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Dream. The Illusion

Dream. The Illusion

A Story by K.G

Read and find out. . ..


Dream. The Illusion


            I hear voices calling, talking to me. Behind the voices I could hear some kind of music being played on a piano. I start to open my eyes, but only for a smoky grey mist blinding my sight. Slowly my vision started seeing things past this mist. Things blurred and hazed but soon everything had focused and cleared up. With my eyes finally adjusted, I took my first step out of the darkness and into a room of black and mystique. Looking from a high place I saw people in a dimly lit room. Every one dressed in different eras, or had their own mix and matched style.


            Another thing that was out of place; everyone was wearing their own unique mask. Confused and lost as I was, I decided to turn and go back, but I bumped into a wall instead. The people from behind me laughed. Slowly I turned myself to see the ones who we’re laughing, but when I looked the laughter ceased.  The music did too. It was pointless to put my attention back to the wall, so I had decided to go back and find a place to sit at. When I had turned around the music was once again playing up again, and so did the chatting and small clanking of glass. Also, everything had changed somehow.


            Everything was wider like the place had gained more space. More people were here to. Some looked like they were leaving, others just sitting down or already where previously here. To get to them I would have to go down the stairs that were just a few steps in front of me. As I stood I could smell spices like cinnamon and a hint of a flowery scent in the air. Everything looked like it was meant for something different. The color choices for the café were of different shades, tints and stains of  blacks and reds. It also would have a splash of gold here and there.


If it was supposed to be something else then it was painted, stained, or even tinted into the mixed and match theme. Everyone dressed differently but they still kept to the theme. The floor was checkered, but the stage with the cherry red piano was a black licorice, red velvet curtains and a black wall washed with gold. Looking on the floor that I was on; I saw it was more dark and shadowy. This level mainly had tables with candles lit and wasn’t as extravagant as below. But they all had a view of the stage. Suddenly I heard a bell from behind me. “’Scuse me miss”.


            I was startled for a second but quickly moved out of the man’s way, but he already had passed by me and down the stairs. A door was behind me now. But instead I decided to move forward. I was about to go down the stairs myself when suddenly something dripped down onto my face. I wiped a bit off with my finger and rubbed the dark mysterious substance between my fingers. When I lifted it to my nose to smell it, I instantly knew what it was; wine. I looked up to see where it was coming from. There was a third floor, but only a railing was there to tell you that.


            No one was there. I looked back at the piano player, noticing from my peripheral view that he was signaling someone. It was me. He was trying to catch my attention with one hand, while still playing the piano with the other. He was pointing towards a mirror. I realized he was trying to help me clean up, so I nodded my thanks and went down the stairs towards the mirror on the wall. When I had gotten to the mirror, I noticed that I was wearing a mask. I thought it was weird that everyone was.


            Also I noted that I wasn’t wearing the clothes that I had on before blacking out. I don’t even remember blacking out.


“Excuse me miss”, from the corner of the mirrors murky reflection I saw someone dressed in waiter-like clothes handing me a charcoal-black towel. He was offering it to me. I grabbed it and nodded small thanks, too embarrassed by how I looked to speak. While I was using it to wipe the wine off, he started to speak; “miss, if you would follow me please”. He started walking, a few steps later I was following him to a table in the corner that was dimly lit, but I could still see the pianist at work. The waiter who gave me my towel pulled a chair out and offered it to me, I took the seat and he had gently pushed me in. Two other waiters came out of nowhere, one took the towel and the other gave me a menu. They disappeared in a blink, only the original waiter who gave me the towel was here.


            On the table, aside from the menu in my hands and a candle, it also had a crystal rose in a metal woven vase. Tucked in between the vases metal bars’ was a card that said; drinks are on me. I had flipped the card, hoping for a name; nothing but a picture of a red rose with a greenish black stem. Puzzled, I turned to the waiter and in his response he nodded up to thepianist who was

playing now with both hands on his cherry red piano. When I had looked up to see, he smiled more then he already was, he even had winked at me. The song he played was some kind of jazz but with the possible change in tune.


            “What would you like to drink miss?” asked the waiter in his professional tone. My eyes had widened and jumped a little in my seat. He startled me from him speaking.


            “Umm” I said as I quickly searched for something. The waiters’ expression looked slightly annoyed. I must have stared at the pianist too long.


“What’s today’s special?” I asked him, trying to by some more time in making my choice.


            “This evening special,” he had corrected me “is red date tea.”


I nodded and blushed when he had corrected my time of day. Finally I decided on something I was familiar with and chose Earl Grey tea.


            “Good choice miss, and the usual for your acquaintance?” asked the waiter.


            “His usual” I said with uncertainty, not knowing if he (the pianist) wanted something else.


            “Very well, anything else I can get you miss?”


            “Umm no, that should be all.”


            “Very well miss”, he took a small bow and said “your tea should be here in a matter of moments” and pointed in a direction.


            “Moments?” I looked up to ask him, only for him to disappear. From the direction that he pointed another waiter suddenly appeared with a tray and two drinks.


