Death Is A Bliss

Death Is A Bliss

A Chapter by *Evelen*

I strained my eyes opened, yet couldn’t see anything. My eyes felt as if they were rolling crazily in my head. I couldn’t force them to focus on anything in front of me. I felt ice cold hands clasp around my chin.


          I jerked my head from his grasp noticing whose voice it was.

          “Please… stay still.” He begged in a low whisper. I felt his finger trace around my face. I flinched at his cold touch.  

           I opened my eyes to find that I could see again, but I saw no one in front of me, yet the hands were still wrapped around my chin. I started to jerk up but was forced down by his hands. His face appeared in front of me. He was frowning down at me. His long blonde hair dangled down like vines towards my face as if reaching out to me.

          “Idiot.” He mumbled while he move strands of my hair from my face with one of his hands.

          I jerked up again, and he let me go. I felt dizzy as I wobbled all over the place on my legs. I looked over and saw Erik lying on the ground not moving.

          “Erik?” I whispered while stumbling over to him with my hand holding my head. I collapsed to my knees, put my hand on his back, and watched as the glowed.

          I pulled my hands away and waited for him to move. My eyes were glued to his body desperately trying to find movement. “Erik?” My voice broke when I found no movement. I pressed my ear to his chest hoping to hear some kind of sound that told me he was alive.


          I pressed my ear harder against his chest. “Erik?” I chocked on the tears that fell to his skin.

          “I killed him.”

          I snapped my head up to look at the man whom I hated most. “What?” I growled at him. I stared down at Erik. His face was like stone. No emotion flickered a crossed his features. I looked back up to the man with dagger eyes.

          He frowned at me and moved his blonde hair from his face. “He’s dead so I don’t have to kill you.” He told me softly while slowly walking towards me as if to comfort me. “They told me-“

          “What?!” I yelled at him. He flinched back at my cry that echoed through the room. “Erik! Erik!” I screamed while bounding on Erik’s chest.


          “Erik!” I cried. My voice broke off, and my hands stopped pounding. My head fell to his chest. “Why must I be left to suffer?!” I cried louder. “Why?” I whispered. My mind couldn’t wrap around the fact that Erik was gone, and I was left to live.

          “Evelen.” The man called my name in pain. I heard his foot steps coming closer.

          I quickly stood up from Erik’s body and threw myself at the man. “Kill me- please kill me.” I begged him with pleading eyes. Tears ran from my face and collapsed to the floor.

          “Evelen.” He scolded me while turning his head away to ignore my wish.

          “Please!” I begged louder. I hit his chest hard with my fists. “Kill me.” I cried while digging my face into his chest. His hands wrapped around my side and held me there for a few seconds, but then he pulled me away from him as if deciding not to hold me. He pushed me away and turned his back to me.

          “Why him?” I demanded to know.

          He stood there in silence thinking whether or not to tell me.

          “Why?!” I yelled while pushing on his back.

          He snapped his body around to face me. “Arnels are angels who turned into demons for killing another living being-“

          “That doesn’t matter- why him? Why not me?” I demanded to have an answer to the question I had asked.

          His face crumpled up in frustration. “Just listen.” He growled at me. “When Erik and you were seeing one another Arnel was stocking you. He was going to kill both of you.” He paused and stared straight into my eyes. “I killed him and became an Arnel.” He explained to me hoping I would understand now. “I wanted you to live. I didn’t care for Erik, but you…” he paused again and walked closer to me. “You had to live.” He whispered to me with pain spreading in his eyes. his hand touched my cheek softly. “You had to…”

          I jerked my face away from his hand and glared him down.” I would rather die than live a life without Erik.” I disagreed while shaking my head. “I must die.” I explained while backing away from him. I turned my back from him and sprinted at the glass wall that was in front of me. I was going to die.   

© 2010 *Evelen*

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Thanks for reading.

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There was actually about 5 minutes of silence after I read this. I just couldn't bring myself to type - or even move.

You have a gift of being able to completely take over the reader, and control their emotions to what you want them to feel.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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In my own little world

Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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