A Gothic tale.


When Lucrecia told me that I’d been chosen for hers "First Time" I was surprised by such a designation. Then I thought: "Holly s**t; now it is coming the Armageddon." Although, I’d had this amatory experience many years ago, related to my debut.

Therefore, I decided to be going with the flow. Following her initiative I grabbed her delicate hand sheathed in a thin black silk glove, transparent lace, allowing to be seen only the tips of his fingers.

"Ho, my god, you are burning!" I thought when I met and touched you. Therefore, I decided to drop the two sharp stakes I had on the other hand, which were of wood and silver.

Why I had those stakes with me? Well, just in case, because I grabbed them amid doubts, when I heard the invitation. Lucrecia could be, in her just 20 years old and taking advantage of the virtual anonymity of the contact "Chat", one of those bugs, not so rare, that seems like a "man", but sucks blood and something else, and gives a woman's name. That is what the stakes were for, in case were necessary: the wood one, to stab it in the vampire heart, and if he doesn't die yet, the silver one will be in the center of it identity, so the "Chupa Cabro" can go to hell happy after all.

"She's a lady!" I said to myself when I saw her fine face, trying to get a good look through the dark veil that covered her delicate figure, almost letting the two sharp stakes, but suddenly I changed my mind, and I decided to keep it with me.

Lucrecia led me by the hand through the darkness, between trains and cars stranded in a lugubrious Train Station. We were illuminated only by the immense and radiant face of the full moon, cratered as a survivor of a terrible chickenpox, as he spoke in a tone of a complaint about her lover, who besides of having stolen her sleepiness, he took her panties off and something else too.  I do not know why she had to describe it, as if I care. Nevertheless, I concluded that he seemed just like me, from the times when I was very young.      

I felt a little disappointed I was not the main character. "So, what the hell am I doing here?" I wondered in silence. However, from the hidden depths of my mind came up the answer: "Aha ... I'm a voyeur, and you want me to Peeping Tom when you make love", exposing my suppressed voyeuristic compulsion.  

I wanted to ask something, but she did not let me.

"Just hear me out. That, it doesn’t make you my accomplice," Or, maybe?" She said as an order, but promising much more with a glance.

I followed her in silence, almost against my will, thinking that at any time, Lucrecia would make a turn towards to me and would cut my neck, my hands or my balls, same as she had told me she'd done with her other lovers. Although, I also thought that, like the black widow, she was going to do something very bad to which she would meet. I was terrified, but the compulsive and uncontrollable lustful curiosity to see it fornicating with her lover, and maybe killing him too, made me keep on going no matter what.

Until a train whistle announced its nearness.

We stopped next to the railroad, and she fixed her gaze on the train that was coming pouring smoke and fumes amid a hell of noise.

It was only an instant, like a lightning, when we saw the machinist of the train, looking out the window. His smiling face was young, and I thought I had recognized it as the same as she had described when the train passed in front of us.

"Bang, bang," resounded in my ears, and I saw a shining gun in her hand sheathed in black lace glove, pointing to the machinist of the noisy and smoky mass of steel.

The sharp stakes fell off from my hand, and I went away, as the machinist of the train, watching from the window how Lucrecia was hugging her young lover.


Author's Note

To Lucrecia... A Gothic girl.

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Added on August 20, 2010
Last Updated on June 21, 2012
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