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Embrace The Storm

Embrace The Storm

A Poem by Undying Glory

Been working on this one for quite some time, and it's been quite a headache. This song/poem is inspired by that epic and creepy movie, "Shutter Island". Enjoy!

Embrace The Storm (Inspired by the movie "Shutter Island")
I close my eyes
I see your beautiful face
You're everywhere I turn
And you know I'd sell the world
Just to kiss your lips again

Under violet skies
Across this unknown place
I've only memories left to burn
Watch the blackened clouds unfurl
Across sorrow and the pain

You know I love you so much,
And I'll never let you go
Though you're just so far away
Further than anyone will know
And I'll destroy the monster who took you away
As the deep blue skies begin to fade to gray
You know I'll make him pay

The terror is hiding
Out in the darkness somewhere
Mysteries residing
Like there's someone here who's not even there
My memories are tearing at my soul

No one to trust now
No one is who they are
But I'll find a way somehow
Though hope just seems so far
And the coming chaos is beginning to unfold
Across raging seas and biting rains so cold

And I know the dark is calling
My peace of mind is falling
With the lost and the gone
Among those whom I've wronged
This life is but a trial
We're living in denial
Of all that we've done
Stand and embrace the storm
Through love and hate forevermore

In my deepest dreams
You're right next to me
You're everything I need
And this time I'll hold you close
Before I lose you again

Across lakes and streams
You belong here with me
'Cause I don't want my heart to bleed
Please tell me you're not a ghost
Of my past, present and my pain

And how I wish I could have saved you, and rescued you all
But I know, you I will never betray
I'm at the edge of the abyss, with nowhere to fall
But I know I'll find a way
So I beg you, please stay

Through whispers and agony
Let the flames of hope show me the way
To anyone who's come back to me
Let's escape before they drag us down today
The painful truth lies buried beneath it all

There's nowhere to turn now
For I know what's going on
If only I could find help somehow
And know that I'm not alone
Across the dark tower that looms above us all

And I know the dark is calling
My peace of mind is falling
With the lost and the gone
Among those whom I've wronged
This life is but a trial
We're living in denial
Of all that we've done
Stand and embrace the storm
Through love and hate forevermore

The poison's always been in me
Like the blood running in my veins
Haunting my thoughts and dreams
In the darkness and the rain
I may not know what's false and real
But nothing more of me you'll steal
And I know I'm not insane
But those words'll never help me again

And I know the dark is calling
My peace of mind is falling
With the lost and the gone
Among those whom I've wronged
This life is but a trial
We're living in denial
Of all that we've done
Stand and embrace the storm
Through love and hate forevermore

Is it true the monster is myself?
And that I've known this all along?
For all this while have I been lying to myself?
Has my life been so wrong?

And is it worse to die as a man good for all
Or live as a monster deep inside?
So please forgive me if you can forgive me at all
Please believe me because I tried...

© 2011 Undying Glory

Author's Note

Undying Glory
Image taken from Wikipedia
Sorry if this was long...
This was REALLY hard to write because of the vastly contrasting emotions here (love, pain, terror, etc)! So please go easy on me...:P
This was written from Marshal Edward "Teddy" Daniels's perspective.
Oh yes, and just for your information, the very principle of Leonardo DiCaprio's movies "Shutter Island" and "Inception" is that the brain cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is clearly imagined. After all, how many times have you thought something was real but it was all just a dream?
And here's an explanation of the stanzas:
First stanza: Teddy seems to see his late wife, Dolores, everywhere he looks, in his dreams, as he has never gotten over her death. i was reading the movie novelisation where he said he would "sell the world" just to have her again...
Second stanza: Teddy and his new partner Chuck is called to investigate an incident on Shutter Island...
Third stanza: Teddy wants to go to Shutter Island as he believes his wife's murderer, Andrew Laeddis, is being held there, hence the "monster who took you away"...
Fourth stanza: On Shutter Island, a woman named Rachel Solando, who had murdered her kids, had allegedly escaped from Ashecliffe Hospital, the asylum. Teddy and Chuck investigate the escape and retrieve a cryptic note from Solando, indicating that there was supposed to be 1 more patient there...
Fifth stanza: Just explaining the suspicious natures of everyone on the island...and a powerful storm is coming to ravage the island...
Chorus: This was supposed to be a reflection of everyone at the asylum, patient or doctor, and they always insisted that they were "doing the right thing", or that others had forced them to do horrible things.
Sixth stanza: Teddy has some more dreams of Dolores, and in one of the dreams, just as he was telling her to hold on, she crumbles to dust before his eyes...
Seventh stanza: More dreams of Dolores, and their home which overlooked a lake.
Eighth stanza: Among other things, Teddy also keeps seeing a girl who keeps telling him, "You should have saved me!" And Teddy also wishes he could have saved Dolores...
Ninth stanza: Teddy infiltrates Ward C, the part of the hospital for the most psychotic patients, using matches to guide him. He meets George Noyce, another friend of his, who had been on the island and warning him of the fates awaiting himself and Teddy...
Tenth stanza: Teddy is also intrigued with the tower on Shutter Island, which he soon learns is where the doctors carry out lobotomies and other experiments on patients...
Eleventh stanza: Upon meeting what appeared to be Rachel Solando, she tells Teddy that the food and drink and even cigarettes at the hospital were drugged, and the drugs would eventually cause him to lose his mind. She also explains the bitter truth that if a person was deemed crazy, any denials would only reinforce that perception...
Coda: Teddy eventually confronts the doctor in charge on Shutter Island, Dr. Cawley, who says that Teddy really is Andrew Laeddis and that he killed his own wife, because she had drowned their children. Dr. Cawley also says that Teddy had built for himself in his mind a whole new life in which he was innocent. Chuck is also revealed to be one of the doctors of the island as well. Before being sent for a lobotomy, Teddy asks Chuck "if it was worse to die as a good man or to live as a monster"...

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great work, I can see you've put a lot of time and effort into this. I've never seen the movie...but even without seeing it, it was an enjoyable read

Posted 12 Years Ago

great write and the movie was insane. I like it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

great write! even though shutter island kinda creeped me out, i thought you did a fantastic job explaining Teddy's perscpective. i really like the rhyming and repetetiveness of the chorus it really reinforced his point of view.

again, great job! :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

fantastic piece:)

Posted 12 Years Ago

i like it

Posted 12 Years Ago

There are points in any persons life when they ask questions of themself or wonder why things have happened..You wrote this well..Valentine

Posted 12 Years Ago

Superb work, you have done the movie justice and I love the final line "Please believe me because I tried..." it just fitted perfectly.

Posted 12 Years Ago

absolutely fantastic! this is a wonderful write, so many different emotions expressed here. you have done a very good job!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Your poetry is always filled with strong story and you have the ability to make the reader think. You went in many directions with the poem. Always a pleasure to read your poetry and story. Thank you.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Really great and interesting!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Undying Glory
Undying Glory

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