Dragon - Chapter Three

Dragon - Chapter Three

A Chapter by Michelle_H

 She stared at the imposing, naked figure before her, mouth slightly agape. Dark waves of raven hair fell just above the broad, muscular shoulders of the bronze-skinned man before her. Eyes that spoke of midnight, danger, and temptation stared back at her from beneath a fan of dark lashes.

He stepped forward.

She stared in horror at the sight before her even as she flinched backwards, back flush against the sturdy Oak headboard. Never had she imagined that the dragon who had taken her captive would be of the Stygian Race. The race of people that empowered themselves through death and the deficit of life while her own people thrived on the spirits of those around them.

The impulse to back away from the towering Stygian was a response imbedded from hundreds of years of Stygians attacking her people. The war that had been ongoing was not so much an offensive maneuver from both sides, but of a will to survive.

The Stygians had long been fighting to rid Ashzara of the Elven race. Her people had had to move countless times due to the destruction the Stygian Dragons had brought upon their land and home.

Elves derived their strength from nature, and used their strengths to restore their forests. It was a cycle of healing, rebirth, and growth. A cycle that weakened the Stygians.

And while she was able to heal her people, the strength of their race was greatly diminished when the spirits of nature were no longer there to buttress their gifts.

As her people grew weaker, the absence of life, the creation of death provided the Stygians with strength of their own. The abilities to use their gifts were dependent on killing that which Elves depended on for their own strengths.

The two could not coexist.

There was only one option. To escape.

Who are you?” The deep timbre of his voice echoed the dragon within even as the man stepped forward on muscular thighs.

She swallowed audibly, fear coursing through her even as she steadied herself to attack. Never would she allow herself to become a slave to these people.

I am the one held captive, I am the one who was taken from my home. Shouldn't you know who I am?” She did not want to tempt him into violence, but anger threatened to engulf her in flames. Her own fear was nothing compared to the hatred she felt towards the Stygian Race.

Too many times had they destroyed her lands to reap the benefits of death. Too many times had she watched the spirits of the forest die as she watched in vain. And she had had build Azure Forest from the ground up with her own hands.

He stepped forward as ebony eyes bore into her, danger a palpable thing. She could feel the heat of his skin sending licks of fire searing down her spine.

I do not play games, Elf.” Elf was spoken in such a way as to leave no room as to how he felt about her own race. He braced arms of steel on the either side of the wooden bed posts and leaned in. “I ask again, who are you?”

Weighing her own ability to defeat him in a battle of sheer strength, she relented. Lying would appease him as well as keep herself safe. The fact that she was a healer of Elves added to her own danger as she was one who kept the spirits alive and well.

A balm to the Stygian's destruction.

Nora.” She used the name of one of her sisters. He need not know her own.

And what abilities do you have to share with me, Nora?” A healer would ensure her certain death, but perhaps if he found her abilities useful...

I have been given the gift of Fire.”

Hmmm.” He began pacing thoughtfully in front of her, arms folded across his chest. Seemingly coming to some sort of conclusion regarding her fate, he stopped. “Well, I'm sure you will have no difficulty leading me to Ashwani.” He looked at her directly, a challenge.

If it is Ashwani that appeals to you, why bring me here first?” His intentions were clear, death. Still, that did not explain why he took her back to his own land if he was already within arm's reach of her people. He could have just as easily followed her into her home.

Do not play coy, Elf. We are weakened in the depths of your forests and I was alone.” He said no more, clearly feeling that he had explained himself. As he spoke, he went to the far side of the room and grabbed a tunic and leather breeches to cover himself.

It will take a few days to gather my men before we head out.” He paused briefly, cruelty emerging from the inky depths that continued to bore into her and walked to the side of the bed. He grabbed a strand of blonde silk from her shoulders and ran it through his fingers before adding, “And you will lead the way, won't you Elf?” He smiled, lifting her chin slightly as the question lingered in the air.

Elena slapped at the hand holding her chin a firm, yet gentle grip. Her own eyes staring back into his, a challenge though she was nearly half the size of the man before her. She expected violence, but he merely smiled slowly and stepped away from her.

Fire, indeed.”

He turned away from her and began to walk out of the chamber's entrance even as he said, “Do not think to escape me.”

The careless emotion of his voice did not dissuade from the very clear threat in his final words.

Elena sighed deeply before dropping her head into her hands. What was she going to do?

© 2012 Michelle_H

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I love the unbridled intensity...i even feel an attraction going on here too. Maybe not? I like the dialogue and the impecable delivery. Your imagination and your habit of holding the attention of your readers is impressive.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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