Dragon - Chapter One

Dragon - Chapter One

A Chapter by Michelle_H

She walked silently through Azure Forest, bare feet stepping lightly through the twilight leaves that crunched softly beneath her. Shades of saphire, cobalt, and navy filled her eyes with the lush foliage of the surrounding woods. Leaves rustled in the warm, still breeze that caressed the ivory skin upon her face, pushing long strands of silken gold from her shoulder.

She looked to the sky, a piercing ice blue that spoke of glaciers and snow-capped mountains of the North.

She breathed deep of the ocean breeze though it lay miles to the east. The smell of salt and drift wood fell on her in waves of unbridled passion, the untamed sea crashing upon the shore.

She outstretched her arms, placing her palms on the rough fibrous tissue that made up the great Oaks and Elms of the forest. Their spirit was a pulse in her hands that reverberated through her body. She smiled in ecstasy, the forest was alive and it filled her with a constant flow of energy, life, power.

She used the time outside of Ashwani to renew her energy; the sentient spirits of the forest supplying her with their strength. Her position as an Evori healer exhausted her of vitality and consequently her abilities to heal.

She continued through the heavily shaded woodland, her destination growing ever closer. As she wound her way through the thick, blue-tinted brush, she mused over the day.

The sun had been at it's peak when she had left Ashwani for the sanctuary of Azure Forest, yet she had already drained of her healing powers.

Between the elderly members of her people and the adventurous youth, she was in constant demand. Contusions, disease, scrapes, burns, and fractures ran rampant as her people were always working, always in motion.

Though the oldest members breached three centuries, they maintained the lifestyle of one nearly half their age.

She smiled in memory of her most frequent patient, an elderly female by the name of Marlian. The woman had worked her entire life, a servant to her needs to cook, to provide. Her sight diminished, her strength waning, she refused to retire her efforts despite the constant pressure from the members of her people to do so.

As a consequence of her diminishing sight, she was constantly burning herself, but maintained her position that she was just as capable of cooking now as she had been a hundred years ago.

She laughed softly to her self, reminiscing over her most recent visit to Marlian's kitchen. She had walked in to find the elderly woman bustling from one end of the kitchen to the other, carrying bags of rice, bowls of vegetables, stopping only momentarily to stir the contents of a large pot.

The woman was hunched over from age, the thin bones of her arms standing out starkly through the lightly wrinkled flesh, but she moved with the speed and grace of one centuries younger than herself.

“Need any help, Mar?” She had asked, smiling at the smaller, older woman as she stood on the threshold of the kitchen and dining area.

Marlian had only snorted as silver brows furrowed lightly, refusing to stop her tasks of cutting, stirring, carrying, and cleaning. She turned to cutting a row of carrots in rhythmic fashion as she responded to the inquiry, “Elena, I've lived 313 years and have managed this kitchen for six generations. The day I need help is the day they cart my body off and send my spirit to Allucia.”

Elena had merely smiled and left the woman to her chores. Every time anyone had offered the woman help, she always replied with an answer that noted how long she had been doing her job as well as the fact that she would only need help when she died.

Elena's thoughts returned to the present, the soft sway of cobalt leaves and songs of the forest putting her at peace. The light chirrup of nearby birds fell on her in waves of resonance as she continued the easy stroll over the crunch of twigs, leaves, and damp earth.

The faint trickle of water reached her as she neared the bank of a small stream; her personal oasis. Shades of blue surrounded the small stream, prussian petals falling lightly to dance in the moving stream. Ivy grew into the water, its midnight fingers dancing with the motion of the water.

She lowered herself to the ground, lifting her green frock above her knees as she sat on the edge of the stream, feet danging into the cool water.

She reached down with dainty fingers, tracing patterns on the water's surface. The water so clear that she could see the bottom of the shallow stream, discolored pebbles creating ripples in the steady flow.

Elena removed her hand and placed her palms behind her, leaning back with her face upturned to the sky. She narrowed her eyes at the stream of sunlight that fell on her face, filtered through the blue trees, casting shadows on the surrounding forest floor.

She watched as birds flew above her in a black cloud, momentarily blocking out the sun. She frowned and sat up, her thoughts turning dark at the memory of another black cloud that had descended upon her people only years ago; a Stygian cloud.

The people of Azershia had lived in peace for nearly one hundred years before the attack and had grown careless. Her people had been ill prepared, the entrance to their home unguarded, their people unable to defend themselves.

She, herself, had only been fifteen years at the time, but the memory was engrained on her heart.

She walked across the Sanctuary Gardens, the rich colors spread out before her in a delicate array of reds, violets, blues, yellows, and greens. The Sanctuary was set away from the central square of Ashwani and provided a sheltered escape from her obligations.

Elena often came to the Garden in order to escape her schooling. Though she loved to train in the healing arts, she found mandatory schooling tedious and boring and would often escape to the Gardens for a respite from the monotonous task of learning Evorian history.

She walked through the intricate pathways marked along the Garden, but stopped at the sight of a fading rose. She knelt beside the dying red rose, cupping the head of the blossom in gentle hands as she allowed her healing energy to encompass the dainty flower with the golden hue emanating from deft fingers. She watched in wonder as it rose to an upright position, its darkened petals blending into the youthful ambience of its earlier shade.

Her momentary wonder had been halted by the deafening sound of screams coming from the far side of the city, the sound growing stronger with each passing moment; a wave of terror clawing its way to her.

She stood up slowly, shock weaving a web of denial through her even as her mind raced. She knew not what caused her people to react with such vehement fear, but instinct urged her to seek shelter. Her heart thundered in her ears, adrenaline pulsing through her veins and she turned to run in search of her family.

