I Can Do This

I Can Do This

A Story by *Evelen*

     I don't know if I can get through today no matter how many times I tell myself I'm fine. I know that it's just a lie. No matter how much it hurts to admit it... No matter how much it does... I'm hurting. It's getting harder each day to breath. I can feel the tears start to form in my eyes, and can feel the sick feeling in my stumach. No matter how many times I lie to myself that I'm fine... I'm completly, utterly fine, and over him. No matter how much it hurts in my heart everytime I see him... and her. I swear I'm over him. I'll be okay...I'll be fine. I'll just keep lieing hoping that maybe just like everyone else I'll believe it. I know I'll be able to do this. I can... I suck up the tears that are screaming to fall down, and I walk past them once again. Feeling my heart breaking asking to be ignored, but I can't ingnore the empty horrible feeling you get. It's so hard just to fake a smile let allown laugh, but I want no one to see what is happening inside of me.

© 2010 *Evelen*

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Added on October 28, 2009
Last Updated on January 3, 2010



In my own little world

Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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