Technology ~ Deaf Culture vs. Hearing Culture

Technology ~ Deaf Culture vs. Hearing Culture

A Story by Mic Love

I am in between two worlds. The deaf world and the hearing world! I remembered seeing a deaf person texting away and then the next thing I know. The hearing people started texting. I always thought it was a deaf thing not that the hearing world would catch on too. The People who are texting came up with acronyms and started a new lingo.

Some people get so caught up in the whole acronym and shorthand thing that they take it to the next level. They don’t just use it in their texting. They use it in their writing such as email. I had an email from acouple of people and it was most of it in acronyms. I am confused by this. Whatever happened to writing complete sentences?

I came across an article today “Is Technology Pulling Us Apart or bringing us Closer Together”. It all depends on who you ask. We are talking about the Deaf Culture and the Hearing Culture coming together and communicate the people around the world. I wouldn’t be surprised that there will be a name for people who are on the technology all the time.
I am considered hard of hearing and it is easier for me to be on the internet then on the phone. I feel that the internet has opened new doors for me. I can make appointments and communicate with family and friends on the internet. I can even go shopping online. I feel it has brought us closer together. I have a cell phone but, some people’s voices are easier or harder than others. I pick up a frequency in their voice. If they have a strong accent or a soft voice then forget it. They are better off texting me. I have the iphone and the iphone volume sounds and the alarm o’clock is the frequency that I can pick up. I am looking at the droid but, don’t know much about it. iphone vs. droid will be another topic.

I wonder do people give out their numbers now like back in the day. They still give out business cards. We would tell them to email us. Now, we will tell someone to befriend us on MySpace and now it is “befriend me on facebook”. Then we will exchange phone numbers to keep in touch.

Through the social networking such as MySpace and facebook it has opened doors for me. I met some friends and keep in touch with them on social networking. I have family that I have never met but, they found me on MySpace and facebook. We see each other grow up on the internet world such as posting pictures of ourselves growing up or traveling or hanging out with friends. And writing to the world what are our hobbies, movies, books, and pages we like. It is about connecting one another through technology.

Technology has brought others together while some people it has kept them from interacting with others in person. So, does technology brings us closer or apart? It all depends who you talk to. Everyone has a different view on this subject. Especially, the Deaf Culture and the Hearing Culture. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer. I wouldn’t be surprised that the majority and society will decide that.

© 2014 Mic Love

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Added on July 22, 2014
Last Updated on August 1, 2014
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Mic Love

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