The Monroe Killer

The Monroe Killer

A Story by K.G

Little short story with an interesting twist. Please imagine your self as the person cutting through the line. . . .

You cut through a long line by a building. No one dosnt stop you, only a nod of approval from the bouncer before entering the building. As soon as as a single step in the building, a wall of sound hits you. Your a regular at Club Knox. Seeing the the familiar masses of body moving to the beat instantly made you feel at home. Just simply being here in the club puts a smile on your face. The further in, the louder it get.

Your eyes wonder around as passing bodies dance around you. But as you get closer to the bar, time had seemed to slow down. At the bar, a woman sat there with a drink beside her. She looked mysterious to the you. The woman is wearing a simple short clingy black dress that had hiked up her thighs as she crossed her legs. A deep V neck to emphasis her shape and a simple charm necklace to match her dangled earnings. Complimenting her legs where open toed heals that ribboned around the ankle. By the time you realised it, the you were sitting beside the mysterious woman at the bar, your heart beating faster then the music's rhythm.

All you could do was stare. Her face was turned and hidden behind her thick hair. There was a trance that you were in, but it was broken by the bartender. "What can i get you?" Asked the bartender. You didn't realise he was talking to you till he tapped you on the shoulder and asked again. Shaking yourself out of your mesmerized state for the woman, you just decided to go for your usual.

And then it happened. There was a moment. Just one moment where the music was quiet enough to here a pin hit the floor. The moment was; as you got your drink slammed down on the counter and saying thanks, the ice in the mysterious neighbors drink could be herd collapsing. As soon as she turned her head to see what happened, was the same same instant you looked. From the corner of your eye, that's when for only a second, time truly stopped. You saw her eyes, golden to your mind. They were complimented with a shimmer of light and a simple black stroke with a tail.

Her lips were delicately painted with a shade of red to compliment her. This simple beauty just made you stop breathing. It also just made her mysterious in her own way. You just simply didn't know what to do. As she turned out of instinct to see where that sound was, she noticed you from the corner of her eye. At first you saw her expression, bored, maybe a bit sad. But once she turned, she made a little smile that just made your insides turn. Then, your whole night faltered when she did the thing that made your entire body shiver. A wink.

The smile on her face was tingly, but add the wink, and your whole world had sped up again. You guys talked. She laughed. Oh how she laughed. Music to your ears almost, even made something else tingle. The both of you have another drink or two. She even leaned in and whispered in your ear. "come dance with me".

So she winks again, grabs you by the hand and drags you off to the dance floor. You danced and danced. And then there was a moment you didn't expect. She got closer to you. So close. All you saw was her lips getting closer, her arms draped behind your neck. But then something extra special happened.

Time slowed once again. You wanted to taste her so bad. But then, time sped up. She wasn't going to kiss you, but whispered in your ear one last time. " happy birthday. . ." You took a moment, puzzled at her words and siad" thanks but how did you. . ." Then you felt a pinch in your neck. "Mr. President", she finished her sentence.

You tried to say 'what' but nothing came out. She left you. And you were paralyzed. Couldn't move a muscle. And then everything faded out he father she want away from you. Your last memory, was her heels clacking away. No more conscious. No more breathe. No more life. Everyone around your body who noticed the blood coming from your eyes, your nose, and ears, screamed. You collapsed. It wasn't painless. In your front pocket a card was left. A signature trait from the Monroe killer. The female serial killer who kills men on there birthday.

© 2013 K.G

Author's Note

So what do you guys think? Any questions?

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Whoa. That was crazy, man. Oh, crap, I forgot your name. e.e Uhhh, anyway, this is awesome. :O Got some sneaky spelling errors but I liked it. It was very awesome. O.O

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Admiral Kirk

9 Years Ago

Okay. :O Maybe I never knew. o.o And I have no idea lol... Helps to proof read out loud. :D

9 Years Ago

Maybe Idont like to speak out loud. . . .
Admiral Kirk

9 Years Ago

Neither do I. o.o

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1 Review
Added on October 16, 2013
Last Updated on October 16, 2013
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Bipolor, WA

Hello everyone! Im putting a pause on poetry, and pressed play on stories, more..