She sped towards the back entrance of the Sanctuary, the unknown fate of her family urging her legs faster. She had reached the cracked stone steps of the Temple when everything turned dark.

She stopped running and stood in horrified awe as she looked upwards to the stygian sky.

The living, breathing horde of terror eclipsed the sun as scaled black wings beat at the ground sending a gust of wind that tore her blonde locks away from her face in a whirlwind frenzy.

Even as the horde flew above the heart of Ashwani, they dispersed in a tangled web of shadows, flying in every direction. Some flew atop the towers that marked the Healing Center and Greenhouse, some flew to the ground, scattering the Evori people in a burst of fear. And fewer still remained above the city, raining fire on every untouched ground, targeting every unharmed Elf.

Her momentary shock struck from her by the destruction reigning about her city, she turned back to the rear entrance of the temple, throwing herself into the dimly lit space. She wasted no time admiring the painted glass ceiling as she usually did, instead speeding towards the front entrance. Her bare feet echoed through the open, high-ceilinged building, her own uneven breaths piercing in the silence of the Temple.

She reached the entrance of the Sanctuary, heaving the heavy, large wooden door open in impatience. With the door open, the vision of Ashwani stood before her, the image rocking her to the core.

Bloody, beaten, charred bodies littered the floor as the surrounding buildings fell upon themselves in a cloud of ash. The dead and injured Elves near the collapsed building buried in a firey grave.

And still the Dragons bore down on them, their destruction ceaseless.

She sped through the city, weaving through the ash, fire, and bodies. She mourned the loss of the soldiers, women, and children as she looked down upon them in her haste, but she could not tarry long in sorrow; her own family still lost in the turmoil.

Elena shook her head, casting the memories of her past to the recesses of her mind. Luckily she had found her family unharmed, but the majority of her people had been killed in the reigning destruction.

Sighing in remembrance, she stood up, brushing the dirt and leaves from the thin gown and looked through the thick tangle of trees to the sky.

The sun was now slightly below it's peak. She turned to face the golden luminescence that filtered through the thick prussian fronds, following the westward path home through the Azure leaves. She strode swiftly through the shadowy underbrush, mindful of her obligations.

She was to train her sister, Nora, in the healing arts. She, too, had been blessed with the gift of healing; a rarity among their people. It was more common for an Elf to be given the gift of fire, water, or earth; the elements of life.

A twig snapped behind her, breaking her ruminations over the training that lie ahed of her. She paused, listening intently to the source of disturbance even as she palmed the steel dagger on her thigh. She was not trained as a warrior, but every Elf was given the tools to defend themselves if need be.

The pointed porcelain skin of her ears pricked backward, waiting. She turned, but there was nothing behind her save the rustle of leaves in the wind.

She was just being paranoid after her earlier brooding, she thought, attempting to shake herself free of the dread that had settled over her at the thought of the attack. She continued walking, using the sun as her guide.

Ashwani stood to the west, its new location protected by a veil of fallen water. Only the Evori could enter Ashwani with the use of sentient energy by halting the flow of water at the head of Ashwani. Only then would the entrance reveal itself.

The rustle of leaves caught her attention out of the corner of her eye and she turned toward the sound, but only the shadowed forest stood before her in its specter of midnight. Frowning, she turned her attention back to the path.

And came face to face with a Dragon.

It stood taller than the head of the surrounding trees, its head larger than her entire body. The black, pointed scales, black eyes, and sweltering breath spoke of death. Her death.

Her heart dropped, a sense of panic threatening to engulf her. Her earlier dread coming full force in a collision of terror and the will to survive.

She braced herself, dagger a comforting weight in her palm as her eyes swept the forest looking for an escape. She breathed slowly and deeply, watching him through almond-shaped eyes.

He stood there, a monstrous, dark cloud in the heart of blue-tinted foliage. The black scales of his body absorbed the light, making him hardly more than a shadow in the already darkened woodland.

The charcoal black eyes of the creature bore into her, menacing in its unwavering gaze. It blinked slowly, exhaling its searing breath through the space between itself and the Elf. It shifted its weigh, opening the large, pointed wings opened to their full width, threatening to tear through the surrounding trees.

She inhaled sharply. It already dwarfed her tiny frame, but the wings spoke of power and sheer muscular strength.

It rose up on its hind legs and pushed down with monstrous wings, beating at the forest floor with the turbulence of wind. A soft cry escaped her lips as dirt and leaves flew into her face before she put up her arms to shield herself.

She closed her eyes briefly against the onslaught of debris, and it was then that it grabbed her. The talons of two large claws gripped her upper arms firmly and began lifting her from the ground on the sound of beating wings.

She screamed and tried to slash at the animal gripping her with the dagger still held in hand, but the awkward position of her arms made it nearly impossible for her to reach it.

She kicked and slashed, but it made no difference. The creature continued to rise higher into the cloudless sky, its captive held firmy between razor-sharp talons.

As Azure Forest disappeared beneath her, she ceased struggling. She would have to make her escape when the creature landed and hope that it did not kill her before she got a chance.

Positive/ negative comments and criticism welcome! I look forward to hearing what you think

© 2012 Michelle_H

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Michelle, I must accept that you are quite talented storyteller! You are capable of stirring a good picture and imagination in mind of readers! Your presentation and attention to detail is wonderful! I exactly don't know where, if you polish your work a little more then it will be just Superb!!! It does not mean you are not good, it simply means that this will enable you to stand straight, original and among the really good storytellers! Bravo! Have great luck!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Michelle, you are a talented story teller indeed.

You need appropriate pics though for the chaPters, and consider making chapters shorter since so many won't read them.

I love your descriptions and detail. You have an impressive imagination.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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