A Chapter by *Evelen*

 An old man with creases on his face walked into the room with his purple eyes locked on me, yet no wings? A young man fallowed besides him with gray foggy eyes. he stood tall and he smiled proud. His long straight black hair touched his ankles. He smiled in my direction and walked up to my bed with open arms.

          “Welcome back Evelen. I’m so happy you are finally up.” He greeted me warmly. His eyes didn’t focus on me, but only looked straight forward.

          “Thank you.” I whispered as his arms wrapped around me and my eyes wondered to Malrik. Who was this man?

          “Oh, I’m sorry…” the man paused as his arms unwrapped from me. “I forgot you had lost your memory. My name is Kire.” He reintroduced himself. He bowed his head slightly towards me. “I’m your right hand man- well left if we count Malrik.” He explained his relationship with me, while slowly straightening himself. He straightened his back silky button up long sleeve shirt. A white cross swayed from his neck on a silver chain.

          His hand caught the cross and slowly he slid his head out from under the chain. “This is for your welcome back gift.” He offered as his pale creamy hands held out the glowing white cross.

          I looked over at Malrik in questioning and he motioned his head for my to take it.

          “I promise you, you can trust me.” Kire reassured me as if he could hear my thoughts.

My hand still hesitated on taking the cross. Why was my instincts telling me to run? My hand finally grabbed the necklace. Then Malrik gently took it from my hands and placed it over my neck.

“Thank you.” I whispered in awe as the cross glowed like a star when it touched my skin. Malrik kissed my forehead and placed his hand on my shoulder.

Kire’s smile flickered with sadness but quickly changed back to normal. “I’m glad you like it.”

I stared up at him curious to ask if he was blind, if so how he knew where I was, and how he knew what I was thinking.

A small smile appeared on his face as he tilted his ear slightly to the left. “Yes I’m blind, I have certain powers I can’t explain that allows me to sense peoples presence, and I can hear peoples thoughts.” He answered all my thoughts with amusement dancing upon his features.

My eyes stared up at him in amazement.

“Don’t think so highly of me yet.” He murmured quietly while leaning towards me slightly with a sly smile. He winked his left eye in my direction.

“MMM HMMM…” the old man cleared his throat and all head turned in his direction. His eyes opened slightly and he stared at me. “Evelen we have a mission for you.” He began to assign me.    

© 2011 *Evelen*

Author's Note

please tell me if this story is going good or not:] i hope you liked thank you for reading.

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Added on January 3, 2011
Last Updated on January 6, 2011



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Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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