're cried
Praying you'll make it out safely someday

I know you don't have a say, but if you'll stay and fight
We'll fight forever to defend our dreams
We know the world is at stake, till we set things right
And deep inside nothing is ever what it seems

Far away we ride
For courage and freedom
And we're saving these broken lands
From the clutches of these evil hands
And in the darkness we shine
With the light of our reason
And we're gonna do just what needs to be done
To save a beloved son

Our last stand is here
But we'll defeat evil and fear
'Cause duty calls, and we will never back down
Destroyed in the flames
But we'll taste honor, not shame
Knowing that we did what had to be done

Far away we ride
For courage and freedom
And we're saving these broken lands
From the clutches of these evil hands
And in the darkness we shine
With the light of our reason
And we're gonna do just what needs to be done
To save a beloved son

And this is where my story ends
I'm glad I made it all the way to you
And deep down inside, you are a good man
Believe it inside, you know it's true

And though the years may pass me on
I hope that you will remember me
For the spirits of the brave will go marching on
Till the end of eternity

© 2011 Undying Glory

Author's Note

Undying Glory
Image taken from Wikipedia
This song was written from Captain John Miller's perspective (played by Tom Hanks.)
Here's an explanation of the references to the movie for each stanza.
First stanza: Captain Miller and his troops enter Nazi-occupied France on D-Day as they land on Dog Green sector on Omaha beach. Now everyone knows about the horrors that were those landings there...
Second stanza: Private James Ryan's mother has had three of her four sons killed in action and she would receive all the announcements on the same day. The first two lines are paraphrased in a quote from Abraham Lincoln in the letter sent to her. Captain Miller has to rescue Private Ryan and bring him back alive.
Third and fourth stanza: The whole 8-man rescue party is angry about Captain Miller's orders as they feel that Ryan's life is not worth saving. Yet orders are orders so they have to get going...
Chorus: I wrote it this way as I wanted the chorus to reflect not only their mission to rescue Ryan, but also to reflect the over-arching reason why they were there: to liberate the world from the boot-heel of Nazism.
Sixth stanza: Captain Miller's squad finally get some guidance from a member of Charlie Company of the 506th and a friend of Ryan's who help them in their search.
Seventh stanza: In a skirmish with some German troops, all the Germans are killed except for one, who pleads desperately for his life. Captain Miller finally spares his life. As tensions in the squad build up, Miller finally defuses the tension by telling the squad his life before the war, which before this nobody knew.
Eighth and ninth stanza: The squad finally locates Private Ryan, but he refuses to leave his defense of a major bridge. The squad gets really angry at Ryan, calling him an "asshole" as they have lost some of their team along the way, until Miller makes the decision to stay and fight.
Eleventh stanza: When a massive German panzer attack comes, Miller and his men defend the bridge valiantly even though greatly outnumbered and outgunned. Many of the squad are killed in the battle.
Coda: Just as the battle ends, Miller is mortally wounded. He tells Ryan to "earn this. Earn it". At the end of the movie, Ryan, now an old man, who is visiting Miller's grave, turns to his wife and asks her to tell him that he is a good man and worthy of Miller's sacrifice. I wanted Miller to say here that Ryan really was worthy of that honor.

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Wow, wonderfully flowing and great writing, great job! It makes me want to go watch the movie as well. :)-

Posted 11 Years Ago

powerful another well constructed piece, your choice of words leave me in awe, your writings are Astoundingly Brilliant.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Amazing poem about war

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is great writing! I can see that this is a form of homage to human bravery, and dedication in the face of adversity. It reads like a story, and the writer has clearly thought about the structure for this piece! Thankyou, for adding this to my writing group - "Twilight's Disciples"!

Posted 12 Years Ago

wow! Am short of word. An interesting read for me no doubt. Am glad you shared this

Posted 12 Years Ago

WW2 was a terrible war. Brought together whole countries to fight for real freedom. I stood at grave yards of 10,000 Soldiers who die in one battle. It is a emotion of sadness and being proud of a one United world. The men and woman who fought in those wars knew the goal and desire. "Freedom." A word not missed till you don't have it no-more. Thank you for the powerful story.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Amazing :D Based off a film huh? I gatta watch it :D overall, amazing story great details :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

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1st - brilliant film, 2nd - brilliant poem and a great tribute to it! for just 16 you write so majestically and this is as well researched as ever!! a great poem!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

iFirst of all; you're right. The movie is frekaing Epic!

Posted 12 Years Ago

I have seen the movie and i could so completely relate to your poem. Writing a poem after being inspired by a movie is such a great IDEA. I have done that for 2-3 of my poems..Loved your poem as much as I loved this Speilberg classic. Really great job. and Honestly, your poem was so good , you really didn't need that long Author's note to explain. And love the chorus..Can be made a song...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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