Flash Back Two

Flash Back Two

A Chapter by *Evelen*

It was a beautiful day. The sun was bright and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. The wind sang a beautiful melody which I sang along with. I was wondering around the forest. I was spinning around while looking up at the tree tops watching as the world span around me. It was so beautiful there. Everything was so free and wild. I fell to the ground and laughed at my own clumsiness, and that’s when I saw him. A young man pined up against a giant red oak tree. I assumed him to be dead once he had an arrow through both of his hands and one through his heart that bounded him against the strong oak. I stood back up and walked slowly towards him in curiosity. Something drawled me to him.

          I stood in front of him examining him from top to bottom. His head dangled towards the ground making his hair like curtains. I stood on my toes and moved his hair back to see his face. He was beautiful. He didn’t even seem to be in pain and looked peaceful. I lightly touched his cheek and looked closer at him. He seemed all too familiar… I looked at his wrist and saw an angel’s bracelet. My head quickly turned back to his face. I knew him. He was the young man who saved me from the sinful humans whom were trying to kill me for my wings.

          My hand quickly reached up and wrapped around the first arrow that was in his left hand. I pulled hard watching as the arrow slid out from his skin. His arm flopped down, and I moved to the next hand. I pulled hard on the arrow but it was stubborn. I bit my bottom lip hard and pulled again. The arrow slipped out but sent me tumbling backwards into the grass. As soon as I hit the ground I pounced back up to do the last arrow. One of my hands wrapped around the arrow and the other laid flat on his chest. My hand twitched, and tears formed in my eyes when I felt his heart beat. He was still alive? I stared into his face frightened.

          I quickly gripped around the arrow and started to try and pull it out. Now had to get him down, he was still alive. I pulled hard and felt the arrow snapping under my hand. I pulled harder and felt it slide slowly out. I watched his face for any sign of pain but there was none. His body fell into me as I dropped the last arrow onto the ground. I sat down with his head on my lap and moved his hair from his face again.

          “Are you okay?” I whispered while stroking his cheek. I watched his face waiting for an answer but of course there was none. “Hm.” I wondered while placing my hand on the wound that was in his chest. I pressed down on it lightly watching as my hand glowed. A small smile grew a crossed my face as I lifted my hand away from the wound to find that it had disappeared. I laughed a little to myself. Being an angel did have its benefits. I took one of his hands and kissed the wound gently. I smiled when I saw a freckle had replaced it. “Angel kisses.” I laughed to myself. I kissed the other hand and watched as it healed and was replaced with another angel kiss.

          I stroked his head waiting for him to wake up. I stared down at his face mesmerized by how beautiful he looked when he was sleeping. “La la laaaa…” I song out randomly. I smiled when all the birds fell silent to hear my voice. “Hmm…” I sat there in frustration. To be honest I was bored. I poked at his cheek softly with my finger. “Won’t you wake up?” I urged him to open his eyes.

          “Mmmm…” he mumbled to his self. A smile quickly spread a crossed my face in excitement.

          “Yay! You’re awake!” I laughed while clapping my hands together. He jumped at my voice and flung his body away from me. I stared into his crimson eyes that glared me down, and that’s when I knew he was a demon. All breath left me for a split second. I could see hatred in his eyes, yet I smiled back.

          “I’m Evelen.” I introduced myself while placing my hands on my chest. He stood there bewildered. His eyes became confused and wondered around in every direction possible as if checking to see if anyone else was around.

          “Are you okay?” I asked laughing nervously. “You’re safe now. How about you come over here.” I offered while patting on the patch of grass next to me. I tilted my head to the left and smiled at him.

          “What are you doing?” he questioned me in a frightened tone. “I’m a demon and you’re an angel.” he pointed out confused, and his face crumpled up in puzzlement.  

          “So...” I told him with frown.

          “It’s forbidden.” He reminded me as if I was stupid.

          “Yah, but I saved you and you saved me. Plus you don’t seem that bad.” I laughed a little while standing up. I started to walk towards him, but he turned away from me.

          “Don’t you ever wear clothes?” he asked me with his face away from me.

          “Mmm… No…. angels don’t wear clothes. Why is there something wrong with it?” I questioned him in confusion.

          “Yah, you’re naked. Doesn’t that bother you?” he said flat out as if it was obvious.

          I looked down at myself. Does it bother me? “Hmm...I… don’t think so?” I answered getting more and more confused.

          “Well it should.” He explained while looking over his shoulder a little and snapping it back away from me.

          “Why- you wear clothes it’s not normal- not natural.” I pointed out in defense.

          He turned and threw his black jacket at me. “Just put it on.” he whispered while keeping his eyes to the ground.

          “Okay.” I sighed as I slid my arms through the sleeves. I could feel my wings fold and squish closely to my back, yet still the jacket was huge on me.

          “Make sure to zip it up.” He added.

          My hands fumbled and quickly zipped up the jacket. “Okay. So, why were you bound to that oak tree?” I asked while I pointed over to the tree that I got him down from.

          He looked up at me and was quiet for awhile…

          “I’m a demon. People are scared of me.” he pointed out with frown.

          “Why- did you do something?” I questioned him seeming more interested. I stared up at him with big eyes.


© 2010 *Evelen*

Author's Note

Angels are pure so they don't understand why its bad to not wear clothes. While demons their eyes are opened. Like Adam and Eve. Thank you for reading.

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Aww, I'm in love with Evelene! She's co cute :D I'm also in love with this storyline. Wow.

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Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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