A Story on #Love Unrequited

A Story on #Love Unrequited

A Poem by michaelthio

A poem in story form about finding a perfect love only to lose it. It's about weighing in on hope and deciding whether to try harder or to let it go.


A man is lying on the street bleeding. His heart wounded and broken.

He seeks advice from God who says “if you want love to come in, I’ll have to break your heart open.”

His emotions are running ruthless and oceans of tears flood all over a lonely, desolate place.

A year after she left, in a sea of people, he still searches for her face.

He’s met others without effect because he believes this woman is his soul mate.

But she left him, so he remembers that, “those who leave you are never tied to your fate.”


Completely confounded, the man submits to his loss and is about to surrender

But his mind is clouded with an opposing thought that “sometimes two people need to fall apart in order to be together.”

 Mentally drained and spiritually dead, he cries inside because he feels he’s emotionally done,

Trying to figure out if this woman is a lesson to be learned or a blessing because she’s the one.

Every night he sees her in an endless recurring dream, which his sentiments can’t sustain anymore

But he’s still hoping that he’s the one because every woman has a man she will never lose feelings for.


“I’ve been homesick since I lost you” he says, “and for this I will never be sorry:

You can erase someone from your mind but getting them out of your heart is another story.”

His mind has tried to forget and with all the women he’s met he says, “Amongst them I don’t want any.”

Because this man craves her with a love so deep even the bluest sea would turn green with a tsunami of envy.

People wonder if this man misses the memories, not the person, and they tell him “Don’t confuse the two.”

Inside he knows he misses both and says “I hope someday destiny will lead me back to you.”


 He’s pleading to the invisible, saying “It doesn’t matter if you did me wrong or if I did you right.

Because we are the shadows to each others light, put another way the day to each others night.”

“You know”, people would say quoting Fitzgerald, “There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.”

But the bleeding, stubborn man would refute, “You don’t choose love, it chooses you, and that’s something you all need to realize.”

You see, one of the hardest parts of life is deciding to try harder or knowing when to walk away.

And since he can’t give up on anyone he can’t go a day without thinking about; not one minute contained in a single day-

The man stands up damaged, but with a smile on his face from a single thought on his mind:

“Because I can’t leave these memories behind-

When you’re ready, I’ll be yours, if you be mine.”





© 2013 michaelthio

Author's Note

"to erase someone from your mind...." this line is quoted from "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind."

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Added on March 22, 2013
Last Updated on March 22, 2013
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