It was All Good Until...

It was All Good Until...

A Story by MichelleSun

This was a QuickWrite Written in 60 min. and posted to facebook w/ the following :TODAYS WRITING CHALLENGE!Let's start a freestyle CHALLENGE.A SHORTSTORY exercise entitled. "IT Was All Good Until..."


"It was all good until..." by Michelle Sun

One thing I will not tolerate is another meaningless date. Sherhonda claims this guy is legit. Not from Dallas. Been here about three years. He owns a few gyms around town. Six feet tall, dark skinned with nice teeth. Sounds good to me. Dang, I forgot to ask her if he had kids. It’s not that kids are a deal breaker, just depends on how many kids. I ain’t gone lie. I don’t have any kids, but if it wasn’t for the morning after pill I’d probably have about six. I mean you just don’t be a sexy caramel drop like me and not have a few close calls. I am a man eater, well I used to be. I am 30 now…so all that ‘ish has to stop. I am going to grow up, get married and…
“Buzz buzz…”
Shoot, who is that calling me? I am not ready to go. My nails not even dry. 
“Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet. To go over everything. They say that time's supposed to heal ya. But I ain't done much healing. Hello, Can you hear me?”
“Omg! Sherhonda will you stop with the Adele lyrics!”
“Ha! Ha! Hey, girl what’s up? You ready?”
“Ha! Look out your window.”
“You better not be outside.”
“I’m outside.”
“Ugh….hold on.”
I opened my front door and there she was, little thick self, with a big grin on her face. The thing about my friends is they are always trying to fix me up with somebody. Even when I was 16 this girl bought me a hot pink victoria secret bra and panty set and said, “It’s time for you to get a man.” I said,”Just because you been dating since you were ten does not mean I need a man right now. I am fine. Books over boys all day er’ day..,”

Now, here I am 14 years, 1 Phd, 2 homes, and 3 cars later...and not to mention top producer of my insurance firm, and still single.

When she pulled up to the Shark bar I really didn’t want to get out the car. 
“Okay, look Yasmin, he said he will be at the bar wearing a gray blazer.” She gave me a reassuring pat on my shoulder.“Text me when you are ready. I will be right around the corner.” With that I jumped out the car. I adjusted my black skirt so it wouldn’t be all the way up my thigh and button the top buttons on my pink blouse. My b***s already too big for this shirt. No need to be showing cleavage. I was catching looks as soon as my stilletos hit the ground. White guys flirt like crazy, but so smooth with it. I walked pass a group of them and made a z line to the restroom. 
“Hey, is that you Yasmin?” 
My heart stopped. Didn’t even see anyone. I had been shaking my hands trying to make sure my nails were dry when this husky voice grabbed me from the side. I turned and there was the gray blazer. I looked up. Damn, this guy is tall. “Hi, I’m Michael” he said from the sky. I almost said, “Pick me up so I can see your face”, but instead I just said. “Hello. I’m Yasmin. Nice to meet you.” I let him follow me to the bar. I wanted to sit down as soon as possible so I could see his face. If he was as handsome as he was fine, I’d be a happy woman, I thought. Then a funny thing happen. He reminded me of someone. As we sat down, I examined him closely. 
“I know you from somewhere.” 
He laughed, “I get that all the time.”
“No, really I-” 
Before I could finish my sentence he kissed me! I mean really kissed me. It was the kiss of life. A kiss that makes you think bad thoughts. A “tell my family I aint never coming home” type kiss. A wait a minute...Now, now, now...I remembered...It’s Salem! That butthole!
Salem Michael Ford from Salem Massachusetts, a one night stand, who I never thought I would see again. I called him for ten months afterwards...No answer. 
How the hell he showing up after six years?
I slapped him. I am only 5 feet 2 inches tall and this dude is probably 6’5 so how he ended up falling off the bar stool I don’t know. The bartender, a little bald guy, ran over and grabbed me. This isn’t a fight. Why are you holding me back? I thought. He literally had his arms around my waist. Tight. My feet were dangling. I couldn’t move. Salem scrambled up off the floor. 
“Let her go, man. What are you doing?” 
My bag was hanging on the chair at the bar. All I needed was my cell phone. The bartender said “I’m going to let you go, but you’re going to have to leave immediately. “
He let me go. I grabbed my bag. Salem touched my shoulder and I turned around, completely ignored him, almost tripped and fell trying to get out of there. 
“Yasmin, please. Wait!” Salem shouted. 
All I was thinking; Where is my phone? Where is my phone? Where is my phone?
I dug through my Michael Kors bag like a maniac. Couldn’t find anything, just a wallet, makeup, keys...that’s it. My heart was pounding. I was outside in the street still looking for it. 
I turned around. Salem was standing there holding an Iphone with a diamond case. Wait, that’s my phone. He handed it to me. I must’ve left it at the bar. 
“Thank you.”
“Yas, before you go, please let me explain something. I never got over you. I wanted you, but at the time I had a lot going on.”
I texted Sherhonda. “Come quick!”
“Yasmin?” He kept calling my name. 
“I have to go, Salem. This is some bs.”
“No, wait. I understand how you feel but...listen. Yas, I want to be with you. You have always been in my heart.”
Sherhonda’s black Mercedes whipped around the corner just in time. 
“Just give me a chance, Yas! Please.”
I jumped in her car like a bank robber. She looked at me like I was crazy. 
Sherhonda took off. 
“What? What happened?” she asked.
“Where do you know him from?”
“He contacted me on facebook. Saw you on my friend list. Said he wanted to meet you.”
“What? He’s seemed like a good catch. What happened? What? He’s too tall? What’s wrong?”
“What, Yas?”
I sighed, “Just stay off facebook. Okay? Stay off facebook! Please!” Shaking my head. Mad as hell. 
“You get on my nerves. Yas. Dang. You never like anybody.”

Slumped down in my seat and closed my eyes. Inhale-body shuddered thinking about the extraordinary night we shared..It was February 14, 2011. It was out of this world. I suffered many years trying to find someone else who could put it down like that...sigh...almost ruined my life... a*s Salem…exhale. 


© 2017 MichelleSun

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Added on January 5, 2017
Last Updated on January 5, 2017
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