 “Here you go miss, Earl Grey tea and the pianist usual “light” red apple jack spice tea” the new waiter said cheerily. Despite a mask hiding most of his face, you could still see the warm smile in his eyes and a hidden one on his lips. Long seconds had passed and I didn’t respond to confirm my order.


            “Miss, are you okay?” His radiance of happiness gone, sorrow replacing it. I had to shake myself out of my dazed trance and thought to myself what is wrong with me. I responded back to him, “sorry umm yes that’s my order”. The small sad smile was broken once I saw his happy self-came back when he responded “good”. Suddenly he stepped back and turned right when

 everyone else applauded to the pianist. I too stopped an stood up, applauding with the rest of the crowd. The pianist bowed to the crowed and disappeared when the dark velvety red curtains closed.


            After the curtains closed, I had sat back down into my seat. The waiter that was next to me disappeared right when the curtains had dropped. When I was situating myself into my seat, someone was sitting into the seat across from me. It was the pianist, sipping on his drink. Once he had sat his cup down, he started to speak.


            “Hello again.”


I had gasped in surprise “It’s you! From the other night . . . what are you doing here? And why am I here?”


            “First, I came here because a dear friend of mine asked me to perform tonight. Second, you are here as my guest . . .” The curtains rose and a violinist took a bow and then started playing on an odd shaped black violin. I turned to watch him start, but directed my words to the pianist and said 


            “I see, and what about this rose and card?”


            “A gift to you, from me” he replied with a smile, he was only wearing a half mask. I nodded with quiet thanks and watched the violinist play on an empty stage.


            “Is he your friend?”


            “He isn’t the friend who asked me to play, speaking of my friend, he wants to see you”


            “He wants to see me?” The pianist, though he never gave me his name, nodded his head to confirm. I was about to speak again but he gingerly raised his finger to his lips.


            “Drink and enjoy the music”. All I could do was nod back as we drank our tea and had a silent conversation, only the music acting as our words. After about the fifth sip of my tea it felt like time soon skipped. Last I remembered I was looking down into my mug about to take a sip, I had closed my eyes to protect them from the steam. When I didn’t feel the hot tea near my lips, I had opened them, only to see an empty cup. I had looked up from my cup to see what was happening. No one was around except for waiters cleaning up the café. While I was distracted a waiter gently took my mug away, while another bowed and started to speak.


            “Miss, the bartender is ready to see you now”.


            “Where would he be at?” The waiter looked at me and then slowly formed a devilish smirk.


            “You’ve never been here before have you?” His eyes had shined like a cat.


            “No, my parents they were very strict. . . .” I couldn’t finish, I was too panic to speak further.


            “Is that so?” he leaned in closer, “You know, that mask is starting to look more unreal. Are you human by chance?” He stopped leaning closer, already closed enough to taste me, but instead kissed me on my jaw. “No matter, follow me.” And followed I did, too scared to reply back to him.


            We went up the small stairs that lead to the main floor, then to a right where another set of stairs were. This stair case is at least tripled the length of the one below. When we had gotten up to the third floor, it looked like a simple dark saloon, but with its own elegance.  Behind the bar that was farthest from us was a man cleaning up various glasses that are used for drinking with. The waiter had bowed and was about to leave, but bartender stopped him.


            “Before you go to get the others”




            “Un-mark her.” The bartender said without looking away from his work. Nothing didn’t change visually but I had felt something change. I turned to look at the waiter who had escorted me, his shoulders were stiff and he turned just enough for me to see his eyes flashed with a bit of anger. Then he left.


            ”Sorry about that, we demons can be . . .curious at times.” The bartender said to me as he


washed a goblet.


            “Demons are curious?” I looked at him quizzically, “and what did you mean when you told him to un-mark me?”


            “We are demons miss, and curiosity can get the best of us.”


            “So when he marked me?”


            Though the bartender was being speechless, that was enough to confirm my answers. Putting a goblet down, and finally walking out of his bar while drying his hands, he signaled me to sit at a table that was closes to the bar. So I did sit, he on the other side leaned on the bar that he was once attending too. For some reason though, he was keeping a distance from me. Others had suddenly come and disrupted the silence that was between us. The three waiters came were familiar with me already. The first one was the one who had served me my order and beside him was the one who had took the order, they stood in front of the bartender and me. The last one was the guy, who had marked me; he went and sat on the table across from me, the bartenders’ right. A tray of drinks was set down at the table where I sat. Just looking at the various drinks made me thirstier. It was getting a bit hot in the bar. The waiter who has that kind smile slid a card, on it read: feel free to drink, it’s on us. Delighted, I happily took a cup and started drinking it as the bartender started to talk once more.


            “Now that everyone is here, let’s get to business”




            The bartender nodded and continued, “We are giving you a choice”


             “A choice?”


            “A choice between staying here. . .”


            “Or a choice to go back to the human world” one of the butlers said.


            I couldn’t tell who said what anymore. The more I drank the iced tea, the more this place became out of focus. The bartender was talking, but it was like earlier when time skipped. Soon other voices could be herd at random moments in my head.


