You Turned Love Into Some Gruesome Game

You Turned Love Into Some Gruesome Game

A Poem by micayla3

hi my name is peyton and yours well we will get back to that later. So mystery guy im realy woundering why you would do such a horrible thing now all of you the other people are woundering who this mystery guy is and what he did now arn’t you well i will tell you but not now because what’s the fun of you knowing. Now the date is December, 25 2008 so its a special day isn’t it Christmas but on that day you made my life a living hell didnt you. All of you people want to know what this mystery guy did. Well ill tell you he killed my parents and then raped me. well what’s the fun in you telling us right away Peyton well ill answer you because you need to know what happened to me so i can tell the rest of my story right. On this very magical day i thought i was the luckiest girl in the world but i was wrong this mystery guy was no ordinary guy he was my best friend, my brother but worst of all he was my guy the one that i went to for everything he knew everything about me my fears, my weakneses and he was always there for my heartbreaks. The one I loved Ibut don’t get ahead of your self I only loved him as a friend nothing else and well that was the problem. He didn’t want to be my friend he wanted more from me and i told him I couldn’t and he said it was ok but it wasn’t was it Jacob. Oops did I spill well I guess I did the mystery is out you now know the name of a criminal and a rapist. Jacob dose not seem like a bad name does it but it is so this tells us we cant trust anybody in this world can we not even our friends so lets recap to when I first met you. I was crying hard because my boyfriend that I loved dumped me and you came over and said miss are you okay and I said yeah im fine and I wiped away my tears then you sat next to me and said relationship problems and then I laughed and I said yeah and you smiled and I loved that smile. You were my friend and I needed one so after that we walked and talked and we became close and then well you know but they don’t so you want to know what happened. Well he was walking me home from a movie we went to go see. So he walked me to my door and said goodnight so I went to go hug him and guess what you kissed me Jacob a real kiss and I pulled away and you said you were sorry and then left. Now I didn’t see you for 2 weeks after that which was stupid because I just wanted to talk. So after the 2 weeks of ignoring me you finally came to my house and asked if I wanted to go on a walk. I said sure and we left. You said you were sorry and that you knew I didn’t like you that way. Also that its cool if we are just friends but it wasn’t was it Jacob . So the rest of the time we had was great I mean I had you back. And I loved that but then a few months later you came to me and said you loved me to much and that you couldn’t just be my friend. And the thing you left you left me I don’t were you went but you left. So I didn’t see you for a year so it came around to Christmas and I was visiting my home and then there was a knock at the door and I went to open the door and guess what. There you were looking oh so cute in you jacket standing there while shivering. I couldn’t believe my eyes I kind just stood there. Then you said two words im sorry then you ran and hugged me so tight I was so happy to be in your arms I felt safe well that was the safest that I would feel with you. We spent the rest of the night by the fire talking ang laughing I had you back. That was all I wanted for Christmas. So we fell asleep on the couch together and I felt safe in your arms so I stayed there the whole time I woke up half past 2:00 and you wernt there I looked and looked for you and looked but I couldn’t find you then all of a sudden I hear my name being screamed from across the yard . so I run into the yard and all I could see was this huge trace of blood following a trail. I didn’t know wether or not to follow it "Peyton" I hear my named be screamed again. What did drag me across the trace was when I noticed that the screaming was my moms voice. I ran and ran as fast as I could. Then what I saw was something horrifying and gruesome. And it left me on my knees .not as much as what I saw but as much I heard the screames oh the screames. They rang in my ears like the devils calling me up to hell. "STOP", i begged,"please stop". im sorry i should probly tell you what i saw. well lets go back to when oi saw it. i ran and saw my mom her face was covered in blood tied up to a tree like some dead corpse just hanging there she screamed and screamed. "Peyton", she said in a weaker voice but i could see the guy who was doing this i couldnt believe it. i wouldnt no he couldnt . but then he saw me he turned to me with a grin so nasty and happy a smerk i should say. "Jacob", i said in a wisper as he approched me. 

© 2010 micayla3

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Added on February 12, 2010
Last Updated on February 12, 2010



leavenworth, KS

Just waiting for that moment that changes my life forever more..

She died She died

A Poem by micayla3

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