The Pull of the Sea

The Pull of the Sea

A Poem by Michael G.

The Pull of the Sea



There are mixed feelings

with the coming and going to sea.

Sundown and sunrise dreams

beckon like their namesake

touching the soul in places seldom known,

and rarely ever thought about.

Blue clear water shadows form - disappear

light flickering here, then there

Blindingly bright brilliance flash

toward the sun splashing down at the horizon.

Sparse clouds glide sparingly overhead

add to the pause of the moment.

Late summer breeze warms the face,

though either in the early or ebbing hours of day

the chill down your spine is felt and very real.

Being nautical doesn't allow time for fear;

but, plenty for loneliness.

Why else are there drunken sailors

in every port they reach?

You could play it safe

staying at home like other land lubbers.

Hiding behind closed locked doors

resting on threadbare caved-in sofas,

moving to the fridge and back;

to the toilet - and back;

bottle always near at hand.

Neptune will never find you there,

except in your nightmares.

No, better to go to sea

not resisting her pull.

Better to live life upon her waves

and let them rock you asleep in your rack,

at the end of day's duties and watches.

Better always to climb up the gangplank

than to walk down,

shedding and kicking away the sand

from shoes and mind.




© 2017 Michael G.

Author's Note

Michael G.
Thank you for reading my work.

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Added on June 10, 2017
Last Updated on August 9, 2017


Michael G.
Michael G.

Holden Beach, NC

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