Chances . . .

Chances . . .

A Poem by Michael G.

Chances . . .

You never knew the name,  

though, if the truth be known,

you really didn't need to know,

or care to know it.

It was just a chance thing that sometimes happen.

Yes, there really was a name.

Everyone has one, known by someone.

A name that was used by loved ones

and those barely known.

And like all others,

there was a story or two

about the life being lived,

with all the things that had happened;

or perhaps sadly, not happened

throughout the course of it.

We don't always get to hear

all the stories surrounding us . . .

there just isn't enough time for that,

and quite possibly, no real interest for all of them.

Most times honestly,

we don't much care to hear everything

about another's life and story -

we're too involved in the moment,

living our own.

Remember, this was just a chance kind of meet.

Like the stranger we pass on the road,

we see them, but that's all.

A visual thought, then they're gone.

But just because they are now long beyond us

doesn't mean their story ended . . .

or that we might meet further up the highway.

Like ours, theirs continues

with all the importance as ours is to us.

Many times we pass one another

with no effect whatsoever upon ourselves.

Like a hand hanging out the car window,

floating in the air current.

Smooth and easy when the hand is flat,

pushed hard when held up and cupped.

Sometimes pushed harder than we can stand,

as the wind pushes it backward and away.

Chance meetings can have that type of impact, sometimes.

We do the same when we pass others in our lives.

Some smooth and friendly.

Some so inconsequential

we don't even realize we've passed them by.

Others, are the ones we feel push back against us.

Not necessarily a bad thing - being pushed.

Sometimes it's a good thing,

because we're forced to react in some sort of way.

And that reaction

adds to the story of our lives.

Maybe not a big way like a novel,

or a short story;

not even a whole chapter

or even a few paragraphs dedicated to this "push."

It might be as little as a reference note

at the bottom of a page.

Chance things are seldom recorded,

much less thought enough to earn

a handwritten note in the margin.

More often,

they live within the mostly forgotten

footnotes of our lives.

So we pass by each other,

not knowing name or story.

Another miss without eye contact.

Not a single smile shared.

Another road not traveled.

Another dream that might have been . . .

that now wasn't and will now never be.

Yet, some chances,

happenstance notwithstanding nor intended

are worth taking that chance.



© 2017 Michael G.

Author's Note

Michael G.
Thank you for reading my work.

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Added on July 7, 2017
Last Updated on July 7, 2017


Michael G.
Michael G.

Holden Beach, NC

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