Love Street

Love Street

A Poem by Michael G.

(Long version)


Love Street

The shadows grow long
On the corner of Love Street
Memories longer.

A blue jean sort of day.
You, with your plaid top covered tee.
Me, caught sipping kool-aid through a straw - and daydreaming.
That would have been okay;
but, it was grape and you liked cherry - and
Still, the smile you wore
outweighed all of my faults.

We laughed and made it past midday meals,
and the heat of the day sun,
only to chase one another down the dirt path
leading to the park,
begging the pardon of the couple
we startled from their bench seat refuge.
You, recognizing them as being famous,
and sitting alone talking - listening
with heads bent toward the other
like a conspiracy;
or at best, private plans
for future clandestine meetings.
I remember you smiled again
at the imaginings of what they were doing,
and thinking . . . wondering possibly
if you could join them later
for a drink or perhaps a secret rendezvous.

Neither of those things happened.
We spent the rest of the evening
simply being a normal couple ourselves.
I didn't understand "normal" back then.
You had me deep under your spell
and I considered everything "amazing."

The next day it rained.
Our world turned wet
with most things appearing gray.
You didn't smile much either.
Somewhere between the heavy set low clouds
with a torrent of water running into storm drains,
you changed.
We changed.

Looking back now
I'm sure that rainy day was one of the saddest days
I ever lived through.
We found ourselves at night
on the front yard
fighting in the downpour.
That dark, lonely day of storms,
and the loss of your smile.

standing at the street corner
with cooler longer shadows spreading,
remembering you and those "amazing" days,
I smile.

You taught me how,
in those glorious days while living on
Love Street.


© 2017 Michael G.

Author's Note

Michael G.
Thank you for reading my work.

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oh wow this tells the tale so well. genuinely enjoyed reading it and made me gulp towards the end

Posted 3 Years Ago

Michael G.

3 Years Ago

Thank you, Patrick. I'm glad you enjoyed my writing. It ended much as it did it real life. Though I .. read more

3 Years Ago

it tells which makes it all the more authentic
Ahhhh.. Love lingers.... these are sweet memories...even if people change.. they still have their good memories of each other...



This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 3 Years Ago

Michael G.

3 Years Ago

Hi Jazz!
Yes, love lingers . . . that is . . . if we're lucky. Hope you are well, my friend, .. read more
J. J.  Nightingale

3 Years Ago

Thanks.. I am ok..... and..You are welcome...
This poem is beautiful, my sweet friend. It's special, loke you. Always with a hint of beach, broad smiles and love. I truly am sorry for any sadness you carry. Me, thinking you deserve only whatever good this world can offer. The rain is always present sooner or later, I know. I wish we could when it falls, instead of the other way around. 143, always.

I really love this!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

Michael G.

3 Years Ago

My dear sweet pal,
I'm sorry I missed you being here. We've come many miles and we still find.. read more

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Michael G.
Michael G.

Holden Beach, NC

Though most of what’s left of my hair has turned to silver and gray . . . my mind and heart remain young and full of life. It’s like hearing an oldie Goldie song with the newest electr.. more..

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