             “Choose wisely miss” 


            “You only get one chance” 


“When you wake up. . .”


            “We will be there to help you”


            “Hurry and wake up already”


            “I hope you choose to stay”


            “Please, come back . . . Miss. . .”


            All I could hear where different voices talking to me. My body was moving on its own, drinking cup after cup. Blackening out here and there till I had drifted back to my own world. Waking up wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Light blinded me and someone was trying to talk to me.


“Miss, it’s time to make your choice”


            I blinked a few times to clear my eyes. Things were at first blurred but adjusted to see a familiar smile talking to me.




            “Miss, wake up, it’s time for us to close”


            My reaction was shock after looking over his shoulder, seeing the clocks time made me hastily grab my things. I was about to rush out, but stopped pulled out some cash, gave it to the barista and ran out the door to catch the bus. Time had somehow slowed down once more as I went out the cafés door. That’s also when I started to remember about the choice that was given to me. Looking around, thinking back, though I am human and I belong in this world. With this idea, I still don’t feel like I belong in a world where demons reign. Then again, I’ve never felt right in this world. The imaginable can only be allowed to be imagined.


            My mind kept on fighting with its self, giving it reason. But what else is an orphan teen girl to live for? Fate has given me an end, I see it now crashing into me. In the end, the choice was made. Before going into the middle of the street, I had passed by a familiar stranger. He looked at me like he knew me as well. Every one that I had passed by looked like they were wearing masks. But in a blink, they weren’t.


            Now in the middle of a street, everybody sees me, everybody heard me, everybody tried to warn me. Looking to my left, I saw what everyone was warning me about. A car was coming towards me. And though the glass was tinted, a pair of eyes flashed behind the glass. That when everything went back into motion. Right as time regulated. The car crashed right into me. Chaos, that’s what it was like after the stranger in the car, hit me.


            The barista was looking outside when everything happened; he was very calm when calling for an ambulance. In fact he took his time. The familiar stranger acted like he was trying to revive me. Some random person from the crowd was seeing what the driver was doing. Trying to be the investigator wasn’t going to do him any good. In fact nobody knew what was going on. I and the three disguised demons did. This was my welcoming ceremony.


            Cause I made the choice. The choice to live there.  Not here. This isn’t the place for me. Besides, no one was home for me. But On the other side I already have someone welcoming me. As I was being put on to the ambulance, my mind drifted back to the spot where I first met him; Dream, the guardian.


            “Welcome back” said the pianist wearing a black suit, sitting at a crystal piano. He made a motion with his fingers toward me;  “care to join me?” I took a seat beside the pianist. Once seated, we both played the piano, waiting to see who would catch the tune. For the tune is the key to their escape.




            “All we ever dream of is a simple escape from this reality, that’s all we want, is it not?” The guardian asks, with only a finger covering his soft crooked lips.

© 2012 K.G

Author's Note

Something that i have been wanting to work on, but this is just the short version because i also used this story as part of an assighnment for class,this isnt exactly for everyone but i didnt know what else to put it as, enjoy and feel free to as questions and give suggestions

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Featured Review

This is great! Its is very creative and I loved loved loved the ending! This is kind of how about how we want to escaper from reality (but so ture) and somehow I found myself smiling! The only thign I would change is the spacing between you're lines if this is going to get longer. Great story! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago,or.r_gc.r_pw.&bvm=bv.42080656,d.cGE&biw=1680&bih.. read more
C.C. Marx

8 Years Ago

Hahaha ohhhhh ok now I don't listen to Japanese rock, didn't actually know it existed!!!!!
Alexa Tasch

8 Years Ago

YES IT EXISTS!! YOU CRAZY PERSON!! Lol :P And I've never heard of them but the look beautiful!


This is fantastic! It's very creative and keeps the readers guessing the entire time, puzzled at what is going to happen next. Since I'm a fan of "Phantom of the Opera", I especially loved the masquerade-like scene with everyone in masks. I also loved the pianist, he just seemed to have an awesome air about him. Great write!

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

okay i will :3
L. Catherine

8 Years Ago

Thank you!!! :D

8 Years Ago

your wellcome love :3
awesome! your creative juices were obviously really working on this one.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

hahah thanx ^.^ i worked really hard on this. . .and imma work harder on it being that this is just .. read more

8 Years Ago

go for it :)

8 Years Ago

i am XD once im not soo buisy. . .
wow....i like it :) i love it!! haha

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Im very happy to hear that you like it :3
This is great! Its is very creative and I loved loved loved the ending! This is kind of how about how we want to escaper from reality (but so ture) and somehow I found myself smiling! The only thign I would change is the spacing between you're lines if this is going to get longer. Great story! :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago,or.r_gc.r_pw.&bvm=bv.42080656,d.cGE&biw=1680&bih.. read more
C.C. Marx

8 Years Ago

Hahaha ohhhhh ok now I don't listen to Japanese rock, didn't actually know it existed!!!!!
Alexa Tasch

8 Years Ago

YES IT EXISTS!! YOU CRAZY PERSON!! Lol :P And I've never heard of them but the look beautiful!

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