A Chapter by *Evelen*

          “Get off her!” Erik growled while charging at the figure. He tackled him down making a horrid cracking noise. He tore the whip from its hand and wrapped it around its neck, chock it to death. I watched as it struggled to live. When it finally fell silent Erik turned to me. He started to run up with me with worry in his eyes. Something glowed around his neck and sent his head going face first to the floor.

          I ran over to him while watching as he struggled to move his head from the floor.

          “I can’t get up.” He growled to me. Blood started to leak from beneath his head. I sat down next to him and placed my hands on his head. I watched as the blood went back into his body. “Thanks.” He mumbled.

          My fingers traced around the glowing collar trying to find a weak point but there was none. I bit my bottom lip in frustration and bent my head down towards his ear. “I love you.” I whispered to him and kissed him on the cheek.

          “I love you, too.” He growled while struggling to get up again.

          I placed my hand on him trying to settle him down. “Stay still.” I ordered. My eyes scanned around the place to see if danger was coming. I felt Erik’s body tense up and go still at my order.

                   Clap…Clap..Clap. Clap.

          I turned my head to the noise, and there walking towards us slowly was an angel with white wings, yet was dressed in black baggy pants and shirtless. My eyed narrowed down him, he smiled up at me and fangs showed. A demon?

          “Well done.” He laughed with his purple eyes looking at me. I felt Erik struggle from beneath me trying to get up and protect me. “Having problems.” The man chuckled at Erik’s pathetic attempts to get up. He started to move closer us. I threw me body in front of Erik’s, and my hands spread out to protect him along with my wings.

          The man stopped abruptly with a little smirk on his face. “Evelen, you don’t honestly think that that will stop me?” he asked me with a hint of laughter in his voice. “You’re an angel, you can’t kill me.” He reminded me while slowly reaching his hand out to touch my cheek. I didn’t move away from him. I felt my eye twitch as his hand cupped around my cheek. His skin was so cold.

          “Evelen… tisk tisk…” he whispered to me with a grimace. His head moved down to my ear. “And you’re such a beautiful angel.” He whispered. His cold air hit my ear making my skin chill.

          “If you even touch her I swear!” Erik growled from behind me. I could her him trying to get up.

          “To late but… she does have oh so soft skin and it’s so warm.” He taunted Erik with his puple eyes going wide with entertainment. His pupils turned into black slits, and his hand became as cold as ice leaving me breathless. I felt ice slowly form beneath his hand and on my skin. “To bad you won’t get to fell it for the last time.” He whispered to Erik as the ice spread. I jerked my head away from him and backed away closer towards Erik. My hand reached up to my cheek and slowly melted away the ice.

          “What are you?” I demanded to know. I tilted my head to the left and narrowed my eyes down on him. “A demon or angel?” I stepped even closer to Erik.

          “Or neither.” He answered with a smile. “You’re different from the other angels. Has sin entered your soul?” he tilted his head back “No…” he smirked while looking down at Erik. “He has changed you- opened your eyes…” he paused puzzled. He pushed his long blonde hair back from his face. His eyes narrowed down on me. “Yet, your eyes are still half closed.. like a young teenage human girl.” He stated while walking closer to me. A smile was plastered on his face as if he had won something.

          I bent down next to Erik and started to pull on the collar.

          “You know Evelen, you don’t have to waste your life.” He attempted to persuade me.

          I looked up at him, and his face was in pain- in disgust at what he was seeing. His eyes showed pity. I bit down hard on my bottom lip and smiled up at him. “I’m not wasting my life- nor am I throwing it away.” I promised as I bent my head slowly towards the collar. “I’m living it.” I whispered. I opened my mouth and wrapped my teeth around the glowing collar. I bit down and everything went black…

          “Evelen no!”

© 2010 *Evelen*

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I smiled when Evelen said "I'm living it"
She's so adorable!!!
This is just getting better and better

Posted 10 Years Ago

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In my own little world

Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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A Book by *Evelen*